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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays everyone!

I am personally a participant of the more commercial side of the holiday known as Christmas. As a kid I loved gift receiving and as an adult I love giving gifts (and receiving gifts too, just not as much as giving). The irony of my gift giving pleasure is that I am not a fan of actually seeing said people opening the gift. I prefer to just be satisfied knowing they received the item I gave them rather than having to put them through any social particulars. Some feel the need to always be astounded or grateful for a gift which I don’t want to pressure people into feeling. I guess I just feel embarrassed for people automatically if I don’t know what their reactions to the gift are going to be.

Regardless I like giving gifts. It gives me a nice warm feeling, similar to the feeling I got from reading this comic:




Happy Holidays again everyone. Stay warm. Enjoy yourself and the people, or beings, around you.

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Video: Gift Giving

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If you want a good example of how much fun gift giving can be.


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Grant’s Advent Calendar (Day 3)

by on Dec.06, 2011, under Announcements

Ever wanted to participate in the opening of an advent calendar with someone you barely know? Well here’s your chance!

Below is day three of Grant’s Advent Calendar (yes I know we’re on Day 6 of December but you’re more than welcome to catch up by going to GrantsAdventCalendar.com but before you do that, watch the video below!

But before you do you’ll want to download this!

Wasn’t that fun?

This is my second year watching Grant open up his advent calendar. He does a great job of making every day amusing so I highly suggest you subscribe to the podcast feed. Grant Baciocco specializes in comedy but generalizes in medium, across music, audio, and even video podcasts. You can find out more about his other projects at his personal site Www.MrGrant.com

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Video: Grant’s Advent Calendar Promo: Dream a Dream Part 1

by on Nov.07, 2011, under Entertainment, Podcasts, Videos, Visual Media

Video Source

I’m curious to see where this is going!

For those of you confused, this is a promo (At least Part 1 of a promo) for Grant’s Advent Calendar, a seasonal video podcast where comedian Grant Baciocco opens up a door on his advent calendar every day in strange but always comical ways. You can find out more about the podcast by visiting the website’s about page. If you’re interested in seeing prior christmas seasons past, you can see select videos by following my Grant’s Advent Calendar tag here at The Singularity or by digging through Grant’s blog.

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Post Halloween Treats

by on Nov.02, 2011, under Art, Culture, Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

Video Source

I remember the first time I saw a house lit like this one. It was to one of my favorite Tran-Siberian orchestra songs. It gave me chills. Just like this one did. Excuse me I need to go pop in a movie.

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100 Days till Grant’s Advent Calendar (or Dec 1st)

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Culture, Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

Video Link

Some of you may remember me linking to Grant’s Advent Calendar last during the Christmas season last year. If not you can click here to see some of my prior posts about it. It’s a hilarious online video series produced by Grant Baciocco, creator of several podcasts and all around funny guy. He just posted the video above to remind us that it is 100 days until December 1st! Doesn’t seem like much time at all!

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Merry Christmas

by on Dec.25, 2010, under Announcements, Entertainment

Merry Christmas everybody!

Hey! None of those cats are me! What gives?

Well Zoe, neither you nor Blurry Cat would dress up, so I found some other kitties who were willing. I let you tell everybody Merry Christmas instead.

Oh okay. Long as I don’t have to wear a silly hat.

Merry Christmas everyone! So this is the first Christmas for The Singularity. I’m rather proud of this blog and the amount of work I’ve put into it. No it’s not perfect. In fact there are still a lot of changes I want to do with it. But I am posting content pretty regularly, even if it is aggregate, and I’ve gotten to date 59+ comments for various things I have posted and even more if you count the comments made on Buzz and Livejournal.

I wanted to take the time to thank my readers, both loud and quiet, for reading. We had a high of 44 hits a few weeks ago and have otherwise been keeping steady at about 10 unique hits per day. May not seem like a lot but it is far more than I was really ever hoping for.

As always, feel free to leave comments suggesting improvements to the site. I’m making a list of improvements to get to over the next year. It’ll be slow since my writing and Ruminant Productions are higher priorities than this site, but they’ll come eventually, more than likely.

Anyway I hope you had a great Christmas morning and continue to have a relaxing day. If you’re traveling, stay safe and be a courteous traveler. And bring plenty of catnip!

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Grant’s Advent Calendar 2010

by on Dec.01, 2010, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

So I caught wind of this over at I Should Be Writing. Apparently there is a guy named Grant Baciocco who for the past few years has posted videos of himself opening up an advent calendar. I know doesn’t sound that exicited right?

But wait, here’s the turn:

  • He is 30+ years old and his advent calendar isn’t some store bought contraption but instead (lovingly, one assumes0 filled by his mom every year*
  • He is an insanely funny man who thinks up gimmicks for each video to entertain us while he opens the calendar.

(* Although the promos this year suggest that a guest mom might be used this year, see below).

I felt like posting this before I watched the promo below and because I like daily things to watch that make me laugh but if you aren’t convinced by my description, here  is the third promo for the event:

Here are the other two Promos because I like linking stuff:

Promo #2

Promo #1

And since it is December 1st, (and you’re still reading) the first video is up!

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