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A Singularity is Two Years Old!

by on Oct.10, 2012, under Announcements, Articles, Identify Yourself, Website Update

Welcome to A Singularity, a single point which collects anything that is unique, odd, or just plain interesting.

A Singularity is now officially two years old and honestly, it feels far longer and shorter at the same time. I remember getting this place up and going and that seems so long ago. And yet when I think about all the things I’ve done for the site, all the changes it has gone through, they seem to run together like they just happened yesterday. A Singularity been something of a surprising success for me. While it has achieved (and not achieved  several unexpected things, and the quality and rate of content has varied significantly over time, I’m still astounded and proud to have kept a website running for two solid years with regular original and shared content.

As for the future, time will tell. Experiments with other social media have proven to me that this site is still my favorite in terms of sharing my own original content, so there is no worry there. What kind of content this site delivers will, of course, always be subject to change. For now Weird Words, Free Write, and the occasional Writing Time, Comic Links, and Comic suggestions will continue to come out as much as possible, along with the odd article or shared video or item as time allows. A makeover is wanted and may eventually be implemented one of these days so look forward to that. Better integration with social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr may happen but as always, I will make direct reading and RSS/Atom feeds my primary concern for distribution. I have some other ideas cooking in my head but, of course, there is only so much time in the day, and so much writing, working, and gaming to get done. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to free myself of one of these vices!

Until then I want to thank you so much for reading my site. I, of course, welcome all comments and commentary (that isn’t spam) on anything I post, including suggestions for improving the site in some way shape or form.

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Announcement: A tumblring we will go

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Announcements, Articles, Blog, Website Update

So some more changes are happening. A lot of the content that you see here is going to be going away. Yeah. All the videos and comic links and such? Poof! Why? Because I’m going to be reserving room on this blog for more of my content. Posting opinion pieces, reviews, my writing, and writing I do elsewhere. Weird Words will continue and maybe a few other article ideas. Perhaps Comic Links, since comics are rather dear to me.

The other content isn’t going away however. Far be it for me to deprive the internet of my opinion on what is good or funny. Instead most of that content will be moving to Tumblr.

A Singularity [Tumblr Edition]

Tumblr is a lot like a condensed blog. I like to think of it like if Blogspot and Twitter had a weird genetically modified offspring, Tumblr would be it. It focuses on posting content quickly but with little restriction, and allows those people with Tumblr accounts to share it on their blogs quickly an easily, similar to re-tweeting.

Now A Singularity [Tumblr Edition] has existed in the past but it has acted as a repeater for this blog. Now it will be showing exclusive content. Now in the future I may start creating summary posts of Tumblr content here, perhaps on weekend days, for those of you who don’t want to go make a Tumblr account. Also if you’re a big fan of RSS and don’t want to make a Tumblr account, Tumblr fully supports RSS. Get A Singularity [Tumblr Edition]’s RSS feed here. Keep in mind that content here will be reproduced over there, so you might have some duplication.

There is already some original content on the Tumblr, so go check it out.

More updates as they come available.

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Plus ça change, Part 1 & 2

by on Jan.18, 2012, under Announcements

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

So as I’ve been mentioning I’ve been planning some changes for A Singularity. I’ve actually enacted one already.

Change #1: What’s in a name?

Last year I changed the name from The Singularity Blog to A Singularity, in order to better express what one may find on this website. This website serves two primary purposes:

  1. To provide people with interesting content to read, watch, listen to, or look at, that I’ve found from across the internet.
  2. To provide a platform for the content I myself create and provide an easy place for someone looking for that content to find it.

And for the most part I think I’m succeeding at those goals and I think the name change better helps people understand that this is not always a blog about the technological singularity or a gravitational singularities, but is, instead a website that behaves like a singularity or is, in fact, singular, odd, or peculiar, as my tastes often are according to some. For a more in-depth write-up about the name change, check out the post I made regarding it.

Change #2: Growing Pains

That least us to right now, our second change, which is actually a series of changes. Up until this point A Singularity has been somewhat interwoven with my identity as Nojh. This was primarily to help my most obvious audience, people who know me from both on and off the internet, gain easier access to the site. Now, however, is the time where I need my own space back. Which means A Singularity is getting its own Twitter, Facebook, and Live Journal accounts:

Twitter: A Singularity Net

Facebook: A Singularity Net

LiveJournal: A Singularity Net

Additionally the website has always had a Tumblr crossposter that I will go ahead and share just so it doesn’t feel left out.

Tumblr: A Singularity

So there you have it! Not that this will be the only change in store! A site re-design is in the works and a content shakeup is being planned as I type. Nothing too drastic but it will help organize things better I think. So please, go subscribe or like or friend the above social networks. If you’re not into that the standard RSS feed is still available here.

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Welcome to A Singularity!

by on Nov.30, 2011, under Announcements, Website Update

So the acute reader might have noticed a few small changes around here. Namely that we’ve changed our name! That’s right TheSingularityBlog.net is now ASingularity.net. Welcome and enjoy!

Why the change?

Two reasons. One originally wanted the name for this site to be Singularity.net, which was already taken and still is at the moment. Secondly I was kind of getting tired of people confusing my bog with The Singularity, referring to the technological singularity that is being referenced in popular science fiction culture. While I do have a significant interest in the technological singularity and transhumanity in general, it does not constitute a significant portion of this site’s content.

The original idea for picking the name Singularity was to play off the concept of the gravitational singularity, like the black hole, where everything is collected in one single place. Content I find or create is collected here on this website for all to see. I feel the name A Singularity better fits this theme. As our new subtitle shows

I’m scared of change. I think I need an adult.

It’s okay! TheSingularityBlog.net domain will continue to work just fine for a long while. I do ask that any readers who feel inclined, look around and see if anything has broken, link wise, or keeps referring to the old address instead of the new one.

Okay what else?

Well you may have also noticed that content created by me is now being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Creative Commons License

The legal page has been updated to reflect this. This means that stuff I created, such as my writing, can be shared anywhere in full or piece meal as long as you attribute me and link back to this site as the original creator and the intent is not to profit monetarily from my content. Things shared on this blog that are not created by me are not covered under this license, however.

Okay that’s cool. Anything else?

  • I’ve given up plans for The Library, pages that collected cool things I like with meta data explaining what it was. It was a fun idea but just too much work for too little of my time.
  • The about page has been updated to better reflect and explain the blog’s current incarnation.
  • More change will be afoot soon!

More change!?

Yup! I’m looking into changing themes from a darker colored theme to a lighter one to allow for better long-term reading of my writing content. I’ll also be expanding my other website links to accommodate the lack of the library. Finally I’ll be working to create an RSS feed page that will help make it easier to subscribe to particular content the site posts.

I can’t take this anymore!

Good because we’re done.

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