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Comic Links: Steve Jobs

by on Oct.06, 2011, under Articles, Comic Links, Comics, Computers, Entertainment, News, Technology

If you weren’t aware, Steve Jobs died last night. What I find rather heartening is that the majority of articles written about the subject are focused on his life and the contributions he gave to all of us. Comics too, have been making their homages to the man. Here are a few early ones:

xkcd #961

Scenes From a Multiverse: 2011-10-06: Catering by Taco Bell

Abstruse Goose: #402: Forbidden Fruit

Psuedofolio: Can you teach Creativity?

Tales From the Pit: 2011-10-06

I’m sure more will come. I’ll update this collection as I find them.

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Saturn is quickly becoming my favorite planet

by on Apr.28, 2011, under Articles, Science

Saturn is linked to Enceladus by an electron beam [Wired.co.uk]

Saturn has rings. That’s awesome. I reported awhile ago that Saturn also has Ice Volcanoes, which is also awesome. Saturn, however, has pushed itself into the legendary category by being one of the first (actually second) planets to be a natural dynamo generator with one of its moons. Literally the moon, Enceladus, is creating an ionosphere around itself, which is interacting with the magnetic sphere around Saturn, creating natural electricity. We’ve actually seen this before near Jupiter but Saturn is becoming a hot bed if near finds. For example did you know one of Saturn’s moons, Rhea, has oxygen on it? Not nearly as much as earth, and for a different reason that how our atmosphere works.

So many discoveries to make. Imagine what we could learn from this natural dynamo. Could we, at some point in the far future, harness the energy of this natural dynamo? Or perhaps even create artificial moons ourselves which will help power the earth?

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X-Men: Destiny, my new highly anticipated video game

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Articles, Video Games

Wow. I hadn’t even heard of this game until I caught this trailer. The trailer alone makes me drool. I did some digging and found this article telling us what we know so far.

Roll Your Own Mutant in Silicon Knights’ X-Men Destiny By Jason Schreier (Wired)

It seems this is the newest game by Silicon Knights, who brought us the awesome games Eternal Darkness for the Game Cube and the Game Cube remake of Metal Gear Solid, as well as recently the not so critically acclaimed Too Human. The game will be some kind of RPG where you play a new mutant, and the game will have a heavy focus on story rather than just combat. It’ll delve into what it is like to become a mutant and how that effects you, and how people treat you.

Which is totally awesome! I have high hopes for this one guys.

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Carbon Nanotubes! The way of the future!

by on Dec.22, 2008, under Articles, Science

So as I’ve been joking with a few people I know, Carbon Nanotubes are the way of the future. They will bring about great things, and horrible things. They will be the beginning, and possibly our end. I first saw them fortold in a John Ringo book. Now articles talking about their uses appear frequently across the net, almost every day. In an effort to better those imaginary people who actually read my life journal, I am going to be posting links to some of those articles, along with blurbs, so you can get an feel as well. So lets start:

Perfecting a solar cell by adding
PhysOrg.com June 16, 2008
New research at Santa Fe Institute,
Michigan State University, and
Columbia University shows that a
film of carbon nanotubes may be able
to replace two of the layers
normally used in a solar cell, with
improved performance at lower cost.
Exposing the carbon nanotubes to
ozone made the carbon nanotubes
better catalysts, with more than a

Nanotubes Hold Promise for
Next-Generation Computing
Wired July 9, 2008
Two groups of researchers have
recently published papers
demonstrating advances in creating,
sorting and organizing carbon
nanotubes so they can be used in
electronics. Stanford electrical
engineers addressed the problem of
getting nanotubes straightened out
so they could be put to work in
chips, by growing the nanotubes on
crystalline quartz,…

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