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Iron Man, Now that I’ve Slept

by on May.02, 2010, under Articles, Films, Reviews

So I decided to write a bit more of a real review. This one may contain spoilers.
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by on May.01, 2009, under Articles, Films, Reviews

So I saw the Wolverine movie. Supposedly. I saw it as a matinee. I would not have felt cheated seeing it full price. Overall it was a good movie. Fans of the X-men movies should definitely go see it.

Its no Iron Man but it was way better than X-Men 3.

And if you want, you might consider staying after the credits.

So wow. Which ending did you see? Supposedly there are 2 or 3 out there. Mine wasn’t too bad. It had one plot-hole that really isn’t that much of a plot hole. In my ending Striker shoots Wolverine in the head several times but then Ema Frost’s Sister/Wolverine’s Girlfriend tells him to go takea walk. So Striker walks. Credits roll. Credits stop. Striker is picked up by the US military for shady dealings.

In one prior scene, they show Stryker’s son on ice (the kid with the weird eyes). Which means he was at the island. So at some point Stryker would have to go back to collect him. I like I said, not a big plot hole but something of one. Also at some point, Sabertooth is gana have to be mentally fucked over too in order to jive with the first x-men movie, because Sabertooth didn’t really show any recognition there (and was far more animalistic).

Overall they kept very close to the wolverine origin story. All of them. Yeah. This was probably the best summary of wolverine’s origin I’ve ever seen.

Plus the movie had two teleporters. How cool is that? I love teleporters!

Really the movie could be called X-Men: Origins: Dead Pool. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with that. I was worried they wouldn’t do him well, and they definitely do. They were also very true to Gambit which I liked.

All the mutant characters seemed a little over the top, if you didn’t notice. Zero jumping to a too far away helocopter. And gambit running along walls. Broke disbelief for me a little here and there but nothing to make me intensely dislike the movie.

Nothing like Magneto telling Mystique where to shove it because she was human.

Again not enough blood. Too many times people get stabbed and I expect to see blood and there isn’t. Then there are times when people get stabbed, and they’re all bloody. WTF? At least like… show the characters flicking the blades so that I can pretend they can just make all the blood fly away.

And what was with some of those viz shots? Wolverine’s claws in the bathroom just looked WAY too shiny and not reflective enough. I guess I’m supposed to write it off as ‘well they’re brand new’. And what was with Remmy attacking Wolverines and Sabertooth while they were killing each other? I mean I understand Remmy holding a grudge but he knew Sabertooth… why’d he attack Wolverine and let him go? Seems just odd.

I’m complaining a lot but there was a lot of movie I liked.

Did anybody spot a Stan Lee cameo? I didn’t. :(

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Iron Man, Part Duex

by on Oct.10, 2008, under Articles, Films, Reviews

So to confirm. Repeated viewings are well worth it, still as funny, and have small tidbits for you to find/notice, if you so wish.

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Iron Man

by on May.01, 2008, under Articles, Films, Reviews

So I have seen Spiderman 1-3, X-Men 1-3. I have seen The Hulk. I’ve seen Superman Returns. I have seen The Punisher. I have seen every Marvel movie, and almost all super hero movies to have been produced and set to some sort of visual media. And now I have seen Iron Man.

Let me preface this by saying I am not a fan of Iron Man. Nor am I a fan of Tony Stark. In fact, in the Iron Man Cartoon, I was rooting far more for War Machine than Iron Man. War Machine kicks ass. My only experience, comic wise, with Iron Man has been as a bit character in other comic lines or in the civil war comic line. Let me say that the one comic I have read completely focused on Iron Man was a very good one, very deep. Tony Stark’s emotional tramua over the events of civil war were rather gripping and very human.

But I’m not reviewing the comics, or the character himself. I am reviewing the movie I just saw.


I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. I was on the edge of my seat in nearly every fight. IF YOU ARE A MARVEL FAN YOU MUST STAY AFTER THE CREDITS.

Robert Downing Jr. is the best choice for Tony Stark. I said that before the movie. Having watched it, I have decided he is Tony Stark and once he dies, the franchise should be retired. No man (or woman pretending to be a man) will ever portray his as closely ever again.

I honestly can’t think of anything to complain about. I will see it again. If only to drag my friends who need to see it and refuse.

Tony Stark is also a very very lucky man.

Stan, The Man, Lee is also awesome.

And for those who care, yes it is an origin’s story. And no, it doesn’t suffer from originitus.

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