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Best National Coming Out Day Video Ever

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National Coming Out Day is October 11th of ever year and has been more or less in existence since 1988, although perhaps less popularly in the last decade or so. I’m sad to admit I didn’t know it was a regularly organized event until today, and that I missed its passing by several days.

Looking up what NCO on Wikipedia I found this description:

National Coming Out Day is observed annually to celebrate coming out and to raise awareness of the LGBT community and civil rights movement.

A brilliant idea, of course. With the amount of social pressure that is still placed upon people due to how different they are from the stereotypical and social norm, spreading the word about a day where you can tell the people you care for about this differences at the same time as hundreds or millions of others is a motivating force.

However it’s usefulness has been suspect to me. In prior years it was celebrated via parades and personal declarations that, of course, are limited in their scope to get the word out, as evidenced by myself only just learning of his event. So I would like to point your attention to one of the tools that has helped fill this void: The  Internet.

Video Source

A nine minute long video (well worth watching) of a man coming out. Excellent produced and one of the best use of music in a non-fiction piece. Videos like this are an example of the tools that can be employed to both communicate a person’s coming out and spread the word of the holiday itself and it’s meaning and significance.

Two centuries ago in the United States it was common and even well-known “fact” that humans of pale skin were more intelligent than any human of darker tones and that the act of being sexually attracted to humans that were not of the opposite sex was a lawfully punishable offense. We have grown so much in our understanding of the world and those around us but we can grow more accepting of these qualities. So help spread the word and change people’s unreasoning hatred into reasonable acceptance.

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