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Medicine Keeps Student Out Of High School

by on Feb.15, 2011, under Articles, Opinions, Politics

Teen’s medical marijuana fight escalates as school says he cannot come back to class after going home for medicine by Scot Kersgaard (The Colorado Independent)

To summarize, a student at a high school is diagnosed with a disorder which causes attacks that are easily treated with THC. THC by its more common name is medical marijuana. As noted by his doctor, the student suffers no side effects from taking the THC lozenge during his attacks but thanks to the zero tolerance initiatives put forth by school districts across the country, the student is not allowed to even register his medication with the school nurse and have it administered like normal protocols. Instead he has to go home to take it.

This caused the student to need to transfer schools so he could be closer to a school that would allow him to easily walk home to take his medication. Only recently the school district informed the student and their parents that the student would not be allowed back into class because:

“They say if he takes his medicine it is ‘internal possession’ and he cannot come back to school,” the teenager’s father told The Colorado Independent. The boy attends Sierra High School.

Internal possession is a new one for me but seriously? The school district and/or the state of Colorado didn’t make allowances for THC when making their policies? Do Colorado schools allow their students to walk around with prescription drugs? I remember my school requiring I register and hand over prescription drugs to the nurse and they kept them locked up. Why is that not an alright solution for THC?

Anybody think up reasonable explanation as to why this child is being incrementally forced out of public school for the medicine he needs to take?

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