Plus ça change, Part 1 & 2

by on Jan.18, 2012, under Announcements

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

So as I’ve been mentioning I’ve been planning some changes for A Singularity. I’ve actually enacted one already.

Change #1: What’s in a name?

Last year I changed the name from The Singularity Blog to A Singularity, in order to better express what one may find on this website. This website serves two primary purposes:

  1. To provide people with interesting content to read, watch, listen to, or look at, that I’ve found from across the internet.
  2. To provide a platform for the content I myself create and provide an easy place for someone looking for that content to find it.

And for the most part I think I’m succeeding at those goals and I think the name change better helps people understand that this is not always a blog about the technological singularity or a gravitational singularities, but is, instead a website that behaves like a singularity or is, in fact, singular, odd, or peculiar, as my tastes often are according to some. For a more in-depth write-up about the name change, check out the post I made regarding it.

Change #2: Growing Pains

That least us to right now, our second change, which is actually a series of changes. Up until this point A Singularity has been somewhat interwoven with my identity as Nojh. This was primarily to help my most obvious audience, people who know me from both on and off the internet, gain easier access to the site. Now, however, is the time where I need my own space back. Which means A Singularity is getting its own Twitter, Facebook, and Live Journal accounts:

Twitter: A Singularity Net

Facebook: A Singularity Net

LiveJournal: A Singularity Net

Additionally the website has always had a Tumblr crossposter that I will go ahead and share just so it doesn’t feel left out.

Tumblr: A Singularity

So there you have it! Not that this will be the only change in store! A site re-design is in the works and a content shakeup is being planned as I type. Nothing too drastic but it will help organize things better I think. So please, go subscribe or like or friend the above social networks. If you’re not into that the standard RSS feed is still available here.

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SOPA/PIPA and the Media Industry

by on Jan.18, 2012, under Announcements

I know you’re likely getting tired of hearing this but I have one more thing to share with you. The TEDTalk outlining the modern history of copying, copyright, and how SOPA and PIPA came to be, and what is to come. It is thirteen minutes long and very much worth your time. Please watch.

A time will be coming when technology will make defunct the industries of today. It has happened before and it will happen again. We can’t let industries limit us, limit what we can do, just for their own bottom lines. For a US Citizen, your weapon against them is the laws of our government and tools to create those laws is your senator and congressmen. Email them. Call them. Snail Mail them. Go visit their offices. Make it known that you are not to be censored or controlled by big media. Let them know that if they want to survive, they need to rely upon quality and quantity, just like the rest of us, now by making it illegal for you to do what you want to do naturally: Share.

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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays everyone!

I am personally a participant of the more commercial side of the holiday known as Christmas. As a kid I loved gift receiving and as an adult I love giving gifts (and receiving gifts too, just not as much as giving). The irony of my gift giving pleasure is that I am not a fan of actually seeing said people opening the gift. I prefer to just be satisfied knowing they received the item I gave them rather than having to put them through any social particulars. Some feel the need to always be astounded or grateful for a gift which I don’t want to pressure people into feeling. I guess I just feel embarrassed for people automatically if I don’t know what their reactions to the gift are going to be.

Regardless I like giving gifts. It gives me a nice warm feeling, similar to the feeling I got from reading this comic:




Happy Holidays again everyone. Stay warm. Enjoy yourself and the people, or beings, around you.

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Video: Potty-training a sloth

by on Dec.22, 2011, under Announcements

Yes the title of this entry is literal.

Want to adopt a sloth? Go here: Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

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Grant’s Advent Calendar (Day 3)

by on Dec.06, 2011, under Announcements

Ever wanted to participate in the opening of an advent calendar with someone you barely know? Well here’s your chance!

Below is day three of Grant’s Advent Calendar (yes I know we’re on Day 6 of December but you’re more than welcome to catch up by going to but before you do that, watch the video below!

But before you do you’ll want to download this!

Wasn’t that fun?

This is my second year watching Grant open up his advent calendar. He does a great job of making every day amusing so I highly suggest you subscribe to the podcast feed. Grant Baciocco specializes in comedy but generalizes in medium, across music, audio, and even video podcasts. You can find out more about his other projects at his personal site

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Welcome to A Singularity!

by on Nov.30, 2011, under Announcements, Website Update

So the acute reader might have noticed a few small changes around here. Namely that we’ve changed our name! That’s right is now Welcome and enjoy!

Why the change?

Two reasons. One originally wanted the name for this site to be, which was already taken and still is at the moment. Secondly I was kind of getting tired of people confusing my bog with The Singularity, referring to the technological singularity that is being referenced in popular science fiction culture. While I do have a significant interest in the technological singularity and transhumanity in general, it does not constitute a significant portion of this site’s content.

The original idea for picking the name Singularity was to play off the concept of the gravitational singularity, like the black hole, where everything is collected in one single place. Content I find or create is collected here on this website for all to see. I feel the name A Singularity better fits this theme. As our new subtitle shows

I’m scared of change. I think I need an adult.

It’s okay! domain will continue to work just fine for a long while. I do ask that any readers who feel inclined, look around and see if anything has broken, link wise, or keeps referring to the old address instead of the new one.

Okay what else?

Well you may have also noticed that content created by me is now being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Creative Commons License

The legal page has been updated to reflect this. This means that stuff I created, such as my writing, can be shared anywhere in full or piece meal as long as you attribute me and link back to this site as the original creator and the intent is not to profit monetarily from my content. Things shared on this blog that are not created by me are not covered under this license, however.

Okay that’s cool. Anything else?

  • I’ve given up plans for The Library, pages that collected cool things I like with meta data explaining what it was. It was a fun idea but just too much work for too little of my time.
  • The about page has been updated to better reflect and explain the blog’s current incarnation.
  • More change will be afoot soon!

More change!?

Yup! I’m looking into changing themes from a darker colored theme to a lighter one to allow for better long-term reading of my writing content. I’ll also be expanding my other website links to accommodate the lack of the library. Finally I’ll be working to create an RSS feed page that will help make it easier to subscribe to particular content the site posts.

I can’t take this anymore!

Good because we’re done.

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One Year Anniversary: Welcome to the Singularity

by on Oct.10, 2011, under Announcements, Identify Yourself, Website Update

Welcome! Welcome to The Singularity, a blog that collects things of interest I find from around the internet and the world, and offers them up to you. Today is not too special of a day, save for it being a Monday, but it is the one year anniversary of The Singularity being up and running.

And according to my stats, I think you guys like it. Sure The Singularity is no massive aggregator site, or even all that topical of a blog, and if I tried to monetize the site I’d be broke in under a week but I still feel happy to see a handful of people bouncing off the site every day and occasionally leaving comments. I’m happy to bring all this content to you and feel I’m providing some kind of a service, even if it is something akin to a mediocre Tumblr feed on most occasions.

Speaking of Tumblr feeds, the site has evolved a bit from what I thought it would be and I do hope it’ll evolve again in the coming year. In prior announcements I’ve talked about updating themes to be more readable and accessible for the type of content I seem to be regularly posting and I haven’t forgotten about that. For those of you reading to catch my writing updates, I’ll be updating about that soon. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, after all. I’ll hopefully be writing more insightful articles and making the site a bit more friendly in terms of viewing a particular type of content. If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along.

So there you have it. One year Anniversary. Okay now you can go look at the other link in the other post. It’s a sweet and uplifting one, which I think is appropriate for today.

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Comics & Cats: Johnny Wander: Nope

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Announcements

I’ve tried this. It’s true.

Source: Johnny Wander #267: Nope

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Identify Yourself

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Announcements, Gaming, Identify Yourself, Roleplaying Games, Website Update, Writing

Hi. My name is Nojh and welcome to The Singularity.

By day I am software developer, writer, aspiring author, and game designer. By night, I usually sleep. I have many interests and hobbies such as comics, video games, board games, books, movies, science, technology, philosophy, and many other things most people would consider geeky.

The Singularity

As I’ve stated on the about page, this blog is dedicated to collecting various things I find interesting on the web for your viewing pleasure. Hence the name, The Singularity, a place where things collect into one.

It is also a place for me to voice my opinions, reviews, and write articles about various topics from time to time. Comments are open to all and I want to encourage discussion. So please, tell me what you think. I know I haven’t been doing this nearly as much lately but stay tuned, I’ll get to it.

Other Stuff

Besides this blog I have a few other projects. I am attempting to write a novel, tentatively titled Everlasting. It is a zombie steampunk sci-fi fantasy adventure and I am chronicling its initial draft here.  I also organize a private writing group called Anomalous Writing that meets physically twice a week. You can follow the posts via the Everlasting tag or my thoughts or links about writing in general via the writing category.

Speaking of writing, I also write a regular article series called Science Future for Escape Pod. EscapePod is a podcast that buys and narrates short story science fiction for everybody’s listening pleasure. Science Future is written for their blog and is dedicated to discussing the scientific breakthroughs and their impact upon science fiction as well as the impact science fiction has had upon science. For more information about Science Future you can find the introduction article here. If you would like to follow Science Future you can do so by EscapePod’s Science Future tag, or The Singularity’s Science Future tag.

I am also one of the designers of the roleplaying game Vanished Lands produced by Ruminant Productions. Vanished Lands is a post-apocalyptic fantasy western RPG and is available purchase via The supplement book, Vanished Lands: Storyteller Archive Vol. 1, is available at Amazon and other online retailers. Right now I am working with the other designers to release a rules system for future Vanished Lands releases.

Thank You

I want to thank you all for reading and giving me a reason to keep this blog running. Readership is actually something I am interested in keeping. I’ve been running this blog actively for nearly half a year now and the numbers, near as I can tell, are growing. So thank you for spending some of your time reading this blog and I hope you enjoy it. The only thing I ask of you is, from time to time, let me know what about the blog you do and do not like via commentary either here, or one of the sites that this blog repeats on.

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A new Science Future Article!

by on Jul.20, 2011, under Announcements, Blog, Science, Science Future, Writing

There is another Science Future article over on Escape Pod.

Science Future: Harking Hugos

Go read it and check out the awesome Hugo nominated short stories it talks about!

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