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TED Video: How my legs give me super powers

by on Oct.12, 2011, under Articles, Culture, Science, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

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I love the first part of the film, talking about how children interacted with her and her legs and the end when she talks about how this is augmentation. Transhumanity may come first from the people who due to birth or accident have become less capable than the average human, but through ingenuity and technology, will become even more capable.

For other examples of human (and somewhat inhuman) augmentation, click here.

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TedTalk: Taking back the Internet

by on Aug.10, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Information Technology, Internet, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

I have to agree with everything Rebecca MacKinnon talks about in the above video. It is a 15 minute long video but well worth watching, talking about the use of the uses of the internet and how it’s use is being mishandled by governments and corporations that are using it in ways no citizen would allow.

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How to tie your shoe (by the experts)

by on Jun.23, 2011, under Articles, Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

[Note: 3 minutes long TED Talk! You have time to watch this.]

I admit to being flabbergasted. I’ve been tying my shoes wrong all my life.

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Ted Video: A next-generation eBook

by on Jun.02, 2011, under Art, Articles, Books, Computers, Entertainment, Information Technology, Technology, Videos, Visual Media, Viz

This one is a short one. Promise.

Another great example of what books might transform into in the near future. An amalgamation of media that is as addictive to browse as Wikipedia and tv tropes. For more ideas see my prior posts about eBooks.

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TED Video: The birth of a word

by on Apr.20, 2011, under Articles, Computers, Information Technology, Science, Technology, Viz, Writing


Amazing dedication to some amazing data. Kudos should definitely be given for the visualizations which handle an impressive amount of data cleanly. Having so much data on a person is both really interesting and really scary. I like the concept of privacy but I’d love to have that kind of interpreted data on that I, and only who I’d want to share it with, have access to.

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Ted Video: Its time to question bio-engineering

by on Apr.10, 2011, under Articles, Politics, Science, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

The above video presents a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. I was, in fact, amazed at some of the progress bio-engineering has managed to make that I wasn’t even aware of. Paul Wolpe is right. These questions we have about the ethics of these technologies need to be addressed by everybody.

Some of the possibilities the technologies are hinting at giving us are scary but we must try to ask and answers these questions rationally. Weight the pros and cons. I am something of a transhumanist which means I definitely want to see some of the avenues of this research come to fruition. Otherwise, I realize, could fundamentally change things about humanity and society that I’m not so sure I am ready to give up yet. I’d like my views to be the majorities so I can the benefits of some of the futures I have envisioned.

But the best I can as for is I would like to have a rational discussion. The best I can hope for is to see limits set, and then revisited, and then grown, if the science and needs justifies it. It seems a very organic way to go about it.

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Feminism, Sucker Punch, and Arguments

by on Mar.29, 2011, under Art, Articles, Blog, Comics, Films, Politics, Visual Media, Writing

So my live journal’s re-post of my Sucker Punch review got some interesting comments and my assumption that geeks, regardless of gender, would like the film. It turns out I am wrong but it has produced some good arguments as to why.

Additionally, else where on the internet, Scott Adams, creator of the famous comic strip Dilbert, unintentionally trolled the feminist movement.

And finally above we have a video about feminism and how it is or might change.

All three of these things link together and I invite you to read it all over and then I’ll explain.

(continue reading…)

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Video: Printing Kidneys

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Articles, Science, Videos, Visual Media

Years away from clinical and actual use but years away is still so very very close. Another great example of how far we’ve come in medical technology if only we could get it to the masses.

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Teaching Creativity, Fostering it in all ages

by on Oct.25, 2010, under Art, Articles, Videos, Visual Media, Writing

An excellently given speech on creativity and the world wide public education system by Sir Ken Robinson. It is a TED talk which, if you aren’t familiar with, is a video of various speeches given at one of two conferences who’s goal is to spread ideas.

I posted this video because I agree. Whole heartedly, with everything Sir Ken said. I had come to some of his conclusions myself over the past few years such as how adults are afraid to fail and that creativity is restricted by knowledge. In my own attempts at becoming a writer, I have come to battle some of these ideas.

And then there is art. Art has always been something that was in me from a little kid but looking back, there were many attempts at fostering it, but not nearly as many as compared to fostering the standard academics. I don’t begrudge the system for this but it does make me wonder, with my love of comics, might I have become an artist?

And then I stop. And I realize that I am hardly in the last years of my life. Why do I have to think in terms of “might have become?”. No, the question should be, can I still become an artist? But the answer to that question is almost always yes. I still have hands and I am not scraping to make ends meat. I have time. So what is the real question? The real question is, will I be an artist?

And I don’t know. Right now I am focusing on becoming a writer. Perhaps later I will refocus, or split my focus.

So I challenge you today. Go do something wrong and see if inspires you.

And if you liked the above video, here is a follow up.

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Growing Buildings

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Articles, Science, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

Biotechnology at its very core. Growing foundations. Living architecture. I live in a digital age. In an information age. Perhaps our descendants will live in a sustainable age.

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