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Video: Portal 2 Engagment

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Ultimately I was impressed with the first stage, and less so with the second. The third was a masterpiece of scripting but I was hoping for a slightly more interactive reveal. That being said it is utterly awesome that they got Ellen Mclain to make custom lines for GlaDOS!

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Video: Portal Kombat

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I like the coinality.

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Portal 2: Single Player, AC2, Heavy Rain

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I finally finished another game. So we have a Game Watch post! It has been a long time.  According to blog posts my last reported completed game was Uncharted 2 back in june of 2010, however I know this is incorrect as I have played Assassin’s Creed 2 to completion as well, so I will go ahead and add that to the list, as well today’s celebrant: Portal 2: Single Player.

Portal 2 is a really fun game. It gave me a replay of Portal with even more. I got to see more of what made Aperture Science, its history and what made it tick. I got to see even more of GLaDOS and listen to her passively and aggressively insult and test me the entire way. The game was definitely longer than the first but on my initial play through, not much longer. The puzzles were perhaps a little less challenge but far more varied but the story was significantly more in-depth. I am actually hoping for a Portal 3 in some form of fashion, or that the Co-op campaign reveals some more interesting tidbits of the world and GLaDOS. The ending was both awesome and a little bittersweet for it was, in fact, the end of the game. The gameplay never really got tiring which is, of course, the sign of a good game.

I plan to play it a second time to listen to the director’s commentary and try to fill out some of the achievements, since it is a game I can easily finish in a weekend if I try.

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Comic: Portal 2: Lab Rat

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Portal is a video game released by Valve Corporation. It featured unique game play in granting a the player the ability to create portals on flat walls that they could walk through and using this game play, made a short but incredibly fun game of puzzles in a first person perspective. To add icing to this, they created a small narrative about an insane artificial intelligence with incredibly witty and dark humor.

A sequel, Portal 2, is being released on the 19th of this month (April). Because of that Valve appears to have released a comic linking the two games:

Portal 2: Lab Rat [Gallery]

Portal 2: Lab Rat [PDF]

It is a very well done comic, although I am not sure if it is cannon or not. I do not suggest reading it if you haven’t finished Portal though, or at least know the ending. That being said it is an excellently drawn and written comic.

You can also find downloads of desktops and such of the comic here.


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Video: Now You’re Gifting with… Portals?

by on Feb.14, 2011, under Articles, Entertainment, Gaming, Video Games, Videos, Visual Media

While perhaps not completely up to the quality of prior Aperture Lab’s quality instructional videos, this video is amusing, well timed, and has a pertinent piece of information: Portal 2 Pre-orders are now up! Yay!

Amazon is claiming an April 19th release date. Will Valve be able to hit that? Only time will tell.

Lots of good deals on Portal 2 out there too. $45 bucks on steam for one, or $80 for a two-pack. Or you can purchase the PS3 version for $54 and get a copy of the computer version for free (but likely not the same as buying two copies as previously discussed). I’m torn between the two pack and the PS3 version. While I don’t suspect that I’ll play the PS3 version over the PC version, the novelty of it intrigues me and I want to support the concept. Alternatively the two-pack means I have something to bribe a friend to play the co-op mode with, except I’m not sure I know anyone who would be willing or has a computer who could play it.

Choices choices…

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Portal 2: PC or PS3? How about both?

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Entertainment, Gaming, Trailers, Video Games, Visual Media

So a friend of mine linked me to this article: Portal 2 on the PS3 (gamingbolt). Or here (Arstechnica).

Portal 2 on PS3

First off, wow. Wasn’t really expecting this. I mean really? Valve porting to the PS3? Apparently I missed the announcement at E3  but I can’t help but remember a certain Valve saying several times that they didn’t want to develop for the PS3.

Not that I have anything against hypocrisy. Valve is allowed to change it’s mind.

But man, when it changes it’s mind, it does so with full force. If you purchase the PS3 version of Portal 2, you will also be able to play it on your PC and Mac “consoles” as well. That is to say you’ll be able to link your PS3 game to Steam, which will let you play it on your PC or Mac.

Which is utterly awesome because of the co-op mode. The aspect of the game that I am really looking forward to. So I can pick up the PS3 version, get my Steam version, and invite a friend to come play on my PS3 while I play on my PC, and we can run through co-op mode!

Maybe. Maybe they’ve foreseen this and the Portal 2 for the PS3 is account locked for online play. But even so, your PS3 copy should be good for single player.

If you haven’t taken a look at Portal 2 yet, there is ton of fun stuff out there to watch and read about. This will be an awesome game in March, I mean April. Here’s a trailer video:
(continue reading…)

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