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Carbon Nanotubes: Now in your memory

by on May.25, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Information Technology, News, Science, Technology

Low power memory from nanotubes by Katherine Bourzac [Technology review] via [Kurzweil]

So one of the biggest problems with our emerging mobile technology is finding energy efficient nonvolatile memory. That is memory that continues to hold information even after the power is turned off. The problem is that writing to standard flash memory takes up a proportionally large amount of energy but flash memory is also some of our smallest memory to date. Carbon Nanotubes, when combined with a new type of memory called phase-change memory, may be the key to overcoming this obstacle.

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Video & Article: PC [Gaming] is Dead

by on Apr.05, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Gaming, Technology, Video Games

This future Bob presents is interesting and I want to see it come to life but I also don’t want people to take away from this video the idea that mobile and specialized digital devices are going to kill the PC. Much like the eBook will never eradicate print and bound books, general computing devices will always have a place in society. Perhaps not as prominent as they once were, assuming we can shake some of the bad habits forming in the current mobile computing trend, but they will survive. After all we need something to program all these little specialized devices, at the very least but having a system that can run many different kinds of software freely is far too valuable a tool.

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Why I hate Telecoms controlling our mobile computing

by on Jun.04, 2010, under Articles, Computers

The Heaviest Users of Phone Data Will Pay More (NY Times) by Matt Richtel

NY times journal tries to explain why AT&T was good in pulling its unlimited plan. Comparing people who actually use their mobile devices to their fullest extent to “hogs” who just eat everything out of the trough and make it hard for the rest of us to eat.

I find this kind of hard to swallow. (See what I did there?). What I know of computer networks does suggest that streaming items can slow down access of other smaller operations but not to the level of issue that we find with AT&T’s network. I understand that AT&T needs to tone down its data usage because, in reality, their infrastructure can’t handle it. But that is mostly heresy.

What I don’t like is this article’s tone and spin. It makes the users out to be the bad guys. I’m not one of these so called “Data hogs” but I’m also not a fan of information volume based limits. Limit my speed but don’t limit how much data I can pull and push.

What sparked this is this blog post by Murr Lafferty.

She took offense at the wording as well, if you can’t tell by the title
“well shit, we didn’t think anyone would actually DRIVE the car…”

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