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Sticky Nanotape

by on Jan.04, 2009, under Articles, Science

Japan hopes to turn sci-fi into
reality with elevator to the stars
Times Online Sep. 22, 2008
Japan is hosting an international
conference in November to draw up a
timetable for a space-elevator
machine to power carriages that
climb 22,000 miles into space on a
carbon nanotube fiber. Artist’s
impression of the platform of the
proposed space elevator A space
elevator could carry people, huge
space-solar-power generators, or

Sticky Nanotape
Technology Review Oct. 9, 2008
University of Dayton and Georgia
Tech scientists have developed an
adhesive made of carbon nanotubes
whose structure closely mimics that
of gecko feet, but is 10 times more
adhesive, and could aid climbing

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Nanotubes Slaughter Cancer

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Nanotube ‘longboats’ slaughter
cancer cells
New Scientist news service Sep. 6, 2008
MIT researchers have attached a
modified version of potent cancer
drug cisplatin and folic acid to
carbon nanotubes, killing cells with
folic acid receptors more
effectively than cells without them.
These receptors are most numerous on
cancer cells, so the hope is that
the drug may target tumors in the
body and spare healthy cells….

Nanoflowers Improve Ultracapacitors
Technology Review Sep. 16, 2008
Researchers at the Research
Institute of Chemical Defense
(China) have developed a replacement
for activated-carbon electrodes used
in current ultracapacitors: a
nanotube-manganese-oxide composite
electrode that stores twice as much
charge and delivers five times as
much power. Nanoparticle and carbon
nanotubes (American Chemical…

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Tiny Drug Transporters – Carbon Nanotubes

by on Dec.30, 2008, under Articles, Science

Handle With Care
New York Times Aug. 11, 2009
A growing number of experts say it
is time for a broad discussion of
environmental effects of emerging
geoengineering projects. Examples of
such projects include “fertilizing”
parts of the ocean with iron, in
hopes of encouraging
carbon-absorbing blooms of plankton;
and injecting chemicals into the
atmosphere, launching sun-reflecting

Tiny Drug Transporters
Technology Review Aug. 29, 2008
Research from Stanford University
has shown that carbon nanotubes
loaded with anticancer drugs can
target tumor cells while avoiding
healthy tissue. The researchers
coated the nanotubes with a molecule
called polyethylene glycol (PEG) and
attached molecules of the anticancer
drug paclitaxel to each branch.
Tumors treated by nanotube delivery…

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Artificial Photosynthesis

by on Dec.23, 2008, under Articles, Science

Assembling Nanotubes
Technology Review July 10, 2008
Stanford University and Samsung
Advanced Institute of Technology
researchers have developed a new
method for sorting single-walled
carbon nanotubes by electronic type
and arranging them over a large
area; it could be useful for
manufacturing high-performance
displays and other electronic
devices. (Melburne LeMieux /
Stanford University)…

Nanotubes bring artificial
photosynthesis a step nearer
New Scientist news service July 11, 2008
Carbon nanotubes are the crucial
chemical ingredient that could make
artificial photosynthesis possible,
say Chinese researchers. Artificial
photosynthesis could efficiently
produce hydrogen that could be used
as a clean fuel and also mop up
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
By covalently bonding a large number
of phthalocyanine molecules…

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