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Comic: Dreamless

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment

I have a comic for you. It is actually a completed graphic novel that you can read from beginning to end. It was written by Bobby Crosby, author of Marry Me+EV, and Last Blood (comics I’ve never read but will give them a try now), and illustrated by Sarah Ellerton, author of The Phoenix Requiem and Inverloch (both comics I like).

Dreamless is about two people sharing their lives in an extraordinary way in perilous times. I don’t want to give much more away than that.

Dreamless by Bobby Crosby and Sarah Ellerton: Page One

You can purchase a physical copy of the book here.

You can purchase a PDF copy of the book here.

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Comic: 1000 Words

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Art, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment, The Power of Words, Writing

I stumbled onto this comic wandering through Deviant Art and got permission to host it on my blog:


I know in the past I’ve ranted about the adage “A picture is worth one thousand words” and how it has been used to demean the worth of the written word but here I can see nothing but homage to both image and word both in its medium (comic) and in the story’s telling (the artist’s 1000 words to her parents and the girl’s 1000 words to the artist). Both art and the written have their specialty when conveying thought and emotion and this comic beautifully represents that.

Not to ignore the comic’s other masterfully used techniques and its overall message but that was somewhat I wanted to comment on. Check out Wenqing’s other work on her Deviant Art page, or follower her on Facebook.

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Comic: What were you raised by wolves?

by on Feb.01, 2012, under Art, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment

What were you raised by wolves? by Vera Brosgol

An interesting mini-comic. A bit of commentary about humanity. To be fair animals aren’t all that great either. I like this comic both because of how it presents the story with no text and communicates it very well.

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Comics & Cosmology: An Interesting Take on Fantasy Demons

by on Dec.08, 2011, under Comic Suggestions, Comics, Design & Development, Entertainment, Gaming, Post Type, Roleplaying Games, Writing

Goblins Comic creator Thunt answered 4 questions about demons in his comic. I felt like posting this article because the cosmology he came up with is actually really interesting and worth sharing.

“What is up with that guy who the hands on his face?” and 4 other questions about Thunt Onian demons.

I particularly liked the system created explained the existence of a demon similar to Cthulhu versus the existence of imps.

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A Petition in Comic Form: Father by yuumei

by on Nov.11, 2011, under Art, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Culture


For more information, follow the link above and see all the ways you can help and see links to various new articles about the situation.

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Comic: Melissa

by on Oct.31, 2011, under Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment

A quick comic that seemed very appropriate for the day.

Dear Melissa by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon

Happy Halloween everyone.

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Justice League Redesign

by on Oct.17, 2011, under Art, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment, Writing

No I’m not talking about the DC Comics reboot. I’m actually talking about a fan redesign that is in response to DC Comics rebooting their entire comic line.


Rebooting the Justice League [Dresden Codak Tumblr]

Yup the creator of Dresden Codak took a stab at DC’s more iconic characters and honestly, I like what he came up with. I suppose this is unsurprising given how much of a fan I am of his comic but that aside I like the characters he has come up with. I have nit picks about certain visual aspects, primarily with Cyborg and Martian Manhunter, but overall I’d read a comic with these characters and their histories.

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Comic: Friends with Boys

by on Aug.16, 2011, under Comic Links, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment

Faith Erin Hicks, one of my favorite comic authors, is posting her newest graphic novel online for all of us to read up until the publication date. This is the same artist and author of the should be famous Demonology 101 comic that premiered on the web so many years ago. Also the same artist who showed up how Wolverine Goes Grocery Shopping and has published several other print only comics (Zombies CallingThe War at Ellsmere) of which I have purchased most and will end up purchasing all. If you follow this blog regularly you’ll likely know her current online comic, The Adventures of Superhero Girl. She has a style all her own and her ability to tell a story through the hybrid media of pictures and words seems to grow with every comic she writes. Case and point, this page from the upcoming comic Friends with Boys.

Friends With Boys: 2011-07-12: Page 07

Faith has been asking us to share the news of Friends with Boys premiering on the net and being published by First Second Books on February 24th, 2012. The premise of the story can be summed up as such:

Being homeschooled and raised with three brothers had its problems, but Maggie’s life is about to get a lot more complicated as she faces her greatest trial yet – entering public school for the first time!

You can find out more about Faith and the new comic by clicking on the following links:

And Then Canada Exploded – a comic centric blog by faith erin hicks, a cartoonist-type

Faith Erin Hicks Twitter

Friends With Boys Comic

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Comic: The Girl with the Skeleton Hand

by on Jul.26, 2011, under Comic Suggestions, Comics

The following two comics exemplify what I love about the comic Johnny Wander, which is primarily a biographical comic but occasionally makes short but sweet stories. The Girl with the Skeleton Hand is one of my favorites. Keep in mind each of these comics is several pages so the links below lead to the first comic in the series.

The Girl with the Skeleton Hand

The Girl with the Skeleton Hand #2

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Writing: How do you know when you’re done?

by on May.14, 2011, under Articles, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Writing

Warren Ellis, one of the writers that I admire primarily for this works in comics but also for some of his editorial works, made a post on his blog today, announcing that he was finished writing FREAKANGLES, his free comic which he posts online.

It is not a comic I link too often as it doesn’t lend itself to such linking, but it is a comic I highly suggest.

This post answered a question for me that I didn’t know I needed answered. As a writer, when do I know when I am done?

Here is Warren Ellis’ answer.

When you get to the ending of something that long, the last thing you’re thinking about is whether or not people will like it, or whether they’ll hate that it’s ending.  You’re just trying to get down the ending that you thought of at the start, and making sure everything fits, and killing a last few darlings to smooth out the joins, and doing your best to ensure the thing holds together the way it should.  And I’m done with that, after four and a bit days down in the mines with it.

Time for The Cigarette Of Victory, I think.

While I’m not promoting cigarette smoking, I think you can see his point. Perhaps this isn’t the most quantitative method but it certainly is a method.

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