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Video: Dog tucks itself in

by on Dec.05, 2011, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

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This is so cute I’m not even sure the addition of a cat would make it cuter.

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Writing Time: Free Write #9: Team Domesticus

by on Oct.20, 2011, under Entertainment, Free Write, Writing

So we had a long three parter for the last few free writes. Let’s keep it short and sweet today.


Team Domesticus

One. Two. She held her breath and began to count. She was couched in the bushes out of sight from the street. This gave her no real line of sight to the street in return but she could hear their shambling steps. Perhaps thirty feet away.

Four. Five. She knew she could hold her breath for nearly a minute. That would keep her hidden until they were right in line with her position, as long as they kept their pace. Of course the forces of the undead were never really known for their congeniality.

Seven. Eight. She glanced at her watch. Nearly ten seconds. One of them moaned. She froze, her mind racing with alternative plans in case they had somehow sensed her. She was still holding her breath. They shouldn’t be able to sense her. Of course she still hid in the bushes but that was because she was paranoid.

Eleven. They were both moaning now and had stopped shambling. She would have to take a breath soon and they wouldn’t be in position. She slowly dared to raise her head high enough to peer over the hedge.

Thirteen. Fourteen. Their backs were to her. They were staring at one of the houses across the street. Laying on a porch banister was a cat. A real living cat. She couldn’t believe it. The cat’s tail was swishing slowly, ears forward, and yellow eyes focused on the two figures standing at the front of the lawn.

Seventeen. The second one started shambling through the grass towards the cat, arms raising.. Her heart lept into her throat and she almost gasped. They were going to eat the kitty! She rose to her feet slowly and carefully reached for her pistol. Her plan was shot to heck now. She walked as slowly as they did, drawing her pistol, taking the time to screw on the silencer. With their backs to her, they wouldn’t notice her unless she was unusually loud, like if she breathed.

Nineteen. Twenty. The first had once been a man. It wore a tattered sports coat and shorts, both dirty of course and was waiting for the second to return with the cat. The second one had been a woman. It only really had a half a shirt left although most of what was bare was also caked with mud and dirt. Even at this distance she had to wrinkle her nose. The cat, however, remained on the nonplussed save her tail swishing. If the cat noticed or cared about the naked former woman approaching there was no sign. Not even a twitch of an ear. (continue reading…)

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No Jury in the World

by on Oct.03, 2011, under Blog, Culture, Entertainment

A tale of woe for one beagle and lesson well taught by one cat.

… The cat tearing down the hallway set off the beagle, who lunged from under the bed after the cat, baying hysterically, which did nothing for the cat’s nerves. Cat and beagle streaked down the hallway. Cat made the turn successfully and went off down the steps. The beagle…did not.

… At this point, the beagle’s life was forfeit. There is really no getting around that fact. Even given my decided partiality for Ben, I must point out that no jury in the world could convict him.

Source: Tea with the Squash God [RedWombatStudios.com]

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Video: Oh I didn’t see you there

by on Jul.12, 2011, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

Hilarious little video of a cat who… changes its tune once it realizes someone is there.

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Video: Dog vs Duck… fight!

by on Apr.27, 2011, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

Seriously, hilarious as long as you turn down the volume. I don’t often post dog videos, especially yappy dog videos, but this one seems worth it.

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