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Platforms vs Products

by on Oct.13, 2011, under Computers, Design & Development, Information Technology, Internet, Opinions, Technology

So I’ve verified the writer as Steve Yegge. He posted this on Google+ publicly by accident and of course it got copied. I feel the article makes a lot of interesting points about large-scale IT services and products in general which is why I want to share it. Therefor I’ll post Steve’s disclaimer from his follow-up blog post ahead of the article so you understand the context that it is written in.

Part of the reason is that for internal posts, it’s obvious to everyone that you’re posting your own opinion and not representing the company in any way, whereas external posts need lots of disclaimers so people don’t misunderstand. And I can assure you, in case it was not obvious, that the whole post was my own opinions and not Google’s. I mean, I was kind of taking them to task for not sharing my opinions.

So without further adieu: Steve Yegge’s internal rant on Google Platforms

(Warning: Long rant!)


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A tablet with functionality I actually want

by on Sep.29, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

Video Link

Okay so not a tablet. An operating system with tablet support that is actually what I want and it’s Windows. This kind of blows my mind.

Major features: Seemless multi-tasking. A full controllable file system for data sharing between apps. USB capable.

While not implicit, it would be amazing if the OS could actually transfer between PC and Tablet hardware, or allow a smooth connection between an app on a tablet, and a computer.

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Video: Windows through the ages

by on Mar.29, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Entertainment, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

An awesome experiment and really a great example how Windows really is a well designed operating system despite its numerous flaws and bugs over the years. The experimenter decides to upgrade windows starting with Windows 1.0 and running all the way to Windows 7.

And the amazing thing is, it works. Without serious driver issues or highly invasive third-party software, Windows installs cleanly all the way from its original version (Skipping ME for technical reasons explained on the blog).

The guy also gets bonus points for installing Doom 2 and Secret of Monkey Island, although I’m impressed he got it both to run directly from Windows 3.1. My old Windows 3.1 required I exit to DOS to get those games to run correctly.

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