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A Con In Review: ConDFW X

by on Feb.23, 2011, under Articles, Conventions

So this prior weekend I attended ConDFW. ConDFW is a convention based out of Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas that focuses on science fiction and fantasy literature, inviting authors and artists from around the US to give talks, readings, and sign books. In addition to this, they offer other features common to most conventions based around speculative fiction including a dealer’s room, art auction, charity auction, and open gaming.

I personally attend ConDFW for their open gaming. While not really a gaming convention, ConDFW does provide two rooms and a large open table room for board games and an extensive library of games donated for the weekend by staff, attendees, and the Dallas Games Marathon (whose’s website theme might look a little familiar). Some games that were played this year included Yomi, Race for the Galaxy, Cadwallon: City of Thieves, Pirate Flux, Wrath of Ashardalon, Space Alert, 51 State, Flash Duel, Ascension, The King Commands, Cash ‘n Guns, Dominate Species, Innovate, Classic Battletech, and many more.

The con has two panel tracks and two author signing tracks, of which I attended none this year, despite finding several that looked very promising. ConDFW is also a convention where I meet up with a lot of friends whom I don’t see regularly and the food in the area is well worth leaving the convention hotel for. The Dealer’s room and Art Show were up to par this year. Most of the regular dealer’s made an appearance including Instant Attitudes, Edge Books, Yard Dog Press, and Lazy Dragon. One notable artist/dealer that had a table was Laura Garabedian. An artist of multiple mediums and a love of all types of animals from normal to fantasy, I was told by a friend that I would like her artwork and when I finally saw it, I spent a good while looking through it all and ended up purchasing a mug with two tree wolves on it and a print of a curled up red and black fox/wolf. You can find samples of her work here on her deviant art account. She loves commissions and sells prints of her work as long as you contact her directly.

Overall the con was very much a success for me. A little exhausting but well worth the energy spent.

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Plants vs Zombies… The Board Game?

by on Feb.17, 2011, under Articles, Board Games, Entertainment, Gaming, Video Games

Kotaku is reporting from Toy Fair that there is a prototype Plants Vs Zombies board game being shown off. Which could be awesome, fun or terrible.

Sheep for Brains? Anyone? I'm trading sheep.So not a lot of info on this except for the image there, and that the game will be 2-4 players, it looks to be a semi-solitaire game, with zombies being placed via dice rolls and cards that represent plants to place.

I’m surprised at the numeral 2 there. Why isn’t this a 1-4 player game? Also I understand mimicking the video game as much as possible but I hope they explore some of the more interactive elements board games can provide and avoid some of the gameplay elements that really only work on computers.

For example sunlight points are something I actually hope they avoid in the board game as it will be a lot of math that could easily slow down the game, as well as calculating damage to zombies over time based upon how long the zombie was in a row with a pea shooter. While neither mechanic would be game breaking, it’d be a lot of token/math collecting, which I’m not sure would be that fun.

On the other hand I would like to see a mode where you get to both choose your plants and choose your opponent’s zombies. If the plant and zombie mechanic were not random but instead a bidding or pool based mechanic where you’re forced to choose between a great zombie to send after your opponent and a great plant to defend yourself against the zombie.

I’m not hopeful but I have some hope it’ll be a good game. But we’ll have to see!

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