Free Write #73: Swiftly Tilting Mirrors

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Free writing returns! Nothing regular, I just needed two-hundred and fifty words to keep my streak going on the magic spreadsheet. Todays story is inspired by the Twitch TV show A Swiftly Tilting Cameron, apart of the Loading Ready Run lineup of video game streaming. Cameron is currently XCOM: Enemy Within.


Swiftly Tilting Mirrors
By Nojh Livic

The mirror was affixed to the wall on the left across from her old locker. She ignored it. Was she the right word? Or was she now an it? Or a they?

She looked down her torso. That was a mistake. Old familiar curves were gone, replaced by broad flat metal. She knew that was only for the mission but it disturbed her.

Instead she focused on her arms. She flexed them. They obeyed her thoughts so it was easier to think of them as hers. But was it the arms that were obeying her thoughts or was she obeying their movements?

She wanted to look in the mirror but she couldn’t stand the idea of not seeing her face. Did they take that from her too in order to save the world?

“Let’s go Eli. We got another one in Africa.”

She thought she had volunteered for this. No that wasn’t exactly right. She had volunteered for the mission, for the world. This was needed for the mission.

She tightened the metal fingers into fists. She knew how much pressure she was squeezing into each digit but she couldn’t feel it.


Eli “Iris” Dawson let go. Hefting her robotic form to its oversized feet, she lifted her impossibly heavy weapon, checked that the breach was clear with an audible clack, then laid it against her shoulder and turned to the faceless commander who had made her this way.

“Reporting for duty, sir.”

She didn’t need mirrors to blow up aliens.

This was her job.

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Weird Word: Banausic

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  • mechanical; materialistic, uncultured.
  • utilitarian

Example Usage:

To say Marla was banausic was to be factually correct while also completely wrong, for while she was made of metal and coveted the odd fashion now and again, one could never claim that she lacked social grace.



A weird word if only because its definition is so weird. I’m not sure if mechanical is meant to mean materialistic and uncultured? Perhaps this was an archaic meaning of mechanical? The utilitarian definition was far easier to use. I am not sure I’ll be using this word if only because I don’t know if know what it really means, despite looking it up!

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Writing Time: Everlasting #77

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Writing Session(s)

Word Count: 258

Happy New Year! I did almost no writing over the holidays. Prior to the holidays I did some writing on a new design project, which I’ll talk about below. Today as the first normal writing session of the new year where I wasn’t on vacation. I’m going to be trying the two hundred and fifty words per day method of finishing Everlasting, although yesterday I opted for my words to count towards working on Weird Words and doing blog updates. Today I obviously reached the goal and I might write some more after this post is done.

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 178,379 (+258)
Outline Word Count: 36,744 (+0)

Doing small updates is interesting. I finished off a scene I had previously written, which was a nice natural stopping point. Honestly writing 250 words is easy as long as I sit down to do it, which I guess is the point. The scene written was the beginning of the abbreviated romantic arc I have between two characters where they are having a disagreement. I, of course, am having second thoughts if the storyline will actually work, but inner editor can suck it! Huzzah!

Editing & Critiques

Currently not editing or critiquing anything.

New Projects

Magic the Gathering Organizer

So little to no work has been done on this, which is somewhat my fault. I think it’ll be on hiatus.

Unnamed Board Game codename Platform

New project. I was inspired by a kickstarter that I won’t reveal to design a board game. I’m not going to reveal many details about it for now but I will be working on it.

Other Works

Free Write – Hiatus.

Station – Waiting to be edited.

Matrix – Hiatus.

Gerald – Waiting to be continued.

Reconfigure – Waiting to be turned into an actual short story.

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Weird Word: Palpebra

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  • The eyelid.

Example Usage:

“That is the biggest palpebra I have ever seen,” the doctor said. “Help me lift it. We can see what type of ocular apparatus the creature uses.”



Need another word for eyelid? No? Really? I could have sworn… This definitely falls under a weird word that you’re only going to use if you’re in a medical field in some way shape or form. Or if you want to sound really smart.

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Weird Word Argosy

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  • A merchant ship.
  • A merchant flotilla, fleet.
  • A collection of lore.

Example Usage:

“The argosy should arrive within a week, Sir,” the aid reported, offering a multi-page report across the table. “They’ve reported the loss of two ships but the Fair Weather is still in tact.”



So this I think is actually a weird word. It’d be hard even without significant context to determine if the plurality of the word, at least when referring to its naval meaning. As a friend pointed out, even the statement “The argosy had us surrounded” could be ambiguous, assuming one invented an extendable rubber boat.

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Weird Word: Hippodrome

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  • A horse racing course.


  • To stage a baseball game to suit gamblers.

Example Usage:

A hippodrome was not a good place to hippodrome a baseball game, mostly because the horses added extra variables which made it hard to calculate the odds for bets.



What I don’t understand is why this word doesn’t involve hippos in any way shape or form. What I also don’t understand is how this word has any relation to baseball. I think I just don’t understand this word.

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Weird Word: Jitney

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  • A small bus or minibus which typically operates service on a fixed route, sometimes scheduled.
  • An unlicensed taxi cab.
  • A shared-ride taxi.
  • A small coin, a nickel.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • A fraudulent arrangement whereby a broker who has direct access to an exchange executes trades on behalf of a broker who doesn’t.

Example Usage:

It was a jitney, that was it is an inexpensive ride, had space enough for two, and was completely untraceable, that would likely get them there.



Here’s a word that has no idea what it wants to mean. Sure half of the meanings relate to some kind of public transportation but each meaning is very different. I also have the distinct impression this word is a British word, even though its etymology is very specifically American, relating to a 5-cent coin used for busses and taxis.

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Writing Time: Everlasting #76

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Writing Session

Word Count: 1,045

Today’s writing session was pretty quick and easy. Not a lot to report. I got to a thousand words pretty quickly a the usual writing spot. I only took a few breaks while writing. I think that the break thing is a habit I’m going to try to break, but I do know that goes away more often when I have an exciting well thought out scene. Today’s scene wasn’t completely thought out to the level of detail I would like but I’ve gotten it mostly written.

I do think I am suffering a little from the “Am I good enough?” issues while writing. I’m seeing the scenes not coming out the way I like. I know such things can be fixed during editing but looking at the dialog and realizing the character isn’t saying the words I want them to say in the manner by which they would say them makes it hard not to sit down and edit. So I guess this is also an inner editor problem, although not really a problem as I’m not editing, but more of a discouragement since I’m not letting myself edit. Hmm.

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 178,121 (+2,010)
Outline Word Count: 36,744 (+8)

So apart of the editing process for this novel will be coming up with better science/magic. I have a society of steampunk technology and another of mystical capability, and neither have a full understanding of genetics, viruses, and sub-atomic particles. Developing the language they use to discuss certain topics rationally I think will be a big part of making certain “mad science” scenes work in this novel, but I didn’t do enough research or pre-planning for that. So it is something to take note.


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Weird Word: Tarradiddle

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  • A trivial lie.
  • Silly talk or writing; humbug.

Example Usage:

“You, Madam, are just full of tarradiddles and flattery, but please don’t think I want you to stop!”

SourceWiktionary, World Wide Words


Starting our little series on words stolen from the website World Wide Words is tarradiddle! If you’ve never visited, the World Wide Words is not unlike these posts, but with far more information, and in my personal opinion, has a better collection of odd and strange words in some cases. Hence why we’re stealing some of their words! Tarradiddle is one of those highly amusing words to both read and say and I feel fits its meanings very well. I hope you enjoy it!

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Writing Time: Everlasting #75

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Writing Session

Word Count: 1,057

Funny how a thousand words seems small after getting off of NaNoWriMo. I did a normal writing session this evening. Skipped last Tuesday to do more blog work. I almost skipped this evening to work on a character for a roleplaying game. I’ve been writing a lot of background for that character so I figured it might have counted, but I decided I didn’t need much time off after this NaNo. Just a reduction in actual word count required.


Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 176,111 (+947)
Outline Word Count: 36,736 (+82)

Only one scene written today, but it inspired another scene due to modifications, which I partially added to the outline. Woo! It was the first scene with new-old character. That is a character that will be written into the past scenes at some point because, well, I was really bad about outlining Lee’s side of the story, despite him ostensibly being the main character.

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