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LED Solar Paneled Roads, Driveways, Parking lots

by on May.23, 2014, under Articles, Culture, Design & Development, Science, Technology, Visual Media

So here is a hilarious video about a technology someone is developing that needs some financial support.

Crowd Funding Campaign

Personally I’d love to see this, or something like this, instituted. We are at a time where technology can solve a significant amount of our problems but we’re being held back by commercialism and the need to make a profit. For profit corporations, who have the capital do things like this, can’t because it wouldn’t be economically feasible, but we, as a society, can use crowdfunding to give money to the people who are willing to make today and tomorrow a better place, even if they don’t make a profit.

That isn’t’ to say I’m not hesitant myself. Their prototypes honestly look kinda ugly close up, and the LED idea is really neat but I’d like to see actual pictures of the LED system, in broad daylight, and up close. But when I think about it, asphalt really isn’t all that pretty either. And there are questions of maintenance. How often will streets need to be cleaned to keep them energy-efficient, for example? Plus there are people who staunchly feel solar technology is the savior people like to make it out to be.  What happens when newer technology comes out?

The best I can say is that these questions will be addressed, or this will never catch on, but we won’t find a perfect solution, nor any solution without trying. Solar panel technology been progressing steadily in both efficiency of energy gathering and efficiency of cost over the last decade. The proposed  hexagonal system appears modular enough to be upgradable as newer breakthroughs are made. Cleaning might be easily done with current street sweeping technology.

Ultimately I think this could be a significant investment in the future, and it is worth taking a gamble on.




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Protected Bicycle Intersections

by on May.05, 2014, under Articles, Culture, Design & Development, Videos, Visual Media

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What if, wherever you looked, you didn’t see anyone like you?

by on May.01, 2014, under Culture, Films, Trailers, Visual Media

This video is rather long, for an internet video, but well worth watching. It will help you understand an aspect of U.S. society you may or may not be aware of.

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from The Representation Project on Vimeo.

Links to more information:

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Writing Time: Everlasting #79

by on Apr.08, 2014, under Articles, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

Writing Session

Word Count: 365
Consecutive Daily Writing Count: 89
Magic Spreadsheet Points: 3,908

Been a while. Sorry about that. As you can see I’ve added two new metrics. Consecutive Daily Writing Count (CDWC) is how many days consecutively I’ve written at least two hundred and fifty words. It’s related to the Magic Spread Sheet I talked about last post. Which brings me to Magic Spreadsheet Points (MSP), which is how many points I’ve earned from the sheet. Like I Should Be Writing, the game is real but the points don’t matter, but I felt like reporting them anyway.

Today’s writing session has been relatively easy. I’m actually at writing group today for the first time in a few weeks. Sadly being able to write every day has lessened the value of going to a place to write with people but I was still looking forward to it all day. It is also good to connect with people who share a similar hobby at least.

One thing that has fallen to the wayside with the writing every day and not attending writing group is the Weird Words column. I apologize for that. It will likely make a return at some point but not this or next week, quiet likely.

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 208,518 (+10,278) [Days: 28] [Avg. Wpd.: 367.07]

The end is in sight and it is amazing, and sucky at the same time. I’m so close to finishing and I’m still seeing problems and plot holes as I write out my outline. I’m following the outline closely, only deviating a little. At this point I’m only writing down inspiration notes which I think would make really good ideas but this story will require a significant rewrite.

Same old same old, I know.

A few characters have died and I have a better idea of how airship docks work in my world now, at least. Dead people is progress right?

Editing & Critiques

Currently not editing or critiquing anything.

Other (Non-Writing) Projects

Magic the Gathering Organizer

Nothing has been done on this front.

Video Board Game

I’ve been discussing it with some friends and ruminating in my head. I may do some writing on this after this post, actually.

Other Works

Weird Words – Temporary unexpected Hiatus

Free Write – Hiatus. But keep an eye out for some one shots.

Station – Waiting to be edited.

Matrix – Hiatus.

Gerald – Waiting to be continued.

Reconfigure – Waiting to be turned into an actual short story.

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Comic: とうちゃん “Daddy” by 真吉 “Shinkichi”

by on Mar.21, 2014, under Comic Links, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment

A comic has been making the rounds in Tumblr that was is both sad and incredibly sweet. Translated from a Japanese comic, I highly recommend this for fans of the Pokemon series, I highly recommend reading it below. Warning, you may catch a few tears in your eyes.

とうちゃん by 真吉

Daddy by Shinkichi


(continue reading…)

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Comic Links: Selkie, Girls with Slingshots, Something Positive

by on Mar.19, 2014, under Comic Links, Comics

Selkie: 2013-12-31: #417

Hehe. I love how enthusiastic the doctor is in the second to last panel.

Girls With Slingshots: 2014-01-10: #1174

I want this to happen to me some day, just so I can use that same joke.

Something Positive: 2013-01-13: The Wedding Album pt 6/Old Familiar Faces XII pt 1

Look at how adorably grumpy she is!

PHD Comics: The Higgs Boson Re-Explained

This is an excellent, if long, comic, explaining some really interesting science.

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Writing Time: Everlasting #78

by on Mar.11, 2014, under Articles, Writing, Writing Updates

Writing Session

Word Count: 329

I’ve been a little bad at these huh? Well the good news is I can make up for that by reporting some really awesome numbers. Okay that above word count might not look so awesome, but wait till you see below. Okay fine I’ll spoil it now. So in the last sixty-four days, I’ve written a grand total of nineteen thousand, two hundred and forty or so words on Everlasting. Which is an average of about three hundred and ten words per day. Three hundred is a key count because it is basically how much I’ve been writing every single day for the last sixty or so days.

To explain, a while back I heard about “The Magic Spreadsheet” on the writing podcast I Should Be Writing. It’s a spreadsheet that turns writing consecutively into a game by awarding points for writing. You get points for writing at least two hundred and fifty words. You also get points for writing every single day. The longer your streak, the more points you get. So while you can write in two thousand word bursts every few days, the real incentive is to write every single day. If you’d like to follow my count you can click here to go directly to the page I am in on a Google Docs sheet. I’m using the name Nojh.

So that has been working fabulously. Only having to aim for three hundred words a day (up from 250 because I “leveled up”) is significantly easier to pull off. As noted!

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 198,240 (+19,861) [64 {310.32}]

So the outline is done, which is probably how I’ve been managing to keep my word count going. There are days where I find holes in my outline that once again annoy me but I’m still going for the “no editing until finished” method. Because really, I need to trunk this thing. It has some neat ideas but it really is my first work. Right now characters are running around trying to move the plot along and I’ve lost most of the characterization. But we’ve hit the next major action scene that effects everyone, so I’m looking forward to that.

Editing & Critiques

Currently not editing or critiquing anything.

Other (Non-Writing) Projects

Magic the Gathering Organizer

So last time I reported this was on hiatus. It may or may not be. I had some inspiration do to a design document so I wrote up some design ideas. So we’ll see how this goes.

Board Game formerly codenamed Platform now codenamed Video Board Game

Okay so that’s a long title. VBG is going to be its shortened name. I said I wouldn’t reveal details but I might yet still. If someone else can take my ideas and run with it, good on them. I’ve been doing off and on-design of this and I really need to just sit down and make a prototype of the basic idea. The basic idea is a system that can be easily themed to mimic or simulate old-school 2d video games, particularly platforms and “adventure” games. Think games like Megaman, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Altered Beast, Metroid, and X-Men 2: Clone Wars. Except those are all other people’s intellectual property, so it’ll be art work and story that borrow heavily from these kinds of games, with (hopefully) mechanics that help you feel like you’re playing a twitchy platformer, while actually being a very tactical/strategic board game.

Lofty goals huh?

Other Works

Free Write – Hiatus. But keep an eye out for some one shots.

Station – Waiting to be edited.

Matrix – Hiatus.

Gerald – Waiting to be continued.

Reconfigure – Waiting to be turned into an actual short story.

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Weird Word: Glabella

by on Mar.03, 2014, under Articles, Weird Words, Writing



  • (anatomy) The space between the eyebrows and the nose.
  • (zoology) The axial protuberance on the cephalon of certain arthropods (especially trilobites)

Example Usage:

“You have a little something-” “On my mouth? Oh, how embarrassing.” “No, um-” “On my dress? Oh dear!” “Not exactly-” “Well then where?!” “Your glabella.” “I will not be talked to that way!” “No, Ma’am, its your face-” “Are you saying I look like an insect!? !” “What? No I-” “Sir, I think we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”



I don’t actually have a problem with people who have hair in their glabella, or what is more commonly known has a unibrow. I think the look gets a bad rap from old cartoons, where all the bad guys had unibrows. But now you know what that the name of that place is, so you can tell your beautician exactly where you wish the hair removed.

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Weird Word: Satorial

by on Feb.24, 2014, under Weird Words, Writing



  • Of or relating to the tailoring of clothing.
  • Of or relating to the quality of dress

Example Usage:

“Look all I’m saying is that Florthians place an emphasis on satorial manners, being a race which communications exclusively through the visible spectrum. Which means we’re wearing the jackets, regardless of how much they make us look like an Olympic team competing for the most hideous team uniform.”



Here is a word I’m sure I’ve never heard uttered and never seen until I stumbled across it in search of weird words. You can tell it hasn’t been very popular, since the number of meanings is small. There’s an extra meaning in anatomy I excluded because it seemed somewhat silly. Apparently there is a muscle group named satorial. Anatomy is weird.

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