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Extra Credits no longer on The Escapist

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I’ve always thought it kind of weird that when shows or comics on The Escapist retire, they just seem to disappear. Perhaps the following article detailing some of the reasons why Extra Credits, one of my favorite shows on The Escapist, will no longer be airing there.

Why Extra Credit’s is leaving The Escapist

Former Escapist contributor’s views on the situation

The Escapist’s response to the situation

Ultimately I think this comes down to the fact that money is evil and money makes the world go around. I would just like to see James Portnow and his friends continue to talk about games from a development perspective be it on YouTube, The Escapist, or some other website. Still I am sorry to see all of this happening.

If you’re interested in keeping track of Extra Credits. They now have a forum here and a YouTube channel here.

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Extra Consideration: Controller Evolution

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Extra Consideration: Controller Evolution [ The Escapist]

Awhile back I linked to an The Escapist article where some of their well-known content creators discuss topics about video games. This is the continuation of the prior topic regarding video game consoles and controllers.

Since then another topic has been released in the article series, this time tackling the state of stories in video games.

Extra Consideration: The Story [ The Escapist]

Extra Consideration: The Rest of The Story [ The Escapist]

I do find the titles of their articles amusing.

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The State of Console Gaming

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Extra Consideration: Console Gaming by MovieBob, Yahtzee, and James Portnow (The Escapist)

James Portnow (of Extra Credit fame), Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation Fame) and MovieBob (of MovieBob fame) rambled on for four pages about the state of console gaming and motion controls. Not a lot of controversy between the three but they did reaffirm some of my beliefs about the PS3 and the X-Box 360 regarding both their development and the release of their motion controls.

If you’re curious about the state of the console gaming industry from the perspective of its critics, here is a great opportunity!

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