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Trailer: The Avengers

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The beginning felt kinda like a Transformers film. The ending was awesome though. I saw Loki in there but I’m really wondering if he’ll be the big bad or if he’ll be the facilitator to bring in the big bad(s).

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Would you mistake Thor for a woman if he wore a dress?

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Norse Gods Never Learn [Carrie-Patrick.com]

Given that the adaption of popular Marvel character Thor is getting his movie debut this weekend, a friend of mine linked me to this article talking about some of the original portrayals of the Norse gods and how silly they were, compared to the portrayals of other gods in other religions.

Heh. Thor in drag.

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Aang vs. Heimdal vs. Racism

by on Dec.22, 2010, under Articles

Remember racebending? If you Google it now, you’ll find people built entire websites and social networks around the issue. It cropped up during the filming of The Last Airbender, where most of the characters were cast by actors of a different ethnicity than their cartoon counterparts. The primary issue being that the main character, Aang, who was supposedly Asian in the cartoon, was portrayed by a white actor in the movie.

Coming this summer is a movie called Thor. And a group is now calling out the movie for how it’s selecting it’s actors. Namely that the race of beings modeled after the Norse gods, is not being portrayed by white actors but with a mixture of ethnicities. The primary issue they’re focusing on being a character named Heimdal who, in the source comic, is white/Norse, and in this movie is being portrayed by a black actor.

Anybody else feel slightly odd after reading those two paragraphs?

Aang vs. Heimdal vs. Racism by Dan Wells (fearfulsymmetry.net)

Above is a link to an article by Dan Wells on his personal blog discussing the obvious similarities of the situations and what is actually different that we might consider one situation racist and the other not . It is a discussion and analysis article but I am curious about other people’s opinions on the matter.

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Thor was never really my guy, ya know? Actually up until recently, I wasn’t big for any Marvel characters except for the X-Men universe and possibly Spiderman (and really more Spiderman’s villains than Spiderman himself).

But I am seriously liking this trailer.

Techno-magical society of “Gods” throws this guy named Thor down to earth as punishment for being a total ass hat, and we get to see mister ass hat grow to become a bad ass hero instead of simply a bad ass ass. I said ass a lot in that in that sentence didn’t I?

The trailer actually makes me interested in the movie not because of the comic but because the movie looks interesting! I love the feel and style of the Asgardians. Hehe. You thought I almost said ass again didn’t you? Dangit!

Anyway, Thor. Going to go see it, definitely, if only because it looks like Agent Coulson is finally getting some serious screen time. Well that and the giant robot.

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