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Everlasting #2

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Draft Word Count: 52,897 (Delta: +2,381 [2])

So a new type of post begins.  Well not a new type of post. Same kind of post, different title. So those of you who have been following Zombie Steampunk, take note. Everlasting is now the new Zombie Steampunk. This will be the last time I make note of this. The tagging system will also be changing over to Everlasting. I’m not sure if I’ll go back and re-tag all the old Zombie Steampunk posts so you are now forewarned. Or something.

Writing! I’ve gotten about 2,381 in the last two or so days. Less than if I was holding myself to NaNo but still significant. The quality of the scene I’ve been writing has been poor as I haven’t really been focused. I’m wondering if I should try and hold myself to some slightly higher quality now that I’m  not rushed for words. But I suspect that I shouldn’t, that I should just write until I get the draft done. That was what NaNo was mostly trying to teach me right?

Everlasting Update

So you’d think with fifty three thousand words that I’d be somewhere near finishing. Nope! According to my outline closing on the mid point but it is still several scenes away. Scenes that will likely be filled with a fair amount of action since the zombies have now been introduced.

Case and point, Marla just decided to rip a jaw off a zombie bare handed. I’m starting to wonder how if I had even thought through the problems with having a character who is mostly immune to zombies, including the possibility of infection, a major character. Then again some of the plot I have outlined calls for that sort of thing so maybe it isn’t so bad?

So we’re on the streets now. Both major groups, except for Lee who is in uncharted territory up in the airship. I realized I may need to extend the airship docks scene. Have it be a siege so that I can give count Williams more time to be alive. I’m not sure. We’ll have to see how right it feels. I’m not sure how realistically a commander can keep the airships from leaving while refugees are still arriving from the city but dangit, my book needs a climatic airship battle!

Writing Group

So I’ve gotten my writing group to agree to regular writing sessions in the early evenings. Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve set my word count at eight hundred words per session. So in theory I’ll be writing over sixteen hundred words a week. That should propel me forward. This word count is just the draft, not world building, although I plan on doing some more of that as well.

Everlasting Stats

Glossary: 1,390 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,459 Words (Delta +216)
Character Information: 2,704 Words (Delta +7)
Current Outline: 7,518 Words (Delta +22)
Draft: 52,897 Words (Delta: +2,381)
Grand Total: 72,968 Words (Delta +2,626)


“Not lo-” Marla began but was interrupted when she noticed the second zombie, this time a woman in similar overalls, lunge at them from just a few feet away. Marla was sure she that this one had been much further away when she attacked the solider. She tried to leap forward to catch the zombie’s grasping hands by the wrist but her strength failed her mid leap and she ended up simply colliding with the drooling creature. Without hesitation it brought it’s teeth down over Marla’s nose and bit. Marla couldn’t feel the delicate metals that made her expressive face bend and contort under the pressure of the zombie’s bite but she knew what was happening all the same. With a sudden burst of anger she reached up and around, grabbing the zombie’s head. She grabbed a hold of the zombie’s jaw and head, forcing her thumb and fingers into it’s mouth past her nose, and then pulled. A soft pop followed by a rip and the zombie’s jaw was now in Marla’s right hand.

Night folks!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 19 / Zombie Steampunk #34 / Everlasting #1

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Word Count: 50,516 (Delta: +4,292 [0]) (Prime Delta: +5,507)

So for those of you keeping track, the word count up there is over 50,000.

[spoiler show=”It’s over what?” hide=”Aggh! Old meme!”]

Sorry. Kinda had to throw that in there. I know it’s an old meme but it’s still fun.


So yeah, I won! And to toot my own horn, I won three days before the deadline! This totally rocks. I wasn’t expecting to win till tomorrow.

Now the sucky part. I’m not even half way through my planned novel. Ha! Which means I totally can’t stop writing now. So yeah, get on my case if you don’t see any more zombie steampunk updates.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed this post has a new title. Well I’ve officially found a new working title for my book. It is called Everlasting. This is totally not the final titles but it may be apart of the final title. See the Zombie Steampunk update to find out why.

Buddy Watch

Curses! sleary beat me already! But I wrote more words! Hahaha! Okay no really. Congrats to sleary for a successful NaNo! This was a tough run! And I see sigmad and Merystic are still in the running! I have it on good authority that sigmad will finish tomorrow, and Merystic on Monday. Good luck guys! The finishing line is right there for the grabbing!

Writing Advice

Wow did pre-planning really help. The outline I wrote last you, almost completely re-written, and then partially re-written as a wrote, really let me focus my writing. Sure scenes changed but that just meant I needed to take some time to update my outline, or write off in the notes that this needed to be fixed.

I guess this makes me a hybrid discovery writer/outliner? A discovery outliner? Hmm. I’ll have to think on that and get back to you.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So yeah. The scene I wrote today ran long as I wrote two scenes from my outline all in one. Became one long action scene of Tigh, Marla, and Carlos attempting to get off the roof of the hospital. Not sure if this scene will make the final cut but it was kind of fun to write. Tigh is totally falling off the roof. Marla jumped off the rough. I think they’re my tag team comedy.

So the name change. I obviously wasn’t going to call this story Zombie Steampunk for forever. I recently came up with a better motivation for the first antagonist of the story, that being that he wants to take over the world. Actually this is the same motivation but he wants to do it for good reasons, and he is waving a flag of ‘come join me’ and calling his group, The Everlasting. This is actually a name stolen from the real bad guys who I haven’t revealed yet. Plus a book about zombies, everlasting, it seems to fit, no?

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,390 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,459 Words (Delta +216)
Character Information: 2,697 Words (Delta +42)
Current Outline: 7,496 Words (Delta -18)
Draft: 50,516 Words (Delta: +5,626)
Grand Total: 70,558 Words (Delta +5,866)

A Word

Thank you all for your support during this month. I know I haven’t been as social with some of my friends as they would have liked, and I’ve turned down invitations to various things. But becoming a writer is a goal I’ve decided to achieve and this has been a very large first step and I appreciate all the things people have said to support me.

Thank you.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 18 / Zombie Steampunk #33

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Word Count: 46,224 (Delta: +1,334 [2]) (Prime Delta: +1,215)

Just a quick update of what I managed to do over the holidays. Not a lot huh? That’s how holidays effect you. I’m now actually at an offical NaNoWriMo write-in and I’m about to try and knock out at least two day’s worth of writing with the goal of finishing sometime tomorrow. Wish  me luck!

Zombie Steampunk Update

The last scene written was just Marla and Leanne recovering from the fall. It’s crap and will need a re-write. I was too distracted. Ah well.

I’ll update more fully later today.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 17 / Zombie Steampunk #32

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Word Count: 44,890 (Delta: +1,788 [0]) (Prime Delta: +4,882)

Quick update today as I need to get traveling. Writing was kind of hard. Had to go to a new location since all the coffee shops were closed in town.

Zombie Steampunk Update

The scene was mostly a Sylvia/planning scene. We revealed that Tigh also knows the word ‘zombie’ although the introduces some new conflict. Sylvia is apparently something of an angry person. Who knew? Well nobody yet.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,390 Words (Delta +21)
World Setting: 8,243 Words (Delta +15)
Character Information: 2,655 Words (Delta +14)
Current Outline: 7,514 Words (Delta +0)
Draft: 44,890 Words (Delta: +1,788)
Grand Total: 64,692 Words (Delta +1,838)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 16 / Zombie Steampunk #31

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Word Count: 43,102 (Delta: +3,726 [8]) (Prime Delta: +3,094)

And we’re back! Sorry for the long respite guys. Eight whole days. And two of those days I was actually writing I just didn’t update my word count. It actually kind of looks a little sad, does it not? Only 3726 words in eight days? Although that seems a respectable word count for a half-part-time writer that I may become after this week. If I can get 4000 words written or edited a week while not participating in NaNoWriMo I’ll be well on my way to finish this novel or starting a new one.

Let me tell you though having a week off was awesome. And my prime delta is still not negative, which is very satisfying, even if it isn’t int he five digits anymore. My only lament is that I am now behind some of my buddies again in word count and the holidays are here, so I’m not sure if I’ll catch up before they win. Oh woe. But I /will/ win this, this year! Just watch me.

Buddy Watch

Today’s buddywatch is dedicated to sigmad. This is a man who, facing utter despair, took it head on and triumphed! While syncing his writing device to his computer, the device decided to try and update itself, which caused the device, and the 7,000 or so words he had written over the past few days, to become corrupted. Yeah, he lost 7000 words in one night. And he wrote back 6000 of them in the same night, in under six hours, in order to make the word count for the day.

Way to go sigmad! We’re all very proud of you for not giving up and totally kicking ass.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I have written a scene where my robot girl leaps off a building with a flesh and blood woman in hand. They fall a story or so onto a roof, then roll off the roof onto some trees and bushes, and are able to walk away. I’m wondering if this stretches reality too much. Although the reader doesn’t know it, the flesh and blood woman has significant regeneration abilities, and actually I think most would be fine with the robot girl performing this particular leap. Perhaps if I make the robot girl comment that she was surprised the woman survived the fall. Hang a lantern on it, as it were.

Otherwise the novel is proceeding well. I almost ran out of outline yesterday so I had to stop writing to flesh out the outline a bit more. One particular problem with where one set of characters was going and if they split up or not got itself resolved, thankfully. I’m still seeing tons of problems with the character arcs and plot flows, but I’m ignoring that for now and just making notes and brainstorming.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,369 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,243 Words (Delta +15)
Character Information: 2,641 Words (Delta +18)
Current Outline: 7,514 Words (Delta +933)
Draft: 43,102   Words (Delta: +3,726)
Grand Total: 62,869 Words (Delta +4,692)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

Lee kept himself from sighing and looked again towards the exit to the tower that led back down into the estate. He had paid special attention to everyone loaded into the skiff and Marla had not been among them. Which meant she was either still somewhere in the estate or had been turned out onto the streets. Lee couldn’t decide which was the most likely. He did know that he hoped she didn’t burst her way through the door in some vain attempt to save him and get herself damaged.

Lee bit his lip as the wooden door to the platform burst open. He blinked both eyes closed then opened one. Leanne, still looking stunning in her party gown, stood before a guard who had mistaken her for someone he could stop and had paid the price with a knee to the groin. Lee could see the anger on her fair skinned face. Opening both of his eyes he began to let out a sigh of relief when Marla ran out of the the tower. She too was still wearing her dress from earlier but it looked as if she had been fighting in it, which she likely had given how the delicate looking automata landed a solid punch to the jaw of a guard who had stepped up behind Leanne.

“Writing. Because we have to.” – Me

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 15 / Zombie Steampunk #30

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Word Count: 39,376 (Delta: +1,673 [1]) (Prime Delta: +12,704)

Today was a ‘get my word count and go!’ type of day. Which means this post will be very short. I had to drive to my vacation spot and well, I’m already ahead on my word count and I just wanted the bare minimum. It took me about an hour and a half, which is about average for me. My major slow up was starting a new scene, and realizing that I ended a scene without hitting one of the plot points I had in my outline and doing a minor addition (not edit!) of the ending.

Zombie Steampunk Update

Two more zombies dead! Although the killer doesn’t really know they were zombies but by this point but if the reader was paying attention, they’re totally zombies.

I have this minor worry that I’m not as clever as I think I am. Or that my attempts and cleverness will come off contrived. Another thing I shouldn’t worry about yet. I could fill an entire blog with the worries I have for this novel! Yesh!

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,369 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,243 Words (Delta +15)
Character Information: 2,623 Words (Delta +0)
Current Outline: 6,581 Words (Delta +1)
Draft: 39,376   Words (Delta: +1,673)
Grand Total: 58192 Words (Delta +1,688)

So I don’t know when I’ll be updating again. Next week at the latest. Until then, keep writing folks! We’re over the hump!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 14 / Zombie Steampunk #29

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Word Count: 37,703 (Delta: +2,026 [1]) (Prime Delta: +12,698)

Today was about average but like always, the first half sucked and the second half was an avalanch I had to stop for time. Really makes me wonder if my writing habit is I need at least an hour warm up. If so that kind of sucks. I’ll have to work on that.

Buddy Watch

So sleary and Merystic are once again competing for top spot here at Buddy Watch. houstin_hobby gets the most improved award, using this past weekend to jump back up to the word count. Very impressive! And sigmad appears to be holding the course. We’re past the halfway point guys. You can’t stop now, this is bat country.

Zombie Steampunk Update

Kill Counts
Zombies: 2
Humans/Automata/Everlasting: 2

So so far two zombies have been “killed” and two humans have died “on screen”. Actual kill count for the zombies is /way/ higher, of course. But we haven’t seen any of that. Although I may write some of it as a short horror story or something. Dunno.

Marla and Carlos got to kick some butt today. I think I’m going to have to do some research on sword play. Can someone actually cut down a zombie’s knee with a short sword? Assume it’s nicely sharpened and in good condition? I should ask my SCA friends. One zombie was killed with a wooden chair.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,369 Words (Delta +39)
World Setting: 8,228 Words (Delta +84)
Character Information: 2,623 Words (Delta +0)
Current Outline: 6,581 Words (Delta +1)
Draft: 37,703  Words (Delta: +2,026)
Grand Total: 56,504 Words (Delta +2,151)

This is Ripley, last survivor of The Nostromo, signing off.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 13 / Zombie Steampunk #28

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Word Count: 35,677 (Delta: +4,742 [1]) (Prime Delta: +12,339)

A little early for an update I know. But I’m starting to think maybe my brain has broken. Okay I’m exaggerating. I look now at how much time I took to write my word count today and I’m not faster or slower than I was the prior few days. This is just how fast I seem to write. Well maybe a little slower than normal. I’m out of my house in a coffee shop, which seems to work alright, although they keep shutting off the music. I wrote a small fight scene today, ended up looking up some aikido moves for research.

I think I like fighting scenes, even if they are a pain in the butt to pace and describe correctly.

I might write more tonight. That really depends on how much willpower I can summon. This weekend’s realistic goal was met, write five day’s worth of word count, or about eight thousand three hundred words. Between yesterday and today I’ve written a little over ten thousand six hundred words so… mission accomplished. My non-realistic goal was to write seven day’s worth of word count, which by my calculations is only about a thousand more words, so if I didn’t find time to write next week, I wouldn’t get behind.

But I needs my brain down time, ya knows?

Writing Advice

Lets see… research is good. Research, unfortunately, is not good during NaNoWriMo. So I think if I were giving advice for NaNoWriMo, I’d say do some pre-research by thinking about things you want to include in your story and finding research  materials about them, and store those away for when you need ’em. For example if I thought about it, I would have considered that I’d need to look up more about boxing, aikido, and other martial arts, for my zombie steampunk novel (cause that totally makes sense right?). So I might have gone looking for weblinks that teach me such things and saved them. Actually I do need to start making a better organization of web and research materials. Something to improve upon during the editing process, maybe?

They say write what you know. I add to that, learn what you don’t know, so you can write it! Don’t I sound wise?

Zombie Steampunk Update

Alright! First graphic death and second semi-on screen death! I totally just killed any chance of this novel being a light hearted comedy. Heh. As if I thought it would be. For those of you who don’t know, the actual formulation of his novel was a twitter question. What did people want to ready? I gave a list of genres and themes, and the ones most voted upon were: Comedy, Drama, Zombie, and Steampunk. Well as the outline formed, I noticed I wasn’t writing a very comedic so much as dramatic story. I’ve tried softening things up by including humor, odd character names. I mean even the concept of the battle is strange. I turned war into football, effectively. But I don’t think there is enough comedy in the book yet, and I’m not sure there ever will be.

So today focused a lot on Marla, Sylvia, and Carlos, with a small amount of a delirious Leanne. No Lee whatsoever. Poor guy gets kidnapped way too much. I think he’ll be spending a of time talking with and humanizing Count Williams on the airship. Yesss…

I find it interesting that both Sylvia and Lee lock up under the horror of what they’ve seen. I’ve planned for Carlos, Tight, and Marla to respond to it with efficiency of ‘we gotta survive’. My two supposedly main characters are the ones that are going to need to work through the horrors of violence and death. Carlos isn’t scheduled to have a psychological break down until he actually kills a living person, rather than a zombie. Tigh is already batshit insane. Or at least I think he is going to end up that way.

This is making no sense to you. I’ll stop rambling. (continue reading…)

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 12 / Zombie Steampunk #27

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Word Count: 30,935 (Delta: +5,862 [1]) (Prime Delta: +9,264)

Wow. Nearly six thousand words in one day in my own home. Now that was something. Luckily one of my writing group came over for my semi defunct write-in, which helped keep me focus. But I did reward myself perhaps a little too early with a lot of Rockband 2.

Still, five thousand eight hundred and sixty two words. I had the idea of actually trying to write about eight hundred more but yeah no. I’ll save that for tomorrow. The idea is to get so far ahead that if I take off most of the week next week, I won’t get behind.  As it is I’m about a week ahead, so I’m sitting good. I’m still going to try and write about two to three days worth tomorrow, just to be sure.

Writing Advice

I really do think outlining is essential. I spent about a half an hour updating my outline after I finished writing today. A fact I’m sure will show up in my Zombie Steampunk Update later in this post. I had a new idea for one of the characters and ended up fleshing it out. I think it’ll make the novel a bit more dynamic in how the characters interact. Extended a few scenes and cut one or two large ones into smaller chunks. How interesting can I make three people stuck on a roof be? Well. We’ll see. Characterization ahoy!

I think outlining isn’t enough to get a good novel written but it’s enough to get that first draft done. By the end you’ll have a feel for the characters and you can write up better bios about them, give them tags and quirks, that you can write in at a later edit. Or so I hope.

Zombie Steampunk Update

The plot is revealed! Well the inciting incident. Is it sad that my inciting incident only really starts about 30,000 words in? Is that too long? Scrivener is reporting that that is about 90 pages into a paperback. I know this is a question I shouldn’t worry about till editing but it is still kinda bothering me.

What it does tell me is that I’m totally not completing my full outline in under 50,000 words. I think I may have mentioned that a friend of mine stated that my outline was too long and I should consider cutting it in half. At this rate I may do that just so I have something to edit later. Turn my entire freeing of Qualsburg into a two book story? Will be people be satisfied with an escaped bad guy and zombies running around the town, as long as the heroes are more or less safe and secure and the main badguy (although not the ultimate badguy) is dead in a spectacular fashion? We’ll see.

Well 30,000 words in, and its the first time the word zombie has been used in the entire book.

So I need some help. In this world a year is called a cycle. Can anyone think up a good word for 10 cycles, or a 100 cycles?

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,330 Words (Delta +24)
World Setting: 8,134 Words (Delta +198)
Character Information: 2,592 Words (Delta +7)
Current Outline: 6,331 Words (Delta +551)
Draft: 30,935  Words (Delta: +5,862)
Grand Total: 49,322 Words (Delta +6,642)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

“Mister Warlam?” A voice asked and Lee blinked. The extravangently dressed Count stood in front of him, two servants flanking him. Lee looked around as the count asked him name again. It seemed he had lost track of time somehow. Some of the guests were behind the Count, looking at another set who stood in the center of the balcony. Behind him he could see servants restraining other guests. Some were even prone. Lee looked at the count in confusion.

“I asked if you are with me, Mister Warlam. Will you help us make a new world?” The man’s smile warm and inviting. He actually offered his hand to the young scientist. Lee looked at the people behind him and noticed Olivia amongst them. She was staring at Lee. She mouthed something but Lee didn’t know what. He looked at the Count again speechlessly.

“…our young prodigey here has been struck a bit adled by the news. Perhaps another inspiration has come upon him.” The count was saying to his steward. “Have him restrained until he comes to his senses. For your protection of course, Mister Warlam. I wouldn’t want to throw you to the zombies unecessarily.”

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 11 / Zombie Steampunk #26

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Word Count: 25,073 (Delta: +2,627 [1]) (Prime Delta: +5,069)


Today was a bit of a hiccup. You may have seen a prior post introducing Zoe. Well Zoe got fixed today and, being a first time pet owner, I didn’t realize that I would need to keep and eye on her for 48 hours just to make sure things were okay. This meant I couldn’t make my daily writing group and it means the write-in I planned for my writing group tomorrow, I can’t attend either.

Yeah whoops.

I found writing in my own apartment to be rather hard. Even though I was starting mid-scene  I was getting easily distracted. Far cry from going to a coffee shop for writing. That is an issue I will have to overcome to continue writing, obviously.

But hey. Half way there and several days ahead of schedule. Yeah I’m tooting my own but compared to last year, this is serious improvement. So I’m allowed.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I think I’m still having problems with third person limited. Tigh’s introduction is borderline first person and I think I broke person more and once. Something to worry about later. Thats the motto right? So Tigh is awake! And yet to be named Tigh! I deviated a bit from the outline in order to establish more of the environment with Carlos’ interrogation scene. He starts out in the hospital, rather than when he walks into the room. Allowed me to establish that the hospital was overrun with hurt soldiers and also how the battle is going. I invented this idea of battle dispatches. Officials who watch the battle to make sure people are following the rules also write up what is effectively a news letter. These are printed and distributed in an insanely efficient manner.

Not sure how realistic this is but maybe I’ll let them have typewriters.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,306 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 7,936 Words (Delta +279)
Character Information: 2,585 Words (Delta +0)
Current Outline: 5,780  Words (Delta +38)
Draft: 25,073 Words (Delta: +2,627)
Grand Total: 42,680Words (Delta +2,944)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

Carlos had never been to a hospital during a Battle before however he did not believe that what he was seeing was normal. The entire main hallway of the Spirit’s Mercy was lined with wheel beds and chairs, all of them with casualties. He had supposed that Spirit’s Mercy was so far removed from the battle that they would not get very many but unless the hospital had some special arrangement with the army corps of medics, the number of soliders he was seeing meant that the triage tents were getting overrun. Some of the wounds were enough to call a medic but hardly enough to get sent to a hospital. Cuts and brusing. Battle dressing was everywhere. A few soliders tried to slaute the knight as he walked slowly back to Doctor Pulmer’s office but he quickly disuaded them of that.

He told everyone conscious enough to hear that they had done their faction proud, and to conserve their energy. He had almost said Patroits but he had noticed a few consortium soliders sitting in chairs towards the back where most of them had been placed. This was met with a lethargic but still welcoming chorus of words. After that Carlos strode quickly to get out of the way of the nurses and the one particularly loud doctor who was ordering everyone else about. He was an older looking man, perhaps a little pudgey, and balding. The nurses were not exactly quick to span to his orders but they did respond to them. He was must have been Doctor Winchester, the doctor who replaced Sylvia.

Night guys.

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