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Kickstarter: Muzzled the Musical

by on May.28, 2014, under Art, Entertainment, Music, Videos, Visual Media

Muzzled the Musical

Never mind the premise, which seems both silly and awesome, the music is super catchy and the cast list is full of amazingly talented and funny people. Kevin Sorbo (Yes, Hercules/Captain Hunt), Lisa Foiles, Ashly Burch (Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’), Jeff Lewis (The Guild), several actors from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I’ve never seen but is supposedly hilarious and awesome, and many more.

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Video: Top 5 – Red Heads

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

Personally I think she actually looks better as a red-head. That might be my personal bias.

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Video: Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Monkey Island

by on Feb.23, 2011, under Entertainment, Gaming, Video Games, Videos

So there is a new video series on The Escapist. And as we all know, I love The Escapist content, especially stuff from the Loading Ready Run/Bionic Trousers Media gang.

Except this isn’t by them.

Le gasp, you say.

Let me introduce Lisa Foiles. No really. Because I wasn’t really introduced to her and because of it, I wasn’t able to enjoy her videos when they first came out. Lisa is a video gamer. She is funny, geeky, and, as you’ll see in a second, an attractive woman. She presents herself in partial similarity, and in partial parody, of the type of women you see in TV shows on specialty networks that try to cater to gaming, that is to say eye candy who only appears to be knowledgeable about the same interest that geeks and gamers have.

I’ve come to the conclusion Lisa not one of these people. She is, in fact, a good comedian and actress.

And she is also a Monkey Island Fan, which means she can’t be evil:

[feed]Video in Post[/feed]

And I’ve got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?

Hehe. Sorry.

So you can watch Lisa over on The Escapist. She does a Top 5 video every week. I’ll likely be posting more of them.

The Monkey Island series is one of my favorite video game series. Like always, I can never choose a favorite, but if pressed and under torture I would most likely name it as my favorite. The above video gives you a great glimpse into it. You can purchase both original games on Steam for pretty cheap, both with the original and updated graphics, sounds, and new voices! If you can only afford one… go for Secret of Monkey Island 2. It’s the best of the pair.

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