SDCC goers, please stop stepping on little kids

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Seanan McGuire, author of several excellent books, especially the Newsflesh Series (under the name Mira Grant) wrote an excellent post about some of the behavior that goes on among toy collectors at San Diego Comic Con. Let me share it with you.

I remember being a little kid and being desperate for a particular toy. I remember my mother driving hours on end to various toy shops in the hopes of finding me one, which I honestly think is one of the most endearing ways a parent can show how much they care about their kid’s happiness since you have to know the kid will eventually not really care about said toy as they grow up.

But I digress. This is mostly a “shame on you” post to the various other toy collectors who attended SDC and behaved in such a way as to actually hurt, physically and emotionally, this little girl who wanted to stand in line for her toy. Western civilization developed the idea of standing in line in order to avoid these kind of situations and your dedication to your obsession should be bound by the rules set forth to you in elementary school. Get to the heat of the list first/early or get a friend to save you a spot so you can cut. You don’t go pushing your classmates/strangers/stranger’s little kids out of the way!

And you shouldn’t need to be reminded of that.

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A Con In Review: ConDFW X

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So this prior weekend I attended ConDFW. ConDFW is a convention based out of Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas that focuses on science fiction and fantasy literature, inviting authors and artists from around the US to give talks, readings, and sign books. In addition to this, they offer other features common to most conventions based around speculative fiction including a dealer’s room, art auction, charity auction, and open gaming.

I personally attend ConDFW for their open gaming. While not really a gaming convention, ConDFW does provide two rooms and a large open table room for board games and an extensive library of games donated for the weekend by staff, attendees, and the Dallas Games Marathon (whose’s website theme might look a little familiar). Some games that were played this year included Yomi, Race for the Galaxy, Cadwallon: City of Thieves, Pirate Flux, Wrath of Ashardalon, Space Alert, 51 State, Flash Duel, Ascension, The King Commands, Cash ‘n Guns, Dominate Species, Innovate, Classic Battletech, and many more.

The con has two panel tracks and two author signing tracks, of which I attended none this year, despite finding several that looked very promising. ConDFW is also a convention where I meet up with a lot of friends whom I don’t see regularly and the food in the area is well worth leaving the convention hotel for. The Dealer’s room and Art Show were up to par this year. Most of the regular dealer’s made an appearance including Instant Attitudes, Edge Books, Yard Dog Press, and Lazy Dragon. One notable artist/dealer that had a table was Laura Garabedian. An artist of multiple mediums and a love of all types of animals from normal to fantasy, I was told by a friend that I would like her artwork and when I finally saw it, I spent a good while looking through it all and ended up purchasing a mug with two tree wolves on it and a print of a curled up red and black fox/wolf. You can find samples of her work here on her deviant art account. She loves commissions and sells prints of her work as long as you contact her directly.

Overall the con was very much a success for me. A little exhausting but well worth the energy spent.

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Blogging Cons

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So I’ve decided that blogging cons is not a daily affair. That I think shall be left to my twitter feed. Some cons I might have more free time to write-up well written posts but for those of you following regularly, you might have seen the rather egregious article I posted regarding my first day of the convention.

I also have a quandary regarding respecting the privacy of the people whom I meet at the convention, namely my friends and even new acquaintances. Guests and staff are volunteers for the convention but I don’t necessarily have permission, nor do I think those of you who don’t know me personally would find it interested, where my friends and I went to dinner.

So with that in mind articles regarding conventions on this blog will be limited to single posts after the convention. For my readers who know me personally and would like more details, I’ll direct you to my live journal for now. I encourage such people to also make accounts on this blog, as a new system may be appearing soon.

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ConDFW Blogging

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Hi All.

So for the second time since I started this blog, I’ll be attending a convention. Unlike the prior convention I attended, I will be attempting to make a bit of a show of on this blog. That is, daily updates of what I’ve done around the con, what I’ve seen, etc.


I will be attending ConDFW X this year. ConDFW is a literary-focused science fiction convention, in it’s tenth year, put on by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association (TSFA) held in the Crown Plaza Suites in Dallas, TX.

According to the badges I’ve collected, ConDFW has had the distinction of being the only con to have me attend it for every year that it has existed. To put it a less pretentious way, I’ve attended every ConDFW that has ever been put on. I find that kind of neat.

ConDFW focuses on science fiction and fantasy literature, inviting authors from all over to give lecture panels, hold book readings, and do book signings. Every year they have a select set of guests who are the Guests of Honor. This years Guests of Honor are:

(continue reading…)

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Board Game Geek Con 2010

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So I attended Board Game Geek Con this year for the first time. It is a convention hosted by the people who run the website Board Game Geek. The convention focuses on board games, card games, and war gaming, although there was token appreciation for poker and video games, the later in the form of Rock Band, if that counts.

So I’ll take you on a little ride and describe the convention and how it differs from most conventions, then give you a summary of what I did, including the games I played and possibly short summaries or reviews of these games, and then I’ll give you a review of the con itself. (continue reading…)

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Board Game Geek Con 2010 Redaction

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So some of you following this blog might have caught a four part post regarding a convention called Board Game Geek. You may also notice that those particular posts are now gone. Looking back at them and realizing I wrote them past midnight, they were not up to the quality posting that I want to have for this blog. And while my comic link posts are not exactly print worthy, rambling about various games I played at a convention was not meeting my expectations. So the following post will be replacing all the prior posts, summarizing and hopefully containing better writing and more pertinent information.

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