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Free Write #69: Security

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Welcome to Free Writing! Quick fiction written for entertainment purposes. This week we have another piece of flash fiction. We’re continuing the story from the last few weeks. So if you haven’t read the others, click here to see them all. Enjoy!

We’re getting close to the end folks. Just a reminder Free Write will be going on hiatus after this story concludes.

By Nojh Livic

It was at this point, with at least one human dead, several injured, and Prime standing in a humanoid configuration that several more warriors pushed their way into the room via the metal door wearing more weaponry and armor than the previous warriors had. When the general told them to stand down, they took up defensive positions in the room, with two inserting themselves in the space between the general and Prime, their weapons pointed but not firing.

Paul who was rubbing at his ears and his left wrist, had sat down in his chair and was watching the entire situation with little to no reaction. The general began giving orders. Several of the new warriors were told to escort the assistant and the conscious warrior out of the room while humans that wore slightly different coverings than warriors and scientists arrived to look over the woman and other warrior.

“Prime. Are you capable of making agreements?” the general asked, distracting Prime from its observation of the new type of human.

“I can agree or disagree with concepts, ideas, and courses of actions, yes,” Prime stated, turning to face the general.

“Will you agree to not attempt to escape, remain under guard, and answer my questions?” the general asked.

Prime considered this for a moment. “For what period of time?” The general smiled slightly.

“The next few days at least but an indefinite period of time, until I can ascertain if you are a threat and talk to my superiors.”

Prime looked over at Paul. “I can agree to these courses of action with a limit of ten cycles. After ten cycles I will want to re-ask the agreement. Additionally I will agree to these courses of action if the Paul remains undisciplined for his actions related to my existence and remains as my interpreter,” Prime looked over at the scientist, who was the only non-warrior left in the room. He too was being guarded by two other warriors. “If the Paul agrees.”

“Hell yes I agree,” Paul said immediately. “I want to know what the fuck is going on.” Paul was clearly agitated.

“I believe I can agree to those conditions,” the general said, glancing over his shoulder at Paul. “Assuming Paul is willing to agree to answer questions as well, truthfully, about his activities the past few days, and agrees to never point a gun at me ever again.”

Paul lifted his hands into the air and shrugged. “Sure. Unless everybody suddenly starts shooting each other randomly again and talking about invasions. Then all bets are off.” The general chuckled. Prime was not sure why it was funny but elected to mimic the human, which drew the General’s attention. The general’s smile faded.

“We need to get you to a secure location,” the general stated.

“I agree. I also suggest you only use warriors currently in this room. It is possible any of your warriors could be reconfigured,” Prime advised. “Since none of them have attacked, the likelihood that they are is low but not impossible.” The general did not seem happy by this suggestion but nodded

“Sir, we need to get both of them to the clinic immediately,” the non-warrior human interrupted, standing up from the now prone female human. The general nodded. He ordered several of the warriors in the room to go with them and to keep on the look out for a possible attack from anyone, including the hospital staff. The female was carried out on an expandable table, along with the other unconscious solider. The general began arranging their transfer.


Prime, Paul, and the general White sat in a larger but more secure laboratory about a decicycle later. Two warriors, which were called soldiers according to Paul, stood at the lab’s entrance, instead of outside the door. Paul and the general had been brought food. Prime had declined any organic matter.

“Okay. Lets start from the beginning. Why are you here?” White asked.

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