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Article: Science Future: Insuring Intelligence

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One of my Science Future articles went up over on Escape Pod yesterday. In the article I talk about water producing quasars, faster than light travel, and just how easy it is to get a culture to change what it believes, all in the context of a great science fiction short story. Go check it out!

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Article: “You mean space ships aren’t real?”

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Sandra Tayler is the other half of the pair that make up the family Tayler. If that name is familiar it’s because I like Schlock Mercenary, a serial comic online written and drawn by Howard Tayler, the man who is famous (to me) for s stating that “You’re so talented.” is really an underhanded insult, and post links to the comic on this blog.

Sandra wrote a short but sweet article for Locus, a Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine that I would like to share.

Sandra Tayler–The Non-Fictional Sense of Wonder [Locus Magazine]

In the articles I write for Escape Pod I try to link modern science with science fiction. Sandra has pointed out I think yet another possible link between the people who pushed us so far out into the stars and what they read as children. I remember reading various novels about colonies on Mars as a child. I agree with Sandra that it is both thrilling that one needs to no longer look in the fiction section of the library to find inspiring stories about our exploration of space but sad that entertainment media out there that help to inspire young people to purse a career in space are fewer than they once were.

I suppose there is always Schlock Mercenary?

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Science Future post! “Alternate Actual”

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A new Science Future article has been posted over on Escape Pod: the science fiction podcast magazine.

Science Future: Alternate Actual

In this article I discuss alternate realities in science and science fiction!

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A new Science Future Article!

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There is another Science Future article over on Escape Pod.

Science Future: Harking Hugos

Go read it and check out the awesome Hugo nominated short stories it talks about!

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Writing Time: Everlasting #32, Science Future #2

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So it has been nearly a month since an update and for that I apologize. It has been a significant amount of busy recently and while I have been writing regularly I haven’t always had time to write an update. I don’t actually now how much progress I’ve made in everlasting yet so this will be illuminating for me as well as you. Some progress has been made with Science Future, as you will see, and overall I am rather satisfied with the pace of my writing at the moment, even if it feels a little slow.

Everlasting Update

Draft Word Count: 89, 068 (Delta: +1701[28] Delta: -2299)

So this would help explain why it has felt slow. Even at an expect thousand words a week, last week was completely spent on Science Future and the week before that I did not actually even write as I skipped the writing sessions. If I account for that, I’m really only -299 words behind which I can attribute to lazy writing sessions. Today, for example, I worked on outline and fleshing out some NPCs because I’m coming close to the pivot point for the last third of the book and I wanted that worked out. I think I was actually fairly creative in that endeavor today so I am feeling of good spirits.

At this rate though I question if I will be done before this year’s NaNoWriMo. I also question if I’ll try to participate in NaNoWriMo this year or if I will just help host it with my writing group but not actually officially participate. Questions for September/October when I’ll need to start preparing.

Character sketches will be coming soon. Negotiations are done and the work has been started. Art takes time, of course, so I can’t promise anything anytime soon.

Everlasting Stats

[spoiler show=”Click to show current Everlasting Stats”]

Glossary: 1,565 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 9,946 Words (Delta +0)
Character Information: 5,904 Words (Delta +83)
Current Outline: 11,151 Words (Delta +696)
Draft:  89,068 Words (Delta: +1,701)
Grand Total: 117,634 Words (Delta +2480)


Anomalous Writing Update

Anomalous Writing has been slow the past few weeks. I’m looking into Google+ Hangouts as a way to try to improve the online connectivity as a private online chat room that was technically easy to connect to was hard to set up. Still at least one other person is showing up almost every day, even if some days I defacto join the other writing group. As a habit, writing is now fully formed so I doubt I need anomalous to make myself write anymore but I do like having the group and want to try to expand its membership still. Just not sure how.

Science Future

Science future is going well. I have my third and fourth article written. The third has already been released and the fourth will likely be published by the end of the month. You can view the third article here. It deals with various human memory related scientific advances. The fourth article is special in that it finds a related article in science news for some of the Hugo nominated stories which Escape Pod hosts every year. I thought it a fitting theme. It took an entire week to write since I was focused on four very particular stories. I think in order to better streamline the process, I will be limiting myself to finding scientific breakthroughs as they related to only one story, or multiple stories that related to only one breakthrough. Takes less time that way. Finding images that can be used for the articles is still proving tough and time-consuming, however.

So that has been my writing for the last month. Spew creatively!

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Science Future: Portable Power

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You can find my latest Science Future article over on Escape Pod! This week’s article is about the advances in portable energy and why science fiction is so full of gadgets.

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Science Future is here! Now!

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So my article series, Science Future, just premiered on the blog of Escape Pod, a podcast that delivers excellent short fiction science fiction in both audio and text form.

The first article, titled Science Future, explains what the series will be about.

The next few articles will come out on a hopefully regular basis. I’ll try to keep you posted when they publish but you’re better off following the Escape Pod blog directly if you want the most up to date notifications! Plus you can listen to some really good science fiction.

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