NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 14 / Zombie Steampunk #29

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Word Count: 37,703 (Delta: +2,026 [1]) (Prime Delta: +12,698)

Today was about average but like always, the first half sucked and the second half was an avalanch I had to stop for time. Really makes me wonder if my writing habit is I need at least an hour warm up. If so that kind of sucks. I’ll have to work on that.

Buddy Watch

So sleary and Merystic are once again competing for top spot here at Buddy Watch. houstin_hobby gets the most improved award, using this past weekend to jump back up to the word count. Very impressive! And sigmad appears to be holding the course. We’re past the halfway point guys. You can’t stop now, this is bat country.

Zombie Steampunk Update

Kill Counts
Zombies: 2
Humans/Automata/Everlasting: 2

So so far two zombies have been “killed” and two humans have died “on screen”. Actual kill count for the zombies is /way/ higher, of course. But we haven’t seen any of that. Although I may write some of it as a short horror story or something. Dunno.

Marla and Carlos got to kick some butt today. I think I’m going to have to do some research on sword play. Can someone actually cut down a zombie’s knee with a short sword? Assume it’s nicely sharpened and in good condition? I should ask my SCA friends. One zombie was killed with a wooden chair.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,369 Words (Delta +39)
World Setting: 8,228 Words (Delta +84)
Character Information: 2,623 Words (Delta +0)
Current Outline: 6,581 Words (Delta +1)
Draft: 37,703  Words (Delta: +2,026)
Grand Total: 56,504 Words (Delta +2,151)

This is Ripley, last survivor of The Nostromo, signing off.


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