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Video: Now You’re Gifting with… Portals?

by on Feb.14, 2011, under Articles, Entertainment, Gaming, Video Games, Videos, Visual Media

While perhaps not completely up to the quality of prior Aperture Lab’s quality instructional videos, this video is amusing, well timed, and has a pertinent piece of information: Portal 2 Pre-orders are now up! Yay!

Amazon is claiming an April 19th release date. Will Valve be able to hit that? Only time will tell.

Lots of good deals on Portal 2 out there too. $45 bucks on steam for one, or $80 for a two-pack. Or you can purchase the PS3 version for $54 and get a copy of the computer version for free (but likely not the same as buying two copies as previously discussed). I’m torn between the two pack and the PS3 version. While I don’t suspect that I’ll play the PS3 version over the PC version, the novelty of it intrigues me and I want to support the concept. Alternatively the two-pack means I have something to bribe a friend to play the co-op mode with, except I’m not sure I know anyone who would be willing or has a computer who could play it.

Choices choices…

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Portal 2: PC or PS3? How about both?

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Entertainment, Gaming, Trailers, Video Games, Visual Media

So a friend of mine linked me to this article: Portal 2 on the PS3 (gamingbolt). Or here (Arstechnica).

Portal 2 on PS3

First off, wow. Wasn’t really expecting this. I mean really? Valve porting to the PS3? Apparently I missed the announcement at E3  but I can’t help but remember a certain Valve saying several times that they didn’t want to develop for the PS3.

Not that I have anything against hypocrisy. Valve is allowed to change it’s mind.

But man, when it changes it’s mind, it does so with full force. If you purchase the PS3 version of Portal 2, you will also be able to play it on your PC and Mac “consoles” as well. That is to say you’ll be able to link your PS3 game to Steam, which will let you play it on your PC or Mac.

Which is utterly awesome because of the co-op mode. The aspect of the game that I am really looking forward to. So I can pick up the PS3 version, get my Steam version, and invite a friend to come play on my PS3 while I play on my PC, and we can run through co-op mode!

Maybe. Maybe they’ve foreseen this and the Portal 2 for the PS3 is account locked for online play. But even so, your PS3 copy should be good for single player.

If you haven’t taken a look at Portal 2 yet, there is ton of fun stuff out there to watch and read about. This will be an awesome game in March, I mean April. Here’s a trailer video:
(continue reading…)

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by on Jan.26, 2009, under Articles, Roleplaying Games

So I played my first multiplayer game of Left4Dead with Pat and two of his friends. It was the first time I used the microphone to talk to people over a game (worked well, I wasn’t laughed at as much as I was expecting). I faired decently at the game, didn’t come in first or last too much on the statistics. Killed lots of zombies, was almost zombie chow a few times. Good fun overall. I could see the beginning scenario getting boring but I’m assured that there are other scenarios.

One minor gripe was that I was playing with experienced players and I was the newbie, so they had their set tactics and just guided me through them which meant a lot of things happened without explanation (semi-story wise) similar to how someone will drag you around in an MMO to do quests without giving you time to learn /why/ you need to go to this place and give this guy this thing. But that almost always happens with who I called “focused” players, who play to win and have been playing so much it is almost a science. That is actually a fun way to play but it leaves newbies confused sometimes.

I’ve played one “stage” of the single player mode. Completely ran out of ammo but managed to make it to the safe house half dead. That was amusing. Friendly AI is useful but still a little annoying. Dealing with swarms is a /lot/ of fun. Music is almost necessary to for see swarms so don’t play with one silent.

Overall a lot of fun and well worth picking up.

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The Cake is a lie!

by on Oct.20, 2007, under Articles, Gamewatch, Reviews, Video Games

So I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to bit the bullet and finish Portal. I have a bad habit of putting off finishing games as if that might make the game last longer by me not playing it. No I didn’t make sense to me either.

Brilliant. Positively, utterly, fucking, brilliant. Beautifully written. Excellently executed. Masterfully everything! I posted Zero Punctuation’s review of it earlier and he was as utterly dumbstruck as I was about the orgasmic fun of this game.

I mentioned earlier I had played 2d flash version of Portal. No… what I played is a sham. Admittedly an addicting and amusing sham. But a sham none the less compared to the brilliant story, humor, and ending of the actual Portal game. The flash game is simply a set of puzzles. Portal is so much more.

Two words. Jonathan Coulton.

She is still alive isn’t she? I mean… thats the whole point of the song. Telling us that she is still alive, and now we’re stuck in a black mesa fucked world full of aliens and some insane special ops Dr named Freeman running around, right? And that cake… it really did exist?

Did anybody else have a serious problem incinerating their companion cube? I did. I like… waited 15 minuets before I finally threw her away. I felt so bad. And then the bitch had to rub it in and remind me that I killed her. I was happy to throw bits of her into the incinerator! Ha!

It took me three tries to kill her. Ironically enough I was at 15 seconds with her snarling piece, right at the edge of the portal where I dropped her into the incinerator and I died. It kept snarling at me, which I found insanely funny for some reason.

Who left all the paths and symbols? Who wrote on the walls? They have to make a sequel right? Please?

For those of you who don’t know who Jonathan Coulton is, shame on you. I’ve tried very hard to expose all my friends to his songs and if you weren’t listening, pull the stick out of your ass and go listen again. This might help.


I suggest listening to RE: Your Brains, Code Monkey, and Skull Crusher Mountain. But his other songs are great too.

BTW. If you need a copy of orange box and can not directly buy it off Steam like some of my other international friends, drop me a line and we can possibly work out a deal. For those of you who for whatever reason can’t play Portal, come visit and I will make you play.

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