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Trailer: RWBY

by on Dec.10, 2012, under Entertainment, Trailers, Visual Media

So I stumbled upon this trailer:

Was that not a little amazing? Sure there a flaws here and there but I still found it very compelling. It is apparently associated with the guys from Rooster Teeth, the creators of the machinima series Red vs Blue, which I’m sad to say I have fallen behind on. Still this apparently is premiering next year and I’m going to try to keep updated on it.

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Comic: 1000 Words

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Art, Comic Suggestions, Comics, Entertainment, The Power of Words, Writing

I stumbled onto this comic wandering through Deviant Art and got permission to host it on my blog:


I know in the past I’ve ranted about the adage “A picture is worth one thousand words” and how it has been used to demean the worth of the written word but here I can see nothing but homage to both image and word both in its medium (comic) and in the story’s telling (the artist’s 1000 words to her parents and the girl’s 1000 words to the artist). Both art and the written have their specialty when conveying thought and emotion and this comic beautifully represents that.

Not to ignore the comic’s other masterfully used techniques and its overall message but that was somewhat I wanted to comment on. Check out Wenqing’s other work on her Deviant Art page, or follower her on Facebook.

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Video: WTF or Fantasy by DyE

by on Nov.22, 2011, under Art, Entertainment, Music, Videos, Visual Media

Okay so this video definitely contains adult content.


And wow. Best visual depicting of a human’s reaction to visualizing a Great Old One ever. Also what was going on in that woman’s short, seriously?

This is an actual music video for the music you hear in the background. The music is by someone called DyE and the song’s name is Fantasy.

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(Music) Video: 8-Bit Goodness

by on Jun.20, 2011, under Art, Entertainment, Gaming, Music, Video Games, Videos, Visual Media

Goldfish – We Come Together (OFFICIAL) from Goldfish live on Vimeo.

Lots of 8-Bit goodness combined with tons of video game and pop culture references. It’s a fun video to watch, even if you aren’t a fan of the music. The video was constructed by a lot of people, primary credits going to Bru & Boegie. Music credits go to Goldfish.

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