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Trailer: Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension

by on Jan.20, 2012, under Art, Board Games, Entertainment, Gaming, Trailers, Visual Media

The trailer for the newest expansion to Magic the Gathering. Dark Ascension is the 2nd set in the “Innistrad” block, three different cards sets that take place on the same world called Innistrad. It is a horror themed set full of vampires and werewolves and spirits and such. Watch the trailer, if you would.


So the first set introduced the idea that this world once had an angelic guardian that protected humanity from the monsters but now she had disappeared. This trailer, however, puts a really neat spin on the entire idea. A vampire was the one who put the angel into power. He setup an entire system of checks and balances in order to preserve humanity and therefore, vampire kind. And now that the angel has gone missing, it’ll be a vampire who goes to find her, and possibly save her. I just find that idea so really cool.

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10 Rules of Game Design

by on Jan.18, 2012, under Articles, Board Games, Design & Development, Gaming

For those aspiring game designers out there. Here are two articles written by Mark Rosewater. He is the lead/head/senior designer for one of the biggest and longest running card games ever, Magic the Gathering. He wrote two articles summing up the 10 rules, or guidelines if you prefer, for designing any kind of game.

Ten Things Every Game Needs, Part 1


Ten Things Every Game Needs, Part 2

I am particularly a fan of rules 1, 2, and 8.


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Making Magic: The Walking Dead

by on Nov.24, 2011, under Board Games, Design & Development, Entertainment, Gaming, Writing

Making Magic: The Walking Dead by Mark Rosewater [Daily MTG]

This is an article on the Magic the Gathering website. Their theme of the week when this article was posted was “Undead Week” celebrating the horror theme of the latest Magic expansion. I’m sharing this article because of how Mark managed to turn an article about various mechanics that were “killed off” and then “brought back” into a narrative in the style of a horror story, and an entertaining one at that.


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Videos: Crapshots: Magic Edition

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Board Games, Entertainment, Gaming, Videos, Visual Media

The following is a series of Crapshots episodes, focusing primarily on Magic The Gathering or referencing it in some way.

“That’s correct! Gain three life points.”

That card is funny to say.

It’s okay though, just brought it in here to make a furnace. I have 100 blocks to smelt.

And before my magic friends get into a huff. It was decided that excessive gloating automatically passes priority. Not that I have a clue what that means…

Really how do they make playing magic look so compelling?

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LoadReadyRun: It’s Magic

by on Nov.16, 2010, under Entertainment, Gaming, Videos, Visual Media

Man this is hilarious. It also makes me want to play magic again… I love it when Graham asks if magic is real.

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