Katee Sackhoff & Jamie Bamber – Sexism in Hollywood

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Here’s a video fo Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber, actors of Battlestar Galactica fame, discussing sexism in Hollywood and the television industry. You don’t have to watch the entire video:

Jamie’s Section

“We expect women not to age, which I find offensive to me.”

“And how roles just disappear for women when they approach 40, and I think that is a problem.”

Katee’s section

“I was told I was overweight and needed to lose weight from the day I got to California.”

“And I’ve always kind of wondered if I had lost 20 lbs would my career would be here [motioning to higher] rather than here [motioning to lower].”

It is also kind of telling how prevalent this kind of sexism is, when you hear a part of the crowd start to applaud Katee for saying that she has been the same size since she was seventeen. Somewhat amusingly it apparently became obvious to some of the crowd that wasn’t something to necessarily cheer about.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search – Part 1 is available!

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Guess what? Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search – Part 1 is headed to stores and available for purchase from comic shops right now!

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search - Part 1

For those of you who haven’t seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, today is your lucky day! Go watch all of it right now! For our non-US readers, the show is call Avatar: The Legend of Aang outside the US. After that you you’ll get to watch the sequel series Avatar: Legend of Korra and read the last graphic novel Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise (Parts 1,2, and 3)! So much to catch up on and it is so worth it, because one of everybody’s major questions from the first series is finally about to be answered, or at least starting to be answered, since The Search will have 3 parts just like The Promise.

The co-creator of the show, Mike DiMartino, has posted an article advertising the release of the comic. In it he shares his fears about releasing this story. It’s been four and a half years since the conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender with this major question hanging over our heads. People have been fantasizing what the answer might be. Will this comic answer it satisfactorily  or will things go the way of Lost? It’s a creator’s dilemma and if you know what question I’m talking about, I recommend reading the article here.

Source: You really want to know what happened to …? by Mike DiMartino []


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Gotham High

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What if Bruce Wayne was a teenager in highschool?

Strangely enough Marvel has done this plenty of times (See: X-Men: Evolution) but DC has never done this. Despite that Jeffery Thomas and Celeste Green did some concept art for the idea and it looks awesome. Here is one of the five pictures:

I highly recommend checking out the other ones and Jeffery’s blog here.

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Watch the Premier of The Legend of Korra this Saturday (March 24th)

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I’ve posted about this earlier in the year. The sequel series to Avatar: The Last Air Bender, The Legend of Korra, will be premiering on Nicklodean on April 14th, 2012.

Unless you have access to the internet. Then you can totally watch the premier at! Apparently Nick was running a promotion to get 100,000 likes on Facebook. And they got it.

The series already has 28 episodes produced, with an expected 2 season of 14 episodes each.

For those of you who missed it, here is the official trailer:


And two other trailers:

Second Official Trailer

Teaser Trailer



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Comic: I tried to watch Game of Thrones

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The Oatmeal: I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened.

I’ve done this before as well. I don’t own cable. I don’t see the value in it anymore. I like watching certain shows and I’d rather pay for the right to watch those certain shows. Some shows, I have checked every single possible paid site for access to what I want and found nothing. Now I understand that there is still a fallacy here. A viewer is not entitled to watch a TV show whenever they want and obviously HBO doesn’t want their show available via streaming.

However the real situation is that piracy isn’t going to go away. HBO (in this case) is in an open courtyard sitting on a huge pile of diamonds, loudly exclaiming that you’re only allowed to buy a diamond from them if you run the obstacle course over there. Around HBO are streaming sites begging to offer money to hand deliver the diamonds with HBO refusing. Behind HBO are the piracy, carefully stealing the diamonds and then hand delivering them for free. And the only defense HBO has against the pirates is to really just shout at them and maybe start harassing the people he catches with a diamond.

The analogy is flawed but perhaps you see my point? You can’t sell ice to an Eskimo. In a world of streaming and direct access, not providing such features will lead some level of people to piracy. This goes back to one of the reasons I talked about in a prior post about piracy. In a world where things are easily copied, you need to provide a better service and quality to compete.

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Thoughts on Digital Piracy as advertising

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Neil Gaiman brings up some really good points for books. But I’d like to expand the conversation to all media and fill in a few gaps I think he missed.

Thoughts on Digital Piracy across all media

What should have been said above is “Mileage may vary”. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Piracy does something really interesting in my opinion. It puts the power and control in the hand of the consumer rather than the distributor. What I mean by this is that consumers, thanks to piracy and actual legal forms of free media distribution, are allowed to consume content, then decide to support the content by paying money. It says “Here. View this. If you like, please realize that the person who made it needs money in order to make more like it. Pay them.”

Reasons why it works

(continue reading…)

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Video: Gift Giving

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If you want a good example of how much fun gift giving can be.


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Starwars through the eyes of two children

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I never had a love for the original trilogy of Star Wars. As I grew up, I was far more of a Star Trek fan. My friends loved Star Wars but when compared to Star Trek, Star Wars looked dinged and dirty. Don’t get me wrong, I had my obsession with lightsabers and R2-D2 but the Jedi never impressed me and Darth Vader never scared me.

So when the original trilogy came out, I didn’t have the whiplash effect of most of the fans of Star Wars. But I also wasn’t enamored with the movies either. I remember stating clearly “Phantom Menace is a movie for five year-olds and forty-five year-olds.” I was a teenager at the time. Jar Jar Binks vaguely amused me but mostly annoyed me. My love of lightsabers was rekindled, and I had to admit Qui gon Jinn kicked some serious butt. The subsequent films did nothing to impress me further, culminating in Dart Vader’s reveal and the infamous cry that made me laugh at out in the theaters.

Fast forward a few years to the present and lately I’ve been wondering if I need to give Star Wars a fairer shake. I’ve always had friends and fans around breathing on my neck. I’ve seen a few episodes of the Star Wars Clone Wars televisions how and enjoyed it even if the plots are generally geared towards a younger crowd with little content for adults and I can’t honestly say I’ve really seen any of the original trilogy movies in a sit down and watch type of session, save for Empire which I saw in theaters on re-release.

So I recently stumbled on Film Nerd 2.0. He is a well-known internet movie critic among the internet movie critic circles and he decided to introduce his two sons to Star Wars, and wrote about each movie viewing. They’re excellent reads.

A New Hope
Empire Strikes Back
Phantom Menace
Attack of The Clones
Revenge of The Sith
Return of The Jedi

After reading about how the kids experienced the films, I think I may do this as well sometime, although probably as more of a marathon, and try out McWeeny’s viewing order.

I found this via a tweet of a friend who linked to Movie Bob’s website. So if you’d like his commentary on the subject, click here.

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Trailer: Batman Arkham City – Mr. Freeze

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Video Source

I’m still a fan of the Batman: The Animated Series version of Mr. Freeze more than this one but they seem to have gotten the character down at least, and I admit, his suit and it’s capabilities seem pretty awesome. I suspect his section of the game will be a lot of fun to play.

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