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Carbon Nanotubes in the brain!

by on Mar.27, 2015, under Articles, Science

The tale of the wonders of carbon nanotubes continues. If you remember, carbon nanotubes are those things that are apparently super tiny, flexible, super strong when used correctly, and super conductive. They’ve been theorized to create “free” energy, help us clean water, heal the blind, re-grow a heart, both cause and detect lung cancer, possibly treat lung cancer, and now, as its crowning achievement (so far), they’ll be instrumental in creating brain implants.

That’s right, from heart, to lungs, to brain, carbon nanotubes are going all over the human body. Scientists at Rice University have successfully implanted carbon nanotubes in Rats with Parkinson’s symptoms with little or no rejection, allowing them to detect neurons firing. The doctors believe that this is a first step in creating independent implants which would help create a therapy for Parkinson’s which would adapt in real-time to the brain’s functions.

Source [ kurzweilai.net ]


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Fluid Carbon Nanotubes!

by on Nov.04, 2009, under Articles, Science

From Science Daily: “Rice University scientists have unveiled a method for the industrial-scale processing of pure carbon-nanotube fibers that could lead to revolutionary advances in materials science, power distribution and nanoelectronics.”

Breakthrough In Industrial-Scale Nanotube Processing (Science Daily) Linky Clicky!

I know my science starved friends. Its been forever since we’ve heard about a breakthrough involving our friend the Carbon Nanotube. And while this report doesn’t explicitly state some awesome new thing that Carbon Nanotubes can do, it does show that all those awesome things they can do, they will do quickly and soon! Hurray!

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