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My Fantasy Football Team for the SPFL.

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So as per my post yesterday, showing off Dan Well’s fantasy football team, I’ve decided to draft my own team in similar style. Afterall if there is only one team in the SPFL (Speculative Fiction Football League) (I would have claimed FFL but I suspect the NFL already has that as their acronym for fantasy football, right?) then Dan’s team would automatically win and we can’t have that, right?

So to be fair, I’ll be picking in a similar style to Dan Well’s choices and I will also not be able to pick any of the choices he has made.

So according to the snippets of football movies and televisions shows I’ve seen, the Coach is the guy who gets pissed off a lot on the side lines while their team sucks and then ultimately gets liquids poured on them when the team manages to come together and win, despite all the odds. I also think they plan the maneuvers the team does on the field, because I remember scenes of coaches pointing at Xs and Os a lot. So I need someone who is a master of strategy, and for flavor, I want someone who stays cool under pressure. First person that comes to mind is The Riddler but having my coach get beat up at half time by some lunatic in a bat costume (who isn’t a mascot!) would be bad press. There is, of course, Original Universe Spock, whose logic would likely benefit the team heavily but I suspect his cool demeanor would work against his ability to motivate the rest of the team. So ultimately my choice is going to have to come from Shikimaru from Naruto. Sure he is a little young to be a coach, but he is a master strategist. Additionally his usually lazy demeanor would keep him from getting overly heated when his team was losing while still motivating him and his ability to control shadows would keep this team from sneaking up behind him to pour liquids over his head.

So as Dan put it, the QB need to throw stuff and be a good field leader. I’ll translate good field leader into is good with tactics. Well the first choice is Waka from Final Fantasy X. Afterall he played in his world’s version of football called Blitz Ball, and his primary combat weapon is throwing a blitz ball at enemies. However I think he might be lacking in the tactics part, since his team kinda sucked until Tidus came along. Another good thrower would be Donkey Kong but I suspect his tactics would be to just throw passes or run the ball himself, which is tactically sound but not always preferable. I don’t want a QB who is predictable. So I will have to go with Link from Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past. Link is a weapon’s expert, well-known for his ability to throw both boomerangs, bombs, rocks, bushes, and even clay pots. In addition the man has saved the kingdom of Hyrule (and various other principalities) from evil multiple times over without a team or coaching, which would suggest excellent tactical capabilities.

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G.I. Joe

by on Aug.10, 2009, under Articles, Films, Reviews

Cause knowing is half the battle.

Let me preface this by saying that when I first saw the previews, I thought the idea was awesome, and I thought the movie was going to be awesome. Not because of the action, special effects, or plot, but because it looked like it was going to be cheesy as hell. It looked like it was going to be G.I. Joe.

Let me say that I was plesantly surprised and very glad that I went to see that movie. Unlike most of the summer flicks I saw this year, this one didn’t leave me with a bitter after taste that I had to explain away or dump myself in a video game in order to ignore. And yes I do include Star Trek in that assessment.

So now that you understand where I’m coming from, let me be somewhat unbiased in my non-spoiler review. If you liked G.I Joe the comic. Sure, why not? If you liked G.I. Joe the TV series, yeah definitely. If you liked G.I. Joe the commericals? You probably have already seen this film, but maybe not with so much budget? This movie knew exactly what is was and who it was targeting and it went for it with no apologies and managed to hit that sweet zone of action movie that was sorely missed at the beginning of the summer. Whats worse, it managed to be surprising in its level of depth and storytelling.
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