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Hi. My name is Nojh and welcome to The Singularity.

By day I am Software Developer, Writer, Aspiring Author, and Game Designer. By night, I usually sleep. I have many interests and hobbies such as comics, video games, board games, books, movies, science, technology, philosophy, and many other things most people would consider geeky.

The Singularity

As I’ve stated on the about page, this blog is dedicated to collecting various things I find interesting on the web for your viewing pleasure. Hence the name, The Singularity, a place where things collect into one.

It is also a place for me to voice my opinions, reviews, and write articles about various topics from time to time. Comments are open to all and I want to encourage discussion. So please, tell me what you think.

I am making a concerted effort these days to improve the content and presentation of this blog. I plan to open up The Library, which will be my collection of links and references to interesting things that have a lasting presence on the web, or perhaps even off it, that you should read. At some point I will add the contact page that is missing, so people can more regularly contact me directly, rather than leaving commentary on a blog. I’ve recently been growing somewhat dissatisfied with the layout and theme of this blog and will hopefully be making attempts to improve the readability of it. I’d welcome both advice and offers to help.

Other Stuff

Besides this blog I have a few other projects. I am attempting to write a novel, tentatively titled Everlasting. It is a zombie steampunk sci-fi fantasy adventure and I am chronicling its initial draft here.  I also organize a private writing group called Anomalous Writing that meets physically twice a week. You can follow the posts via the Everlasting tag or my thoughts about writing in general via the writing category.

I am also one of the designers of the roleplaying game Vanished Lands produced by Ruminant Productions. Vanished Lands is a post-apocalyptic fantasy western RPG and is available purchase via The supplement book, Vanished Lands: Storyteller Archive Vol. 1, is available at Amazon and other online retailers. Right now I am working with the other designers to release a rules system for future Vanished Lands releases.

Thank You

I want to thank you all for reading and giving me a reason to keep this blog running. Readership, now that I have attained some, is actually something I am interested in keeping. I’ve been running this blog actively for fourth months now and the numbers, near as I can tell, are growing. So thank you for spending some of your time reading this blog and I hope you enjoy it.

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