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Comic Links: El Goonish Shive, Critical Miss, Something Positive

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El Goonish Shive: By The Numbers: 2012-07-31

That is an awesome super power. I wouldn’t mind having that ability. Now am I talking about Elliot (the guy) or Susan(the girl)?

Critical Miss: 2012-07-31: Our Little Pony

This is amusing and awesome on many different levels. For one I love the clear-cut reversal of how most female gamers are treated by the video game industry/(male) video game fans. It is a problem that needs attention thrown on it. On top of that making the human equivalent of Fluttershy sexually harass someone is hilarious from an absurd-ist standpoint but requires knowledge of My little Pony:Friendship is Magic

Something Positive: 2012-07-24: Into the Dark

That poor kitty. Also hilarious punchline!

Something Positive: 2012-07-30: What Kind…?

So obviously a continuation of the last link. There were a few comics in between. You might consider reading them. Also my suggestion would be to remove the warning.

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Video: Commodore Hustle: Pony Time

by on Feb.28, 2012, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

A new Commodore Hustle video! For those of you who don’t know. Commodore Hustle is a series of videos by the loading ready run sketch comedy group that features slightly funnier, slightly more asshole-like versions of themselves. In this episode, they meet My Little Pony and hilarity ensues.

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