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Free Write #63: Handshake

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Welcome to Free Writing! Quick fiction written for entertainment purposes. This week we have another piece of flash fiction. We’re continuing the story from the last few weeks. So if you haven’t read the others, click here to see them all. Enjoy!

By Nojh Livic

“I- but- what?” Paul asked. The words did not follow any written or conversational grammatical structure, suggesting that Paul was suffering mental distress. “I mean this decision seems premature.”

“I understand your feelings, Dr. Nguyen, but other matters have arisen outside of your security clearance which behooves us to move subject A to a more secure facility,” the general stated. “I would have liked to include you in this considering your familiarity but it is beyond my control.” Paul continued to stare at the general but did not make any further noises, however it was now obvious in his body language that he was in distress of some sort.

The female designated Doctor Wayan had left the general’s side and walked over to Prime’s container. She was peering through the view port curiously. Like Paul, she wore lenses attached to her face via a metal frame and a white lab coat. She was roughly similar height but less width and obviously had less mass. Her head had longer follicles which were currently bound to extend from behind the head loosely. She held a clipboard in one arm, what was likely a communication device in her right ear, and some metal wrapped loosely around her neck that disappeared under her clothing. The metal had a high lusture but an odd color. Not quiet silver and not quiet gold. It, in fact, looks very similar to the color of Prime’s outer shell.

That is when Prime felt a ping. Not on an electromagnetic spectrum where the humans put a majority of their non-organic communications but on a hyperband. Hyperbands were communication channels commonly used by inorganic life over small distances. The different bands could shared information at near instantaneous rate that belied several commonly held human beliefs in physics. Which meant if something was pinging on a hyperband, there was a possibility that assistance had arrived to extract it, and that it was in the building.

Prime returned the acknowledgment ping on the same band. A handshake protocol arrived nearly instantly in response. Prime found itself hesitating. Handshakes opened up instant communication between two forms. It also risky. It gave another access to Prime’s own internal processes, to a limited degree. Some species of inorganic life were known to use it to attack. It was far more typical communication to happen on an open hyperband or through physical means in order to declare intent, before a handshake happened.

Obviously this situation was far from typical. Prime could not verify the sender or make physical contact. If the sender was some kind of rescue, handshaking would be the equivalent of whispering to Prime in order not to attract attention. The humans didn’t appear to be able to sense hyperbands but Prime had only been observing them for cycles. It did not know the full capabilities of their technologies.

The general was ordering the two warrior humans to fetch Prime’s container. Paul was still protesting but obviously not convincing the general. The female doctor continued to visually examine it. Prime needed to make a decision. Prime decided to gamble and accepted the handshake.

And Prime lost.

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