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Trailer: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Purity First

by on Aug.04, 2011, under Entertainment, Gaming, Trailers, Video Games, Visual Media


A great trailer, but also a great example of the fears technological augmentation inspires. The rhetoric is also very common. “Unethical.” “Taking away our humanity.” The truth is that governments, corporations, any group or entity with power, can effect massive change in this way, regardless of the technology being introduced but augmentation, in some ways, is highly appealing as scapegoat for the exploration of technological process gone wrong because it is so personal. Your limbs, your eyes, your mind.

I believe in human augmentation. I also believe that letting it be controlled, letting the creators have that much control over it, is not the way. Just like any other major technology: Firearms, Computers, The Internet. Ethical use will offer humanity so much.

This game is going to be awesome.

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Carbon Nanotubes make Ions stand in line

by on Sep.13, 2010, under Articles, Science, Technology

Pushing ions through carbon nanotubes by Editor (kurzweilai)

Not exactly and end result technology of carbon nanotubes but basically we can force ions to go through a carbon nanotube one at a time. This is predicted to lead to even better water filtration systems and detection systems than previously thought of using carbon nanotubes.

Hurray for Carbon Nanotubes!

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Volumetric Displays

by on Sep.09, 2010, under Articles, Science, Technology

So watching the video, it turns out not to be a true-3d device, but one that combined 360-degree viewing with glasses free real-d tech to provide any angel viewing with depth.

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