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Video: John Oliver explains monopolies

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He also has sent up the call for people to tell the FCC how horrible of an idea their current attempts at smashing Net Neutrality really is.

Video Source

FCC’s Comment Page


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TedTalk: Taking back the Internet

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I have to agree with everything Rebecca MacKinnon talks about in the above video. It is a 15 minute long video but well worth watching, talking about the use of the uses of the internet and how it’s use is being mishandled by governments and corporations that are using it in ways no citizen would allow.

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The FCC, The Telecoms, and You

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There are times when I hate capitalism…

Did the FCC just bless a capped, two-tier Internet by Nate Anderson (ArsTechnica.com)

So the basics to come out of this article is that the FCC has basically green lit everything the telecoms have asked for then turned to the people (you and me) and said “Look we know this could lead to bad things but we want to wait and see if it does, okay? Trust us.”

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And now for something serious (Google/Verizon and Wireless Net Neutrality)

by on Aug.24, 2010, under Articles, Computers

Wireless net neutrality so bad, Verizon already agreed to it by Nate Anderson (ars technica)

An extremely well written, in my opinion, analysis of the publicly proposed net-neutrality measures they want the FCC to adopt, focusing primarily on the “wireless hole”, or that is the proposed lack of non-discriminatory rules on wireless internet providing, and the hinted at proposed future of the internet.

Plus he makes a good point on Google’s involvement in this. I do wish Google would help clarify why they felt this was a deal worth putting their names on. Do they really feel that transparency is enough to make consumers shy away from bad deals?

Anyway, as always, this is up for discussion. Anybody have thoughts? Net Neutrality is going to be one of the things that governs what kind of future we’ll have, I suspect. Do you have an opinion on it, even if it’s going to be decided by others?

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Net Neutrality Explained

by on Feb.17, 2010, under Articles, Computers

Net Neutrality: A simple guide by Matt Hamblen (Comuterworld US/Computerworld UK)

The above is a link to a decent non-partisan particle on the concept of Net Neutrality, in case you’re still confused by all the hype and commercials.

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