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Comics & Cosmology: An Interesting Take on Fantasy Demons

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Goblins Comic creator Thunt answered 4 questions about demons in his comic. I felt like posting this article because the cosmology he came up with is actually really interesting and worth sharing.

“What is up with that guy who the hands on his face?” and 4 other questions about Thunt Onian demons.

I particularly liked the system created explained the existence of a demon similar to Cthulhu versus the existence of imps.

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Comics: Goblin fans welcome the Hunt family home

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A little background. Tarol Hunt AKA Thunt, the creator of the comic Goblins,  and his family were renting to own a home. Their agreement with the prior owner was that they would rent for a few years, and then purchase the home outright. However the economy came crashing down and some legal stuff happened and basically the Hunt family was going to need to buy the house sooner than expected or have to move.

They did not have the money.

Thunt regularly draws, in addition to the comic, a fundraising event called Tempts Fate, where in a goblin named Tempts Fate runs through a series of challenges and his survival is based upon readership donating money and possibly solving puzzles. So far Tempts Fate has never met his fate.

When this situation arose, Thunt posted a blog post explaining how he had decided not to use Tempts Fate to help raise the money to purchase the house. However fans then contacted Thunt with a barrage of emails, telling him to go ahead and to Tempts Fate and let the fans decide.

A type of ending one might never find in a Goblins comic then happened, a happy one. Thunt, in a live-drawing marathon, raised the money he needed for his family to purchase the house in under a week (once again shattering the deadlines set forth by the Tempts Fate comic, which is still technically running until the 20th of August).

Then the Hunt family received this in the mail:

Video Source

Fans really can be some of the best people in the world. Events like this and the fundraiser for Extra Credit’s artist Allison Theus, who needed money for arm and back surgery so she could continue to draw and had their donation limit shattered in under a few hours, help reaffirm my faith in humanity and some of its inherent goodwill. I think I’ll steal some of Thunt’s own words regarding fans.

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