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Comics & Cosmology: An Interesting Take on Fantasy Demons

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Goblins Comic creator Thunt answered 4 questions about demons in his comic. I felt like posting this article because the cosmology he came up with is actually really interesting and worth sharing.

“What is up with that guy who the hands on his face?” and 4 other questions about Thunt Onian demons.

I particularly liked the system created explained the existence of a demon similar to Cthulhu versus the existence of imps.

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Comics: Goblin fans welcome the Hunt family home

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A little background. Tarol Hunt AKA Thunt, the creator of the comic Goblins,  and his family were renting to own a home. Their agreement with the prior owner was that they would rent for a few years, and then purchase the home outright. However the economy came crashing down and some legal stuff happened and basically the Hunt family was going to need to buy the house sooner than expected or have to move.

They did not have the money.

Thunt regularly draws, in addition to the comic, a fundraising event called Tempts Fate, where in a goblin named Tempts Fate runs through a series of challenges and his survival is based upon readership donating money and possibly solving puzzles. So far Tempts Fate has never met his fate.

When this situation arose, Thunt posted a blog post explaining how he had decided not to use Tempts Fate to help raise the money to purchase the house. However fans then contacted Thunt with a barrage of emails, telling him to go ahead and to Tempts Fate and let the fans decide.

A type of ending one might never find in a Goblins comic then happened, a happy one. Thunt, in a live-drawing marathon, raised the money he needed for his family to purchase the house in under a week (once again shattering the deadlines set forth by the Tempts Fate comic, which is still technically running until the 20th of August).

Then the Hunt family received this in the mail:

Video Source

Fans really can be some of the best people in the world. Events like this and the fundraiser for Extra Credit’s artist Allison Theus, who needed money for arm and back surgery so she could continue to draw and had their donation limit shattered in under a few hours, help reaffirm my faith in humanity and some of its inherent goodwill. I think I’ll steal some of Thunt’s own words regarding fans.

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Feminism, Sucker Punch, and Arguments

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So my live journal’s re-post of my Sucker Punch review got some interesting comments and my assumption that geeks, regardless of gender, would like the film. It turns out I am wrong but it has produced some good arguments as to why.

Additionally, else where on the internet, Scott Adams, creator of the famous comic strip Dilbert, unintentionally trolled the feminist movement.

And finally above we have a video about feminism and how it is or might change.

All three of these things link together and I invite you to read it all over and then I’ll explain.

(continue reading…)

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Comic Links: Pancake, Goblins, Kawaii Not, Girl Genius

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Natasha Allegri: Pancake: Kitty Nightmares

I say don’t wake her up and grab your phone and take pictures!

Goblins: 2011-03-04

That served the hoop ride a tourniquet-wise by the cat.

Girl Genius: 2011-03-11

Demo is the smart one! I love Jagerkin.

Kawaii Not: 2011-03-01

I KNEW there was a reason why I liked pickles so much!

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Jokes, Censorship, and Rape

by on Feb.21, 2011, under Articles, Politics

Thunt, Creator of the comic Goblins has something to say on the matter of censorship and rape

To summarize the matter, he made an off-handed joke on twitter about getting laid using hypnosis and a lot of people claimed it was a joke about rape. I can easily see that interpretation. Actually when I first read it, I thought he was referring to being having sex while he was being hypnotized, not that he could hypnotize someone into having sex with him but that is beside the point.

He brought up two valid points. The first is keeping in mind and having compassion for those who suffer traumatic events and not making light of horrible things in situations where it could hurt someone. The second being the freedom of expression and stopping comedic censorship.

In the end he stated that the argument over censorship vs offense will continue to rage on throughout time but he also apologized for offending people, which seems like the right thing to do.

But I would not be against some discussion regarding this. The extremes are pretty obvious. We don’t want to shut down every comedic expression until parody and social commentary are illegal. On the other hand nor should force victims of rape live in fear of having their traumatic event forced in front of them every day.

So where is the middle ground? Is it in the forum? Is it okay to make such jokes if you know nobody who hears it will be offended? That doesn’t seem right. Can the lack of intent to harm justify a harmful joke? Hard to enforce or defend.

I’m honestly not sure. Does anybody have thoughts as to how to pin this down, if it can even be pinned down? It seems wrong that it needs to be on a case by case basis.

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Comic Links: Goblins, SaTW, CAD

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Goblins: 2011-02-04: Book 4 Page 23

Brilliant setup.

Scandinavia and The World: No Other Hat Will Do

Look at how sad America is!

Scandinavia and The World: Merry Christmas

Finland is staring at me! Ahhhh!

Ctrl+Alt+Del: 2011-02-07: Monday Morning

I use this method almost every major holiday.

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Article: How I Became a Comic Book Consumer, Part 5

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This is the final part of an ongoing series inspired by Faith Erin Hick’s article “How I Became a Comic Book Consumer“. To read any of the prior parts, click here.

Last time I discussed the Marvel comics that started how I became a comic book consumer as an adult. I also made mention of Brian K. Vaughn, writer of a comic called Runaways. Like Warren EllisCraig KyleMasashi Kishimoto,Phil FoglioKaja Foglio, and Shirow Masamune, Brian K. Vaughn led me into other comics that would soon have a permanent position on my book shelves.

It was through Brian and a few friends of mine that I discovered Y: The Last Man and it quickly became one of my favorite comics next to Elfquest, Girl Genius, and Transmetropolitan. It focused on, literally, the last man on earth and the subsequent apocalypse society. It sounds like a cheesy b-movie plot or perhaps the start of a really bad porno but it instead molds itself into an epic story of survival. If you need proof, Y: The Last Man was nominated for a Hugo award and won an Eisner award.

In the comic we follow the story of Yorick who manages to survive a mysterious event that simultaneously kills off every other mammal possessing the Y chromosome on the planet, save for him Capuchin monkey, named Ampersand. We follow him and his friends and enemies, as people come to gripes with such a staggering event. Lasting sixty issues, the ending is something I wish I could get everyone to read.

Brian K. Vaughn then led me to Ex Machina, a currently on going story by him focusing on a retired superhero known as The Great Machine who wins the election to become the mayor of New York City in the wake of 9/11. The story explores his term in office as well as gives flashbacks to his life as a super hero and how the two bleed together, creating yet another compelling, and rather adult, drama.

By this point I was very much into reading comics again. I used the names of writers and artists I had collected through the years and began making lists of comics, using Wikipedia and Amazon to piece together what graphic novels I needed to complete story arches. Now, at least, I could read comics without worrying about missing issues! as long as I was willing to spend the money and/or hunt through good used book stores.

This actually catches us up to more or less modern days. I’m still reading comics, obviously. Here are some examples.

I still collect Masashi Kisimoto’s Naruto and a regular subscription to the American version of Shonen Jump keeps my interest in various other mangas such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Bleach. Shirow Masamune has made sure that I am always on the look out for some kind of Ghost in the Shell product, comics preferred but anime and books, I’ll gobble up. One of the current manga series I would like to read is called Bakuman, focusing on one teenager’s attempt to become a manga writer, and another is Hikaru no go, focusing on another teenager’s slow mastery of the Japanese game Go.

Craig Kyle and the Marvel Messiah Complex/Second Coming story-lines have kept me collecting X-Men graphic novels as they came out and introduced me to the re-start of X-Factor (Vol.3 ), which has quickly become my favorite X-Men title with its awesome writing of the character Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man and the introduction of the character Layla Miller (she knows stuff, be careful). There is also an ongoing X-23 series being published that I’m eagerly waiting to be collected into graphic novels.

I, of course, never stopped reading web comics. They’re the cheapest and most accessible of all the comics I love to read, plus I can easily share them among my friends and readers. Here is a small list of some of the best comics you can find online in no particular order.

Girl Genius, Scholock Mercenary, Gunnerkrigg Court, Templar, Arizona, Goblins, Guilded Age, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, Weregeek, Scenes From A Multiverse, Order of the Stick, Erfworld, Dominic Deegan, Something Positive, Evil Diva, Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, El Goonish Shive, Demonology 101, The Adventures of Superhero Girl, Freakangles, Bob and George: The Comic Strip, 8-Bit Theater, and many more.

So looking over it all, I guess you could say I’ve always been a comic book consumer. My initial entry into comics was due to overlaps between the comic industry and other media, and while I’ve taken hiatus, the adoption of collecting comics into graphic novels proved to be exactly what I needed to sustain a comic habit. Combine that with excellent writing, varying genres,  and stories for all age groups, and I will likely be a comic reader for the rest of my life.

The future of comics, like almost all forms of entertainment, will be undergoing changes in the digital age. Right now it seems to be trying to re-invent the old model, renting individual comics for prices only slightly less of their print versions for different reading platforms. One or two have adapted a subscription model. Both still DRM their content to make it inaccessible by means other than approved, and usually constrictive, methods. And there are still online comics, the particularly popular ones effectively earning their creators a living through donations, merchandising, and advertising. It’ll be interesting to see where this heads but unlike the music or movie industry, I suspect comics will fare better overall.

So I hope you enjoyed this article and found something in it you liked. Keep subscribed to this feed or keeping checking back now and again, as more articles of this type will appear, sooner or later.

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Comic Links: Goblins

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Goblins: 2011-01-28: The Same

That comic is fusing!

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