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Comic Links: Dumbing of Age, Johnny Wander, Something Positive, Schlock Mercenary

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Dumbing of Age: 2012-10-23: Better

Dina is a comforting friend.

Johnny Wander: #425: 2012-10-23: No Belly Pets

My cat allows belly petting in the evening. But not during the day.

Something Positive: 2012-10-26:  Presenting

I sometimes worry this is how my progeny will evolve.

Schlock Mercenary: Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia: 2012-11-01

I have a much similar face for “I want peanut butter” and “I really need to visit the toilet” or so I’m told.

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Article: “You mean space ships aren’t real?”

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Sandra Tayler is the other half of the pair that make up the family Tayler. If that name is familiar it’s because I like Schlock Mercenary, a serial comic online written and drawn by Howard Tayler, the man who is famous (to me) for s stating that “You’re so talented.” is really an underhanded insult, and post links to the comic on this blog.

Sandra wrote a short but sweet article for Locus, a Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine that I would like to share.

Sandra Tayler–The Non-Fictional Sense of Wonder [Locus Magazine]

In the articles I write for Escape Pod I try to link modern science with science fiction. Sandra has pointed out I think yet another possible link between the people who pushed us so far out into the stars and what they read as children. I remember reading various novels about colonies on Mars as a child. I agree with Sandra that it is both thrilling that one needs to no longer look in the fiction section of the library to find inspiring stories about our exploration of space but sad that entertainment media out there that help to inspire young people to purse a career in space are fewer than they once were.

I suppose there is always Schlock Mercenary?

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Comic Links: Girls With Slingshots, Schlock Mercenary, One of Those Days

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Girls with Slingshots: 2011-06-17: #1182


Schlock Mercenary: 2011-06-25

I love sentences that seem like they aren’t correct but that is simply because nobody would ever put those words together in that way. Heh. “All the bullets”.

One of Those Days: Revenge Day Pt 4: 2008-03-25

Premiering for it’s first time on The Singularity is One of Those Days, very specifically because of the Loom/Secret of Monkey Island quote, which makes it very much for the win.

Scholock Mecenary: 2011-07-10

Just an extremely well written multi-panel joke that I needed to share.

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Hugo Nominations are up! (Part 2 of 3)

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The Hugo Award Nominations are available

Man, do we have some great nominations this year. The Hugo Award is the leading award for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. The Hugos are awarded each year by the World Science Fiction Society, at the World Science Fiction Convention. Last time I went over the novel, short stories, and relate work nominees. Now let me go over my favorite category:

Best Graphic Story

My personal favorite category, best graphic novel. We have our three regulars once again duking it out.

Girl Genius, Volume 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse, written by Phil and Kaja Foglio; art by Phil Foglio; colors by Cheyenne Wright (Airship Entertainment)

Schlock Mercenary: Massively Parallel, written and illustrated by Howard Tayler; colors by Howard Tayler and Travis Walton (Hypernode)

Fables: Witches, written by Bill Willingham; illustrated by Mark Buckingham (Vertigo)

I do love these three comics to death. It is sad to admit that I am actually behind on my Fables reading at the time of this writing as I collect the graphic novels. Girl Genius and Schlock Mercenary both present their stories for free on their website before being collected into graphic novels, which makes them far easier to catch up on but no less masterful in terms of storytelling.

On the other side we have two new comers:

  • Grandville Mon Amour, by Bryan Talbot (Dark Horse)
  • The Unwritten, Volume 2: Inside Man, written by Mike Carey; illustrated by Peter Gross (Vertigo)

I admit to knowing nothing of Grandville Mon Amour although I will likely be picking it up. I have heard and actually own The Unwritten, Volume 2, but have no actually read it yet. I know the story deals with the son of a writer of a successful line of children’s stories that turn out to possible not as make-believe as everyone thinks. I read Volume 1 and was really impressed and have been patiently waiting for more. I’m happy to see it is getting some recognition.

And as always it will be difficult for me to make a decision in this category. Girl Genius has won two years in a row so far but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t win again. On the other hand the latest storyline of Schlock Mercenary really was mind blogging in that “I can’t believe he pulled that off” kinda of way. Having not read any of the other contestants I shouldn’t speculate too much on their strengths but The Unwritten had some potential I saw, in Volume 1, that might lead it somewhere.

Up next! The movies!


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Word to the Living: GET OUT

by on Oct.21, 2010, under Announcements

Feel like getting into the “spirit” of Halloween?



Hehe. Sorry I like puns. So Ghost Singles is a website setup as a gag joke by the brother of the creator of Schlock Mercenary as a way for people to chat up as if they were dead. I think it’s pretty clever. Go ahead and login and give it a try.

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