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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 10 / Zombie Steampunk #26

by on Nov.12, 2010, under NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

Word Count: 22,446 (Delta: +2,737 [1]) (Prime Delta: +4,109)

Today started off smooth because I was finishing a scene rather than starting one. Starting scenes really do seem to be one of my weaker points, unless I’ve been pre-writing  the scene in my head. I moved on to  a second scene about 1500 words into the day, and thankfully that was an easy scene to start, as it started as a dream sequence for a character that had yet to be introduced. It is very surreal and flowy, I kinda like it. I may leave it unedited and see what my first readers think if I ever release this thing.

Buddy Watch

sleary and Merystic are once again leading the charge and out stripping my word count every day. I think it is because they cheat and write all day long rather than just once a day, like I do. That is totally cheating you realize, especially since it’s my goal to get ahead of both of you. Watch out! Ha! Okay I don’t want to turn buddy watch adversarial but I admit, you two have given me a new goal beyond NaNoWriMo’s goals, since I seem to be doing so much better than last year.

For my buddies who are a little behind, believe me I can sympathize. Last year I I really didn’t know how this worked. I didn’t plan to set aside time. I didn’t ramp down my social calendar. Actually this year I had personal problems which ramped down the calendar for me, but that’s beside the point. Work I know is getting in your way. Social time is getting in your way. The want to sleep. It’s cool. I have one word for you: Weekend.

Seriously take this weekend and kick some butt with it. Catch on your word count, and then write more! If planning is what you need, take time to fill out some of your outline. And by all the souls in existence, please, don’t edit what you’ve already written.

Heard of a neat little desktop app called Write or Die. It is an application that monitors if you are writing or not, and if you start to slip, or go web browse, the screen starts to go red, then an annoying sound starts… then all hell breaks lose. It’s a great tool for getting you into the habit of writing and not thinking, supposedly.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I mentioned my pacing worry to my friend today, and she had the exact same advice the tiny voice in the back of my head had. “Don’t worry about that now, you’ll fix it in editing.” Totally true. That should be the NaNo mantra. Montra? Whatever. I had an idea while writing. Leanne ends up running around with Marla rather than getting to the airship with Lee, much to her frustration. I think it’d go a long way towards tricking the reader into thinking she isn’t the main villian. I’ve actually be working Marla up into thinking she is, so this could be interesting turn about. Not sure…  I also finished introducing Count Williams, who talked with Marla directly. It was a fun scene slightly unplanned. I need to update my outline.

Second scene today was our first “inside tigh’s head” scene. I gave it a surreal dreamscape where he was puzzling his way through the vague experiences he was having while being unconscious. Actually got to the point where he was trying to “grab” time by measuring it. Got to spell out the world time system. Not sure if that’ll make the cut. So far the scene has slowly been hinting that he doesn’t realize who he is but he hasn’t quiet realized it yet. It is borderline first person in how I write it. That worries me a little.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,306 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 7,657 Words (Delta +0)
Character Information: 2,585 Words (Delta +6)
Current Outline: 5,742 Words (Delta +22)
Draft: 22,446 Words (Delta: +2,737)
Grand Total: 39,736 Words (Delta +2,765)

Good night folks.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 9 / Zombie Steampunk #25

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Exerpts, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

Word Count: 19,709 (Delta: +2,288[1]) (Prime Delta: +3,039)

Same story. Started off slow and hard. Ended up running quick after I hit my word count. I am really hoping that it will pay off this weekend when I try to get ahead. I scouted a third location for my writing group. It looks nice, has tons of space, but I am unsure of it’s plug situation. There was only on visible plug was towards the back and it did not appear to be an area for customers. The coffee shop was not full by any means but all the plugs were being camped so we were once again relegated to the sandwich shop.

Zombie Steampunk Update

Today I stopped writing just as the main antagonist for the first half of the book was being introduced. I ended up adding a descriptive tag to the character: Extravagant. I found this amusing for some reason. I’m taking the time to name and lightly describe non important characters. I wonder if this is a good thing or not.

I know I am missing a lot of the tone that I want to include into the book as I write. Almost everything is kind of stream of thought as  I get it out. This story, assuming it is even something resembling decent, is going to need a LOT of editing to even be good. It is vaguely discouraging that I realize this but encouraging that I do realize this.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,306 Words (Delta +1)
World Setting: 7,657 Words (Delta +27)
Character Information: 2,579 Words (Delta +70)
Current Outline: 5,720 Words (Delta +0)
Draft: 19,709 Words (Delta: +2,288)
Grand Total: 36,970 Words (Delta +2,386)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

The man who stepped forward was both extravagant and noble in both dress and demeanor. He wore an evening coat of black, trimmed in bright gold with embroidery along the sides and tail. His shirt was a brillaint red while his asscot remained the traditional white, the colors of the Patroits Faction. His slacks were also black with gold piping but leather shoes were a glossy white and he also wore no gloves. The most daring aspect of his outfit was his cape. It was attached at his shoulders so it did not cover his neck or faction colors, although it did fall across his arms, ending low at his back, just before his hands. A dark red with a muted golden lining beneath, Marla could see, when he lifted his arm to address everyone.

“Good afternoon! Good Battle day, my friends!” the count declared to the room. He smile was bright on his dark angular features. The count was definitley past his youth, perhaps in his forties but his dark skin did make that hard to judge. “If I could have but a moment of all your time.” There was a polite amount of clapping and the count half bowed graciously, drawing the edge of of his cape in front of him. Marla quickly wondered if the cape had some sort of sigifcance, or if it was just some new fashion statement.

Write on!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 7 / Zombie Steampunk #23

by on Nov.08, 2010, under Articles, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Updates

Word Count: 14,931 (Delta: +1,837[1]) (Prime Delta: +1,595)

So the title is now out of sync. Since I didn’t update on Saturday, I’m a day behind. Kinda annoying. Now my post titles are NaNoWriMo 2010 Part Day-1. Anyway I hit a little under 200 over the goal today. Which is pretty good considering the content I tired to write. Took about two hours again. I think this is a pretty good sign. If I’m going to become an author, I can knock out 1667 words daily in two hours, with a decent outline and a good world outline, I can probably write at a sane pace… right?

Writing Advice (new segment!)

So I’m finding buddy watch not really as useful as it was last NaNoWriMo. Maybe perhaps because I’m not falling behind as much this year. Perhaps because I have more writing buddies now, and a writing group, so I’m not relying upon posting semi-anomalously to the internet in a vain attempt to feel like someone else cares that I’m writing.

So instead I’m going to talk /at/ the internet with advice I’ve collected or found. So for that one person who reads this (likely being future me who is nostalgically re-living that time when he thought he knew how to write) can get something useful out of it other than a bunch of numbers about how I am doing.

So the funny part is that I don’t actually have any advice this time. At least nothing that I can offer as something I actually advise with someone else backing me up except for the following:

Get yourself into your workspace.

So this is a variant on the I Should Be Writing advice Mur Lafferty gives about putting on pants. Basically its that you need to find the right environment to make sure you write. The computer you play your video games on. The room you play your board games in. These are not condusive for me to write in and they might not be good for you either. If you find your self struggling to write. Too easily distracted. To willing to stop after an hour, consider changing your environment.

Coffee shops, sandwich shops, parks, college campuses just to name a few. Anywhere where you can pay them a few bucks to let you loiter for the entire day. I find I write the best when I have something I don’t care about to ignore. I got so much writing done back when I was in high school and college… well actually no I did but I fancied that I did.

Anyway so apparently I lied and I did have advice. Sorry.

Zombie Steampunk Update

Today wasn’t too bad. A little slow to start and I quickly realized why. I was writing a social battle scene. I have my protagonist, my contagonist, and my guardian all in a very small space, bound by the rules of etiquette. So my contagonist is trying to seduce my protagonist, and my guardian is too bound by polite etiquette and the surroundings to really stop them save to continue talking, but my contagonist is directly ignoring my guardian, without trying to make it obvious to the contagonist. Verbal sparing, just as draining as actually writing an action scene, let me tell you. Because words have to be picked, and blows have to be traded, and it can’t just be a natural conversation where people are being honest with each other.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,294 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 7,630 Words (Delta -48)
Character Information: 2,503 Words (Delta +11)
Current Outline: 5,778 Words (Delta +11)
Draft: 14,931 Words (Delta: +1,837)
Grand Total: 32,136 Words (Delta +1,811)

Night folks.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 6 / Zombie Steampunk #22

by on Nov.07, 2010, under NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Updates

Word Count: 13,094 (Delta: +2,309[2]) (Prime Delta: +1,425)

And down goes the prime delta. I didn’t write anything yesterday, although I wrote a little bit extra today to try and help make up for it. The fact that my prime delta is still positive after a day of not writing I think is very encouraging.

In addition I took a lot of time to plot out the next few scenes in my outline for better writing this week. You’ll see that reflected in the Zombie Steampunk Update below.

Buddy Watch

Well both sleary and Merystic have managed to get ahead of me in word count. Way to make a great use of that weekend! sigmad is posting a little over par for Saturday and I’m guessing he hasn’t updated today. I understand he is doing a lot of framework writing as well, like I did today. laura_williams and houstin_hobby are behind by two days. I’m guessing they just haven’t gotten around to updating for the weekend. Hope you guys didn’t get too boughed down! I know the weekends can be tough!

For those of you who aren’t outlining, one of my writing sites suggested the following website: The Big List of RPG Plots. This lists a bunch of common plots used in roleplaying games. Might be useful for when you hit writer’s block.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I have a definite pacing problem with my story. I told you I wrote some earlier scenes for some of the other main characters, and they turned out to be small scenes. This means the book opens with Lee and Marla, then you get a lot of small scenes of Sylvia and Carlos, and then another big scene of Lee and Marla, then then things start to even out. Totally going to need to re-write that. But some of these scenes are trying together well.

I also write a lot of new outline. Including how the zombie uprising happens. At least form the character’s perspective. Mostly the characters have no idea what is going on so that is easy. Marla jumps off a roof!

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,294 Words (Delta -5)
World Setting: 7,678 Words (Delta +191)
Character Information: 2,492 Words (Delta +59)
Current Outline: 5,767 Words (Delta +1572)
Draft: 13,094 Words (Delta: +2,309)
Grand Total: 30,325 Words (Delta +6.038)

Night folks! Good writing!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 5 / Zombie Steampunk #22

by on Nov.05, 2010, under Exerpts, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Updates

Word Count: 10,785 (Delta: +1,842[1]) (Prime Delta: +2,450)

So relatively compared to the past few days I slacked off a bit today. That being said I’m still on a roll, which is awesome. Here is to hoping the rest of the novel writes itself this smoothly. Heh. Yeah right. Don’t expect much of an update this weekend. Tomorrow I am not even sure I’ll find time to write. Which means I’m going to loose some of that positive prime delta. :(

Zombie Steampunk Update

So today was just completing Sylvia’a introduction scenes. Three scenes. This one had Dan in it as well and helped answer a question regarding where a certain nurse is later. Again I’m not sure if the scenes I’m writing will make it into the final draft but they are letting me explore the characters a bit more, which I think is overall good for the story. Dan has become a very well defined NPC at the moment. The roguish airship pilot with the mechanical eye.  I don’t think he’ll become a zombie… but you never know!

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,294 Words (Delta -5)
World Setting: 7,536 Words (Delta +49)
Character Information: 2,486 Words (Delta +53)
Current Outline: 4,309 Words (Delta +114)
Draft: 10,785 Words (Delta +1,842)
Grand Total: 48,810 (Delta +2053)

That’s all for today. Night folks.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 4 / Zombie Steampunk #21

by on Nov.04, 2010, under Exerpts, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

Word Count: 8,943 (Delta: +2,348 [1]) (Prime Delta: +2,276)

Today was awesome. Even better than yesterday. Although I didn’t write nearly as much as I did yesterday, I had the sense that I did. My first half hour I had already written about 700 words! I really don’t know how I did it. Perhaps I’m just stretching my writing brain or something.

Buddy Watch

Everyone seems to be doing great. I know I sound excessively positive to some of you who aren’t quiet reaching the daily goals, but believe me, I know where you are. sigmad, houstin_hobby, I know this is your first NaNoWriMo shindig and believe me, you aren’t doing anything I didn’t do.

My suggestion to you guys who are just a little behind is to take this weekend to catch up, not only in word count, but in your pre-planning. Think of some great scene ideas for the future and write them down so next time you find yourself getting stuck just switch to that awesome scene.

Special honors for Merystic for having an awesome word count, and sleary for having the suspiciously exact word count needed for the day. Hmmm. ;) A poke poke to midga and YaruL for not having updated their word counts yet. Get to it guys!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 3 / Zombie Steampunk #20

by on Nov.03, 2010, under Exerpts, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

Word Count: 6,595 (Delta: +2974 [1]) (Prime Delta: +1595)

Woo! Look at that! I’m nearly a day up! I’ve been past a day up before in the past but today I just managed to hit a serious stride. The scene and a half I wrote just kind of flowed. I got into the zone. It was very very awesome. Especially after yesterday’s grueling attempt at writing. I barely edited the world stuff, I think. We’ll see when I do the stats later in this post.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I think I overcome my issue I mentioned in the last post. I just kind of assumed I could write any kind of description, although I occasionally linked a piece of description to a character’s thought, providing information to the reader even if the character doesn’t necessarily think it is alright. I think, anyway. This made writing far easier as I could take the time to actually describe stuff, which was nice. Describing the train station was fun.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1293 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 7477 Words (Delta +54)
Character Information: 2425 Words (Delta -37) [No idea how this happened.]
Current Outline: 4195 Words (Delta +36)
Draft: 6,595 Words (Delta +2974)

Good night folks.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 2 / Zombie Steampunk #19

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Exerpts, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

Word Count: 3,621 (Delta: +1924 [1]) (Prime Delta: +287)

Second day of NaNoWriMo: Success!

Given how much I grueled and hated the scene that I wrote while I was writing it, the fact that I made my goal today in about two hours is awesome. I got about 400 words in and realized I really didn’t like the scene or how it worked. But to erase 400 words was to set myself back a half an hour unless I really clicked.

And the first rule of NaNoWriMo: Don’t edit yourself. (Well one of the rules anyway). So I just pushed on. I got the second scene of my book done, realized I deviated quiet a bit from my outline and decided to simply note that and move on.

Later, after my word count, I went over to a friend’s house for craft’s night and wrote about 200 or so more words, drew myself a map of the city so I could better layout the paths of the characters, and did a small bit of world building and perhaps a minor bit of editing, to satisfy that inner editor inside me.

Buddy Watch

We’re off to a pretty good start this year. sleary is a little above par at 3,784. One of my writing group buddies, Merstic, is at an amazing 4,437 after just day two. laura_williams, some might remember from last year, seems to have started strong but hasn’t updated today’s writing and similarly, houstin_hobby did a strong showing yesterday but doesn’t seem to have updated today. I understand that they don’t tend to update till really late so perhaps we’ll see an update tomorrow.

The poke list includes several people tonight. sigmad, YaruL, and midga all haven’t updated a single word count yet. I’m sure you guys are writing but get to it. Make it a habit to login every day and update. That NaNo Stat’s page is a great motivator, watching that graph bar rise!

Quick Morning Edit: It seems sigmad (3,002), houstin_hobby (3,375), and laura_williams (3,390) all updated at the last minuet after I posted. Looking good guys!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 1 / Zombie Steampunk #18

by on Nov.01, 2010, under NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Updates

Word Count: 1696 (Delta: +1696 [0]) (Prime Delta: +29)

So for those of you new to Nojh’s NaNoWriMo blog. Word Count is the total number of words written since November 1st. Delta is how many words have been typed since the last post. In brackets is how many days it has been since the last delta update. Prime delta is how far from where I should be, assuming I wrote 1667 words every day.

First day of NaNoWriMo: Success!

But only barely. I sat down around 4:30pm, and by 7pm I had my word count. Two and a half hours a day is going to be hard for me to pull off. I didn’t get into the NaNoWriMo groove. Found myself editing and stopping. I even took time to update some world and glossary entries. This is not conducive to NaNoWriMo and I need to focus on writing, and updating my source material later.

I am happy to report that my entire writing group showed up, plus our prior guest, to our first a daily writing session. I am pretty sure everyone made their word goal, and then some. Vaguely humbling since I had to take an extra thirty minutes to finish, although I have it on good authority that one of them might have started at midnight earlier today in order to get ahead.

Buddy Watch

The NaNoWriMo site is doing its usual “Gah, first of November and everybody loves me so much it hurts” slowness. I was patient and managed to login and update my word count but I don’t expect my buddies to do so yet so they will likely be empty as well. But stay tunned!

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NaNoWriMo 2010 Part #0 / Zombie Steampunk #17

by on Oct.31, 2010, under Exerpts, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Writing Group, Writing Updates

So in just a little less than two hours NaNoWriMo will start for me. I spent almost half of today preparing my outline and shoring up some world setting and character bios that will hopefully ride me through the entire month. Unlike last year I am far more prepared for this. Unlike last year I won’t be starting it sitting a lazy boy in someone else’s house, just randomly deciding go “do it”.

I have my Scrivener for Windows setup with all my research and world building from the prior NaNoWriMo. I’ve fleshed out the characters a little more, including goals, growth, and motivation. And my outline is actually complete, or rather it has a beginning, a middle, and an end unlike last year where my outline /was/ what I ended up writing, and I still didn’t write it to the end. I have my writing group now, and I’ve scheduled daily writing meetings which I hope to attend every single one. Plus weekend write-ins for helping people to catch up. It seems prudent.

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