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Writing Time: Writing Time: Everlasting #55, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #8 (Day N/A)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 3,406
Word Total:
 16,732 (delta: -13,268)

So today is the last day and obviously if you’ve looked at my numbers I’m nowhere near my goal. Do not be sad. I resigned myself to not reaching my goal a week or so ago. It was a conscious decision, mostly. I got a little anti-motivated after a few scenes, and then I was busy on the weekends. I decided it wasn’t worth the stress. So this will be my official second failed NaNo related project, but I got fifty percent of the way there and made some great progress on Everlasting. So it was totally worth it. I’ll likely be doing a Novel in Ninety Days, which is a more low-key than NaNoWriMo, only requiring seven hundred and fifty words a day.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 138,163

So I am running out of outline for one of my major storylines. The one involving the airship, which is the least planned of all the storylines as it is. None of the storylines have a full outline, so I think that is what I will concentrate on before I start novel in ninety. That’ll be my goal for May 15th. Whee. Otherwise Everlasting is going well. One scene in particular really wrote itself rather quickly. Another broke me for about two days and then suddenly worked. Not sure what I’m suppose to take away from that though.

Other Works

Everlasting Windows

On hiatus going on shelved until I get Everlasting done and start editing, at least a year for now. So I’ll go ahead and officially say it is shelved.

Free Write

Regular. I’m wrapping it up and putting it into hiatus once Disguise finishes up, which will likely be in a few weeks, in order to better focus on finishing up Everlasting.



No work done. Still needs to be edited.


No work done.


No work done.

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Writing Time: Everlasting #54, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #7 (Day 16)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 1,407
Word Total:
 13,326 (delta: -2,674)

Today’s writing was a little halting. I added to a scene I wrote yesterday which got me about six hundred words rather quickly. Starting a new scene with a new set of characters, the rest of the words took a little bit longer but not as bad. I got to describe and introduce two new characters and I think I handled a slight info dump partially well by using it to help characterize the two new characters. Yay me!

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 134,757

We’re getting there. Our group of military types have what they need to take on entire hoards of zombies and get to their last bastion and my specialty character is informing the reader about a situation they are about to arrive in. My third group is engineering the seeds for how our survivors might actually survive and triumph during this mess. I’m nearly at the end!

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Writing Time: Everlasting #53, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #6 (Day 15)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 1,695
Word Total:
 11,919 (delta: -3,081)

So yeah I had a busy weekend of not writing. Hence the negative delta. The NaNoWriMo website says I need to write 1,131 words per day to meet my goal, which sounds perfectly feasible, so that is what I’m going to do and likely then some.  I only wrote a little bit last Thursday, about two hundred words, and then wrote nothing until today. A small sabbatical I suppose. Still today’s writing session went very smoothly and interestingly. I had one minor hang up with editing but I wrote in about five hundred word chunks, only checking my word count twice.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 133,350

Three scenes in a row about Armor. I like Armor. I like the idea of it. It doesn’t fit well in my story so I’m wondering if I’ll need to cut it. The idea is basically steampunk styled mechanical power armor. Like most weaponry in this world, highly deadly, but mostly used in ceremonial sport so it rarely kills anyone. Armor is primarily used for defense, or assaulting standing defenses, as it provides the wearer with an incredibly strength, endurance, and actual armor, but at the high expense of mobility. Actually thinking about it I should put some Armor in the airship camp. It actually is a decent anti-zombie weapon, as long as you aren’t too swarmed.

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Writing Time: Everlasting #52, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #5 (Day 9)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 2,189
Word Total:
 10,224 (delta: +1,224)

So this entry encompasses yesterday and today’s writing sessions. Combined a grand total of over two thousand words. In reality I wrote only about eight hundred yesterday and the rest today. Today is my typical writing day. Yesterday I just didn’t have the time. Today I just wrote pretty quickly. So overall good sessions.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 131,655

I’m finding that one of my plot lines seems “behind” the others. Or perhaps its that one of them is too far ahead of the others. Either way I’m writing a few more scenes for this plot line than the other. I’m actually onto three scenes without switching back to the other two, which is just how it’s going to go. I”m not going to worry about it. Editing is far in the future.

I’m finding myself thinking about my other unedited stories, now that I’m writing for Everlasting every day. Stupid other stories, trying to distract me!

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Writing Time: Everlasting #51, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #4 (Day 7)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 2,448
Word Total:
 8,035 (delta: +1,035)

So I actually did today’s writing in two small sessions. One in the morning and one after lunch. I got a package in the mail of some stuff I ordered that I told myself I wouldn’t open until I got at least two thousand words. That really seemed to help motivate. Writing was also actually a little easier when I didn’t have an entire work day behind me but only a little. Now I’m a little over one thousand words ahead of my goal. So yay for a buffer!

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 129,466

Today’s scenes with the other two plot lines who aren’t quiet near the climax that the other one is. Or the penultimate climax I suppose. But they were far easier scenes to write. I’ve been thinking about Everlasting, and I suspect I’ve had this revelation before, but I’ve really been writing three novels at once. The three plot lines have characters that rarely ever interact, save at the beginning and end of the novel. I suspect my first real edit through of story content will be to perhaps write each plot line linearly, rather than writing each scene, to make it flow well. With the breaks I’ve taken between writing, and switching between scenes, I’m sure I have tons of continuity errors. Especially with people’s injuries.

So I need to plot all the major plot points which effect all three groups (major events that happen to the city) and then write each plot line linearly. I might even write each character point of view for every scene. That’s a lot of extra writing, since I’ll want to vary the POV, but it might be useful. I’m not sure. I’ve always wondered if maybe what I’m writing isn’t a novel but a series of short stories or novellas about what happened to people during one major event.

But for now, I just gotta keep writing till the end.

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Writing Time: Everlasting #50, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #3 (Day 6)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 3,240
Word Total:
 5,587 (delta: -413)

So this is actually a combination of the last three days, of which I only really wrote on two of those days. Bad, I know. But now I’m only about four hundred words behind so I’m not feeling too bad. I have most of tomorrow to get some writing done as well, so I plan to catch up then.

The whole camp thing for NaNoWriMo doesn’t really seem to be working. My camp is kinda dead. I think if some more communication tools had been used other than just a small message board, this might have worked out better. Like an activity meter where you can challenge your cabin mates to long-term word wars or something? Simulate being at a camp and doing activities, except all the activities are powered by word counts. 

Luckily a friend of mine (who I didn’t get into a cabin with) made a Facebook group, which has actually worked out rather well. We’ve been mostly posting our daily word counts and sharing stuff, which has been fun.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 126,998

I’m actually starting to run out of outline. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m needing to write an outline of my next scene after I finish my writing for the session, which is awesome in some ways, and annoying in others. But it also means I’m very very close to ending this novel! YAY! I think I’m going to throw a party when this is done. Yes I do think so. Any ideas what kind of party it should be?

Today’s scene was one of the groups of characters making it to the airship docks, which is apart of my end game. Now all that needs to happen is to get the other group to the docks, then everybody on an airship! Whee!

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Free Write #… oh wait

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Hi guys. No Free Write today! I was actually expecting to still be doing NaNoWriMo at the moment. But in fact, I won yesterday! So I’ve so far been relishing my last fifteen or so hours of not having to write a ton of words, until I realized that it is a Wednesday and I don’t have a Free Write for you guys. So I hope you’ll forgive me. Free Write will return next week in December with a character window from Everlasting.

In the mean time check out the video I just posted, or maybe go read this comic I was recently linked to called Unsounded by Ashley Cope. An amazing fantasy world with several compelling heroes and some amazing art. If there is one thing to complain about it is, of course, how slowly the comic is created, once you’ve read through the backlog.

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Writing Time: NaNoWriMo 2012 #12 – Winner!, Monster Hunters #12

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Word Count: 5,829 [1]
Total Word Count: 50,147 (Delta: N/A)
Remaining: -147

AND DONE! I decided to finish this evening, rather than stretch it out over this week. Which means once I’m done writing this article, I’m bound for home, and then reading Cold Days by Jim Butcher. YAY ME! Writing today was not the easiest writing session but by no means the hardest. I got to a scene that was actually slightly in my outline and so I knew what was supposed to happen. There was still a lot of making stuff up, but as you can see I wrote nearly six thousand words in about four hours, so it was pretty easy-going. I was focused!

NaNoWriMo 2012

I am not sure if I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo next year. This year was fun, if hectic, but I might be getting to a point where I really want to sit down and write something that is well planned out as I write, and not just worry about word counts. Three NaNos in a row have proven I can meet  a word count. Now I want to see if I can make something really finish with a coherent plot.

Monster Hunters

So monster hunters is getting shelved for now. It’s a neat idea but it was too complex for NaNoWriMo. It needs polishing before I can pick it back up again, and I want to redouble my efforts on Everlasting before I do that, or tackle a few of the short stories I have running around my head. Fans of Monster Hunters need not fear. I have the entire project saved and backed up, including some awesome notes and research ideas suggested by some friends to improve the quality of the novel later. So when I revisit it, I’ll be even more awesome. Until then!

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Writing Time: NaNoWriMo #11, Monster Hunters #11

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Word Count: 4,117 [3]
Total Word Count: 44,383 (Delta: +1,041)
Remaining: 5,617

Today’s writing session was not as productive as I would have liked. Luckily the writing session of the prior days has kept me ahead of the deadline. I’m about half and a half thousand words from finishing and boy do I really want to be done with this. My last NaNoWriMo I felt rather satisfied with the story I wrote, even if knew it wasn’t that good. This one is feeling like my first second NaNoWriMo, except that the cool concepts I wanted aren’t there, and the characters aren’t there… and nothing is there. Because I haven’t written it.

I really am something of an outline at heart, and I haven’t been taking the time to outline, so writing has been somewhat grueling. I really only wrote two and a half thousand words this evening and it took me several hours to do it, and even an hour just to get into the right frame of mind to do it. My goal today was to knock out about three or maybe four thousand words to hopefully finish NaNo by tomorrow. I didn’t. But I might still finish it out tomorrow. We’ll see.

Monster Hunters

There is something here but boy is it rough. This manuscript is totally getting shelved. And when I dust it off next, I’m not even going to try to finish what I have. I’m going to take it, use it as a basis for an outline, and outline a far better story that doesn’t meander so much at the beginning like this one did. Definitely going to do that.

We got to meet one of the other main characters for the first time today. Doctor Wila Sylvan. Zora’s boss. And what does she do? She just kinda rants at her. I was rather surprised. I think I made it make sense but it still bothers me that this is the character’s introduction. She was also intended to be a POV character. So I’m thinking if I go back and write her POV, her reaction is going to make far more sense.

I’ve realized part of the problem with the POVs is that I want there to be a surprise reveal for the reader, that can’t be there if I’m writing from the POV of a bunch of characters already in the know, somewhat, and one character who isn’t. That’s definitely something that needs fixing.

Ahh well. Six thousand more words and then I can fix it all I like…

Writing Buddies

Where as I’m just trudging along, writing in order to stop, CinsAngel and LacyJae are still at it. CinsAngel has broken fifty thousand words! And Lacy Jae just broke sixty thousand words! Both of you are amazing and congratulations!

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Writing Time: NaNoWriMo 2012 #9, Monster Hunters #9

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Word Count: 5,257 [3]
Total Word Count: 36,966 (Delta: +292)
Remaining: 13,034

So I have been writing. Just not updating. Well save for right now. For those of you in the US, happy Thanksgiving Day. I managed to get some writing done today but not as much as I would have liked, as I suspect I wont’ be writing much over the weekend, but I’m going to try to make that up tomorrow. Today’s writing wasn’t nearly as smooth as the last two day’s. I decided to make a major retcon of the amount of information my main character has but I didn’t go back to edit all that out. So good for me.

Monster Hunters

This is not the book I set out to write. It’s not a bad story but it isn’t what I set out to write. This, if I keep it going as is, is going to be something completely different. I’m still seemingly writing intro stuff to my main plot thirty-six thousand words in. That makes for an epic not a novel. Whoops. Ah well. I suspect this story will be shelved in favor of Everlasting for a while anyway.

Writing Buddies

Two of my writing buddies are doing awesome with their novels. LacyJae is already way ahead of me at 46,000 words. She has been seriously knocking it out the past few days. I suggest going to take a look at her stats page to see how she was behind until she pulled ahead. Way to go LacyJae! The other mention is CinsAngel who has an amazing 48,655 and who will likely win in a couple of days. Congrats to you!

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