Baby Got Books

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Found at Jim C. Hines’ LiveJournal.

Baby Got Books
by Jim C. Hines
(with apologies to Sir Mixalot)

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her book.
It is
 so big. You could, like,
Fend off a rabid jaguar.
But, you know, who even reads those genres?
She only wants dragons and swords.
It’s not like that’s real literature, right?
I mean, her book, is just so big.
I can’t believe it’s just so thick, it’s like
Swollen, I mean – wow. Look!
It’s just so … fat.

I like big books and I cannot lie.
You other readers can’t deny
That when a kid walks in with The Name of the Wind
Like a hardbound brick of win.
Story bling.
Wanna swipe that thing
Cause you see that boy is speeding
Right through the book he’s reading.
I’m hooked and I can’t stop pleading.
Wanna curl up with that for ages,
All thousand pages.
Reviewers tried to warn me.
But with that plot you hooked
Me like Bradley.
Ooh, crack that fat spine.
You know I wanna make you mine.
This book is stella ’cause it ain’t some quick novella.

No time for writers
Whose work is much slighter.
One-shot plot, over quicker than a nickel slot.

I’m tired of magazines,
Tellin’ stories with just three scenes.
Take a fantasy fan and ask ’em if
They’d rather read Tolkien, so…

Readers (yeah), readers (yeah)
Go get Martin’s brand new book (hell yeah).
Well read it, read it, read it, read it, read that hefty book.
Fantasies fat.

(Bulging shelves with the epic plotlines)

(continue reading…)

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Video: OK Go and The Muppets

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Video Link

Yes. Seriously.  OK Go, the band who makes awesomely fun music videos for us to watch, and the Muppets, who make awesome comedy videos for us to watch, make a comedy music video for us to watch. And now that you’ve just watched the trailer for it…. you can watch the video! Yaaaaaaay (With flailing arms)!

Video Link

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Music Video: “S&M” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

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Video Source

Her name is Meghan Tonjes and she has an amazing voice, one album out, and one album on preorder. She hosts a YouTube channel where she does request videos like above and performs her own music. She actually does a better job of introducing herself in this video.

You can sample some of her original work on her website and her Bandcamp page.

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Trailer: To The Moon

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Video Source

An indie RPG/Adventure game with an awesome trailer. I understand the entire premise of the game is a pair of scientists delving into an old man’s memories in order to discover his fondest wish so they can give it to him before he dies. The graphics look excellent and there will be music by Laura Shigihara (featured in the trailer above). You can find more information about the game at its website here. The game is expected to be out sometime this fall.

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Play For Japan charity album has been released!

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So I am a few days late in announcing this and for that I am sorry but the video game music album, Play For Japan has been released on iTunes. If you don’t remember what I am talking about here is video game composer Laura Shigihara to explain:

Video Link: Play for Japan: The Album

The album is a charity album with all it’s profits going to relief efforts in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that hit back in March of 2011 and has on it original songs written by many famous video game composers including:

[spoiler show=”Click to see the list of composers and songs.”]Akira Yamaoka (Shadows of the Damned) | “Ex Animo”
Arthur Inasi (Harmonix) | “We Are One”
Bear McCreary (SOCOM 4) | “Maverick Regeneration”
Chance Thomas (Lord of the Rings Online) | “Rise Up”
Hip Tanaka.β (Mother) | “HVC-1384″
Inon Zur feat. The Lyris Quartet (Dragon Age) | “Remember”
Jason Graves (Dead Space) | “Necromancer”
Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros.) | “Super Mario Medley On Two Pianos”
Laura Karpman (Everquest II) w/Lisbeth Scott | “Pine Wind Sound”
Laura Shigihara (Plants vs. Zombies) | “Jump”
Mitsuto Suzuki (The 3rd Birthday) | “Play for You”
Nobuko Toda (Metal Gear Solid 4) | “Reminiscence”
Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) | “Every New Morning”
Penka Kouneva (Prince of Persia) | “White Cloud”
Sean Murray (Call of Duty) | “The Temple Stone”
Tommy Tallarico (Advent Rising) | “Greater Lights”
Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption) | “Moshi Moshi”
Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger) | “Dimension Break”[/spoiler]
You can download the music now from iTunes by follow this iTunes link or wait until July 15th for it to go on sale on For more information you can see all my posts about Play For Japan or go to the Play For Japan website.


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Play for Japan Update

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So my only update for the charity album, Play For Japan, is that there is no real news. The album is being released by premier video game composers to help raise money for Japan after its recent natural disasters and has apparently been tied up in copyright issues.


(original album artwork by Yoshitaka Amano)

There is some new and interesting facts about the album released via Gamasutra’s interview with Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Laura Shigihara (Plants vs Zombies), and Woody Jackson (L.A. Noire).


If you are still interested in more information you can visit the Play For Japan website, follow Laura Shigihara’s blog, or just keep watching here.

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Video: In The Skin of the Universe (A Doctor Who Music Video)

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A fan made video featuring clips from the entire 5th Season of Doctor Who. Excellently done. Some slight spoilers but it mostly won’t make sense unless you’ve seen the season.

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Video: Theatrical Portal

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An excellently done theatrical/dance performance in the style of the video game Portal

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Music: Zombie Me by No More Kings

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Friend of mine linked me to this song. Perhaps not as hilarious or clever as RE: Your Brains, but still an awesome listen.

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(Music) Video: 8-Bit Goodness

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Goldfish – We Come Together (OFFICIAL) from Goldfish live on Vimeo.

Lots of 8-Bit goodness combined with tons of video game and pop culture references. It’s a fun video to watch, even if you aren’t a fan of the music. The video was constructed by a lot of people, primary credits going to Bru & Boegie. Music credits go to Goldfish.

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