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Video Games & Video: Game OverThinker

by on Sep.20, 2011, under Articles, Culture, Gaming, News, Politics, Video Games, Videos, Visual Media

Movie Bob has shown up on this blog before a few times primarily as a movie reviewer and general culture commentator. Today he is appearing as the latter, specifically for video games.

The Game OverThinker – Episode 57 “Supreme Responsibility”

I suggest actually starting the video at around 3:45 minutes in if you aren’t a regular fan of the Game OverThinker series. That is when the real meat of the discussion starts.

If some of you remember, awhile back the Supreme Court of the United States of America threw out a California law that tried to regulate and ban violent video games. This has set a precedent which will no longer allow states to make laws which censor, regulate, or ban violent video games. Which is awesome and great. But, as Movie Bob points out, now is the time for some self-reflection. We’re free from the war that could ban an entire form of entertainment. Now it’s up to us, the creators and consumers of this mode of entertainment to start taking a look at the bad apples that gave our opposition ammunition against us.

The Game OverThinker explains it better I think, and I am still formulating my thoughts on the idea, so take the time to watch the video.


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The Big Picture: Fandom vs Sports

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Hehe. I like some of the parallels that he draws.

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