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The State of Console Gaming

by on Mar.14, 2011, under Articles, Gaming, Technology, Video Games

Extra Consideration: Console Gaming by MovieBob, Yahtzee, and James Portnow (The Escapist)

James Portnow (of Extra Credit fame), Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation Fame) and MovieBob (of MovieBob fame) rambled on for four pages about the state of console gaming and motion controls. Not a lot of controversy between the three but they did reaffirm some of my beliefs about the PS3 and the X-Box 360 regarding both their development and the release of their motion controls.

If you’re curious about the state of the console gaming industry from the perspective of its critics, here is a great opportunity!

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Yahtzee honored

by on Mar.08, 2011, under Entertainment, Videos, Visual Media

Just felt like sharing this little tidbit.

Bulletstorm Dev Honors Yahtzee With Priceless Gift by Susan Arend (The Escapist)

Okay that’s just awesome. In honor of this honor, I’m sharing the old Painkiller review video. One of my favorites:

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Mogworld, Serialized

by on Dec.08, 2010, under Articles, Books, Entertainment, Novels

So there is a book out there called Mogworld. It is written by internet famous Yahtzee Croshaw.  Most famous for his video series Zero Punctuation hosted by The Escapist. You might have seen one or two of this stuff appear on this blog before.

Anyway I’m here to talk about his book, Mogworld. It is a book about a video game, and the characters who live inside of it. It is also about a man who has a single purpose in his existence.  He wants to die and he can’t.

A comedy in line with Yahtzee’s own brand of sarcastic and absurd humor, I found myself enjoying this book enough to suggest it to my friends who regularly play video games of the roleplaying variety. It is a good book. I didn’t find myself racing to read it every evening but I plowed through it averagely.

And now you can to, without any investment.

The first part of Mogworld (not the entire book) is being serialized at ABC.Net.Au. Click here for the first chapter. More sections will be released until Part 1 is over, at which point you can go buy the book yourself or go ‘eh, not worth it’.

I figured I liked the book, why not let you give it a try too?

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Zero Punctuation

by on Apr.25, 2008, under Entertainment, Gaming, Reviews, Video Games, Videos, Visual Media

So Yahtzee reviews Smash Brothers Brawl. I’ll post my “review” as a link as well and let you compare, if your so bored that you actually care.



Overall I think he has completely valid points. Sadly I think he was so biased towards the game that he didn’t try to find the high points of the game (besides having mario bash peach’s face in, or vice versa in my case).

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