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Hardware Vendor Responsibility (or Ron Gilbert Rants about Apple and Corporate Censorship)

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Articles, Computers, Video Games

Ron Gilbert should require little to no introduction. Known for an adventure game that has captured the imagination of millions of video gamers for almost three decades, he is long term celebrity of video gaming, if there are any. His most recent project, DeathSpank and it’s sequal DeathSpank and the Thongs of Virtue, are hits on the PSN and XBLA console stores. And yesterday he ranted about corporate censorship.

Corporate Censorship Kills Creative Innovation by Ron Gilbert (Grumpy Gamer)

He makes clear that he isn’t complaining bout producer censorship. That is the people who hand video game studios money to make a game, and then come in and ask for some creative control. After all it is their money. No he is complaining about censorship by hardware platforms, and uses Apple as his primary example. Apple has always had a monopoly on Apple products, however with the invention of the iPhone, and the mixture of computing and the totalitarian rule of Telecom companies over our cellphones, Apple leaped forward and created a mobile computing platform that is so censored, it makes China proud. Ron hits upon a lot of the features that explain why, when people ask me if I like my iPad more than my laptop, or if it replaces my laptop, I have to say no. And why I describe my iPad as a gadget, not a computer.

The question is, does Ron really have a leg to stand on, expecting Apple not to take as much control over their hardware platforms as they can? I think, sadly, the answer is no. But I would like to think Apple, and every other hardware vendor, should look past IP control and cash intake, and try and keep hardware platforms as open as possible. I think it should be expected of Apple to create products that are highly functional, even if, in reality, they don’t have to. I think Apple could be served just as well by having an open App store while also maintaining an exclusive, Apple approved, App Store, which goes through Apple censoring, and has all the chic of being an Apple thing.

What do you think?

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Why I hate Telecoms controlling our mobile computing

by on Jun.04, 2010, under Articles, Computers

The Heaviest Users of Phone Data Will Pay More (NY Times) by Matt Richtel

NY times journal tries to explain why AT&T was good in pulling its unlimited plan. Comparing people who actually use their mobile devices to their fullest extent to “hogs” who just eat everything out of the trough and make it hard for the rest of us to eat.

I find this kind of hard to swallow. (See what I did there?). What I know of computer networks does suggest that streaming items can slow down access of other smaller operations but not to the level of issue that we find with AT&T’s network. I understand that AT&T needs to tone down its data usage because, in reality, their infrastructure can’t handle it. But that is mostly heresy.

What I don’t like is this article’s tone and spin. It makes the users out to be the bad guys. I’m not one of these so called “Data hogs” but I’m also not a fan of information volume based limits. Limit my speed but don’t limit how much data I can pull and push.

What sparked this is this blog post by Murr Lafferty.

She took offense at the wording as well, if you can’t tell by the title
“well shit, we didn’t think anyone would actually DRIVE the car…”

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Adobe vs Apple: Loser: Internet Users

by on May.09, 2010, under Articles, Computers

Pot, meet kettle: a response to Steve Jobs’ letter on Flash By John Sullivan

There is a foundation out there I’m pretty sure not many people know of. It is called the Free Software Foundation and it is a non-profit organization with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all free software users.

The link above is a response to Steve Job’s criticisms of Adobe which you can also find a link to in the article. Being a software developer I could see the hypocrisy in some of the things Apple said about Adobe but I realized others may not. However the article above better illuminates the issue, as long as you are familiar with the concept of adobe and the App Store.

Recently I was re-reading one of my favorite web comics on an mobile apple device. The archive occasionally contains flash animations of the comic for special events such as anniversaries and full movies. Since the comic is completed it seems highly unlikely that the author will be willing to go back and convert these movies to HTML5 or some other more easily readable format should Apple or other telecom based mobile computing “win” this “war”. The idea made me sad.

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