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Comic & Video Game Initial Review: CAD and Marvel vs Capcom 3

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Ctrl+Alt+Del: 2011-02-16: Stratagem of Canon

So I recently purchased Marvel vs Capcom 3. This is my introduction to the series, believe it or not. The arcade machines I saw in the past didn’t attract my attention. Actually most fighting based arcade machines did not attract my attention, save for Street Fighter 2 when I was a kid. Mostly because I was not the kind of kid who could afford to spend enough quarters to get good at the games.

Then home consoles started porting fighting games into the living rooms, and ironically enough I still didn’t get into them very much. I rented a few here and there. I played them over at friend’s houses, but I’ve always been a casual Fighting Game fan.

My first real fighting game that I owned was Killer Instinct for the super Nintendo, followed by Killer Instinct for the N64. It’s use of a combo system really appealed to the precision gamer in me. Since then I’ve played several fighting games and owned very few. Tekken, Soul Caliber, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and the newer Street Fighters I played at friend houses. I made a point of owning Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which you can read my review of here. (Warning: It is rather long, boring, and lacking in visual appeal).

Sadly Super Smash Brothers series has a stigma of not being a “serious” fighter, since it involves Nintendo characters and you knock your enemies into the sky, rather than beat them to unconsciousness, or viciously tear out their internal organs and while I’ll argue that stigma almost any day, that isn’t what this post is about.

This post is about Marvel vs Capcom 3 and my initial impressions of it.

My first initial impression was: Wow. This game’s cut scenes are worth half the value of the game. That would be around $30 USD, in case you were wondering. While the game allowed you to slowly unlock these videos during play, I had some errands around my apartment I needed to take care of, and let the game remain on the title screen, where, much to my surprise, it began playing cut scenes and exhibition fights.

Yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a video game do that too.

You can watch almost all the intro cut scenes via this method and it shows various Marvel and Capcom characters fighting in amazingly choreographed ways. The animation is cell shaded but somehow that lends itself to the aesthetic better than a more realistic rendering might have done. Here is the first of four or five videos of this type, the one that comes unlocked without even having to play the game:

(I very much suggest you turn on the HD for the above video).

So as you’ve by now figured out, MvC3 is about Capcom characters fighting Marvel characters. That is the basic premise and there are a lot of characters to choose from. A lot. That is because MvC3 doesn’t use the normal concept of ’rounds’. Instead fights only last one round, and you select a set of three characters to play with. During play you can select between the three characters as you want, mostly, or use them in ways to assist your main fighting character. This is actually an old hat mechanic from the prior games carrying the title.

To tell you the truth the above video plus the character list was all that was really needed to sell me on the game.


The above picture covers a majority of the characters available in the game but it isn’t by far a complete list. Like all fighting games, you unlock characters as you play. Every character has their own set of moves, based upon four key buttons: Light attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack, and Special Attack. And like almost all fighters, you can attack from standing, crouching, or by jumping, as well as executing “super” moves by inputting move and button combinations to make the characters do special maneuvers such as Ryu’s shoryuken or Deadpool’s teleport.

MvC mixes it up by including an energy bar that fills when you attack or when you are attacked. These fuel “hyper” combos that work similar to super combos. MvC also uses the assist system. As I mentioned above you select three characters per match. You can call one of your other two characters to attack, block, or do some kind of special maneuver to help you, or you can switch out your current character for a different one. The assist system is about as complicated as the combo system, neither of which I’m going to go into detail.

What I will go into detail about is the game play. I’ve only played about three hours of the game so far. I’ve gone through one round of the arcade mode on very easy and I spent time learning the ins and outs of one of my favorite characters. What I’ve found is that the game is perhaps not as smooth or as inviting in its single character complexity as games like Tekken or Soul Caliber. Characters really only have a handful of attacks and the focus on the combo system isn’t as complex as one might expect, until you add in the assists from other characters. That is where the system becomes complex. The game really does expect you to master at least three characters, and does so by making any one character pretty easy to learn after an hour or two of playing around in the training mode.

Good design.

One feature of MvC that I discussed with friends of mine who are fighting game enthusiasts dislike is that MvC’s combos system doesn’t have a very good counter-comboing system. This might be true of prior releases but I’ve found assisting to be key in stopping a harsh combo cold. The assist system was one that I wasn’t familiar with and I was hoping to actually avoid when I picked up the game but it has since proved to me to be an interesting way to play.

Gameplay in general is broken down into two modes. Online and offline play. Offline mode is broken down into arcade style play, training, and missions. I have yet to try out the missions but arcade mode on very easy provides a nice 20-30 minute game play run through, which I find appealing. Your own experience will differ but on very easy, the opponents were quickly defeated and I only really had significant trouble with the final “boss” character, barely defeating him before I lost my third-party member.

Visual Appeal and Storytelling

MvC3 also puts a lot of effort into visual appeal. Your character’s moves are always interesting. Combing multiple characters on-screen makes for a chaotic but colorful display of power and game play. Like the videos above, the game itself strives to give your eyes a feast, sometimes to its own detriment.

The game does appear to tell a story but how it plans on telling that story I am not sure. I have completed the arcade mode on very easy once, which unlocks a character ending. In this case it was in the form of a motion comic but the comic was only two panels long and seemed to be as if it was in the middle of the story. Perhaps unlocking more character endings will help explain all of this. I am also hoping that the mission mode will provide more story as well but I have yet to explore that aspect of game play yet.

My Characters

Like the above comic suggests, the game actually encourages you to select your favorite set of characters. It does this by letting you create a profile card, ostensibly used for online play, although it can be used for local play, where you can pre-define your team.

My team is currently Amaterasu, X-23, and Deadpool. I mean, the goddess of the sun, the one of the best sociopathic killers in the marvel universe, and Deadpool, the second best sociopathic killer in the marvel universe. What’s not to love?

She may not be the best at what she does, but what she does, she does with style.The Merc with a Mouth and the little yellow boxes.Wolf formed Sun Goddes. Watchout for her tail.

Is that not the dream team you weren’t looking for, or what? I don’t care if you even have Dr. Doom in your party, these guys can take ’em out. I mean ultimately it’d likely be a draw between Deadpool and Doom, of course, but then X-23 would regenerate and silently kill off Doom while he was trying to get Wade to shut the hell up. This is all really assuming Amaterasu doesn’t just paint doom into cage and blow him up.

Anyway that is my initial impressions of MvC3.

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 News

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I’ve been a bit of a posting fiend today haven’t I? Well sadly I was behind on my feeds so all of you now get tons of new and interesting things to learn such as

Marvel vs Capcom 3 will feature a “Simple Controls” mode similar to Smash Bros (Escapist Magazine)

Seriously. It is like they are reading my brain. First X-23, Deadpool, and Amaterastu are playable characters. And now you’re creating an alternate control scheme similar to one of my favorite fighting games, so I don’t have to learn complicated thumb hurting input schemes to pull off cool maneuvers? What’s next? Nightcrawler and a compelling storyline?? Haha okay I ask for too much, I know.

And don’t worry hardcore fans. This “Simple Control” mode is purely optional. It might not even be allowed in online multi-player I imagine! And for those of you who haven’t seen the trailer.

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