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Video: Felicia Day’s Holiday Trip to BELIZE!

by on Jan.23, 2012, under Culture, Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

“Because placenta is not a place, it’s an organ.”


What I love about the above video is first, Felicia’s smile at the beginning. There is something but cute and utterly creepy about it. The second is her joy at basically sharing photos (or in this case her videos) of her vacation complete with commentary. I’m getting flashbacks to old sitcoms where the people are locked in a room with a relative trying to show them slides of their vacations. That aside, the entire video is rather hilarious in Felicia’s commentary. Also I want the squid in the background.

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Video: Felicia Day plays with herself!

by on Dec.26, 2011, under Entertainment, Gaming, Video Games, Videos, Visual Media

Okay she mostly flirts with herself. Really though this is a hilarious video where Felicia introduces and plays dome downloadable content for the video game Dragon Age that features a character she voice and motion captioned for.

If you haven’t seen the Dragon Age web series Felicia wrote and starred in, you can find it here with commentary. More about the Dragon Age video game can be found here.

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Felicia Day’s RSS Rant

by on Nov.03, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Internet, Technology

Felicia Day decided to rant on her blog the other day about how RSS seems to be disappearing from the internet.

RSS Rant [Feliciaday.com]

I rely on RSS for almost all my major internet tracking and reading. While I re-post entries of this blog to Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr, I provide that mostly for a service to those who don’t. That being said, websites should try to accommodate multiple ways of viewing their content, which includes direct subscription via RSS. RSS is a generic system that allows customization on both the website’s and content reader’s end that no other social media type service is ever likely to provide.


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Just to clarify, you’d need the entire mass of the universe to dilute Felicia Day…

by on Mar.26, 2011, under Articles, Science

Putting Homeopathy Into Perspective by Steve D [Mad Art Lab]

I know homeopathy is silly and I’m sure my readers know that it is silly as well. However the above article displays on two levels just how silly it is. First by explaining the physics of way homeopathy and secondly by comparing it to diluting Felicia Day. Hence the taken out of text quote used for the title of this article that I find hilarious.

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