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“Death and Taxes” keep us from curing the most common ailment: Death

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We got something interesting for you to start the new year with. So I know I know I changed the name of the blog to reduce misunderstandings regarding the nature of this blog. However that doesn’t mean I won’t be discussing the odd Transhumanist or technological singularity topic now and then. Death, for example.

Why aren’t more wealthy people funding aging research?

The above is a link to an article discussing various types of research into curing death and why it is hard to raise money for this research. The author posits two possible reasons for this:

  • There is a profoundly deep-seated belief that aging is untreatable.
  • It has been pushed by prior researchers that aging is not a disease.

The article then goes on to discuss an area of research that is tackling the disease of death that has proven results that may help get people to see the value in researching a cure for death.

Source [hplusmagazine.com]

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TED Video: How my legs give me super powers

by on Oct.12, 2011, under Articles, Culture, Science, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

Video Source

I love the first part of the film, talking about how children interacted with her and her legs and the end when she talks about how this is augmentation. Transhumanity may come first from the people who due to birth or accident have become less capable than the average human, but through ingenuity and technology, will become even more capable.

For other examples of human (and somewhat inhuman) augmentation, click here.

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Video: How close are we to true augmentation?

by on Sep.21, 2011, under Science, Technology, Videos, Visual Media

Video Link

I often have conversations with my friends regarding the science of human augmentation. It surprises me how many people seem to think the idea of cyberlimbs, human brain interfaces, and augmentation are going to remain science fiction in their life time.

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Trailer: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Purity First

by on Aug.04, 2011, under Entertainment, Gaming, Trailers, Video Games, Visual Media


A great trailer, but also a great example of the fears technological augmentation inspires. The rhetoric is also very common. “Unethical.” “Taking away our humanity.” The truth is that governments, corporations, any group or entity with power, can effect massive change in this way, regardless of the technology being introduced but augmentation, in some ways, is highly appealing as scapegoat for the exploration of technological process gone wrong because it is so personal. Your limbs, your eyes, your mind.

I believe in human augmentation. I also believe that letting it be controlled, letting the creators have that much control over it, is not the way. Just like any other major technology: Firearms, Computers, The Internet. Ethical use will offer humanity so much.

This game is going to be awesome.

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Trailer: Transcendent Man

by on Jul.14, 2011, under Articles, Books, Information Technology, Novels, Science, Technology, Trailers, Visual Media

Transcendant Man is a documentary about Ray Kurzweil. You might find that name familiar because I’ve often linked to his website, KurzweilAI, that keeps track of amazing scientific advancements.

Transhumanists already know his name and have likely already flocked to read the book or see the movie, for those of you who haven’t, there is an one night viewing come to theaters across the US that includes both a showing of the movie and commentary by Ray Kurzweil himself. The showing is August 3rd and you can download a PDF contain the list of theaters here or enter you zipcode on this site.


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by on Dec.23, 2009, under Articles, Films, Reviews

So its fairly simple. Go see this movie. I don’t care what negative press your friends my have gleaned from the marketing campaign. You should see this movie at least once. You should see it in 3d. And if you have the chance, you should see it on an IMax theater. That’s the short of it.

So by now you know what Avatar is about. I hold that the value of the plot of the movie is not in what it tells you but how it tells it to you. Yes some of the characters are archetypes. Yes the story has been done before. But has it really been done this well? Even Dances with Wolves, which was a movie that I very much liked, didn’t resonate with me as much as this movie did. I feel that the anti-marketing this movie has received is making people ignore how well presented this movie is.

And yes the visuals are stunning. But they are stunning in that way that only really supports the film. Yes there were some points where I was wondering about what I was seeing but I blame that on my studying computer generated graphics. The realism of this movie really was outstanding. So much so that I feel people undervalue the plot because the graphics are so awesome.

Wow. I could totally run this movie in Eclipse Phase. Seriously. The planet is a natural re-sleeving machine. I know people feel the movie is about nature vs technology (see rant below) but in reality, its all the same. The planet Pandora can do what humans have perfected through technology but ultimately it all becomes indistinguishable. The planet has just created more natural links between everything. If humanity goes a more biotechnological route, the Navi’s mental linking thing might be something humanity could write into their genome. I thought that was a really interesting idea, personally. My thoughts are disorganized right now so maybe I’ll write another post about Avatar and Transhumanism later.

Really though. People should just quit it about ‘this story has been done before’. Its been done just about as many times as any main stream movie. I believe it was South Park who likened the movie to Dances with Wolves and some trolls who hate anything that is highly marketed as being good jumped on a rather nice joke in order to try and smear the movie’s quality. While I’m glad people to say that I’ve seen people going to see it “despite it having been done before but because it is visually impressive” and have been coming out saying that it is a good movie but still making excuses for its “blandness”.

Please people. The movie isn’t bland. Its not a mystery film. You’re not supposed to not know the ending. It wasn’t an action film. While there was action, it wasn’t an action film. It was a science fiction film. At its very core science fiction talks about the future, society, and the possible good and bad of what we’ll create and discover.

Also the themes of the movie. Some people have expressed the dislike over the themes. Some people have stated that the movie is anti-might makes right. I’m not sure if we saw the same movie. In that movie might most certainly makes right. Just because it was the planet that decided to push most of the might doesn’t mean that it wasn’t might. As for the “men are evil aliens are good” theme. I think it was well established that both sides of the conflict wanted blood. You could argue that the Navi had more of a moral ground to stand on since it was their planet but their warriors were hardly “tree huggers”. They wanted to kill all the humans just as much as our warriors wanted to kill all the Navi. Scientists/Mystics on both sides were cautious and simply wanted to exist.

Anyway I just wanted to rant about that.

Sorry that this review didn’t have a lot of meat to it. I’m slightly distracted as I write it. Really the first paragraph is all you need to read to get my feel for the movie.

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Surrogates & Transhumanism

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Articles, Films, Reviews

So a few people have asked me (in RL) what I thought of Surrogates. It might say something that I saw it last night early in the evenings and came home and did some work instead of writing a review. But it probably doesn’t say what you think it says. Let me explain.

Surrogates is a good movie. Bruce Willis once again portrays a character I feel for and identify with despite having no similarities. He is tough and plastic, as well as soft and human, both roles very much needed for a film like this. James Cromwell was excellent as was every doll portrayed in the movie. The world was well introduced and there was plenty to see. Aspects of it were touched upon lighting. The story was coherent and without holes. The characterization was was nothing to sniff at. Special effects were realistic and subtle, which is pretty much what I asked for.

Based upon the above, you’d think I’d say that it was a good movie. Maybe even an excellent movie. And you’d be right. However the reason why I didn’t run home to tell you all this is a bit more of a personal quandary than any jibe at the movie. It has to do with my slow readings into Transhumanism. So I’ll split up my spoiler reviews into two parts. One for the movie, one for my issues with the movie and Transhumanism.
(continue reading…)

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